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Bob Conley to Debate GrahamNESTY on Saturday!

Bob Conley, who is "charging hard and closing in" on victory in his U.S. Senate race, will be debating John McCain's "personal valet and bag boy" on Saturday at 8 P.M. on C-Span. Bob Conley offers South Carolina the opportunity to have two representatives in the United States Senate, rather than subsidizing the third Senator from Massachusetts.

Bob is committed to:

Outlaw lobbying in Washington by banking and finance firms
Stop market-distorting bailouts
Put strict leverage limits on all financial institutions
Revise “mark to market” accounting rules
Limit the size of financial firms so they can never be “too big to fail”
Reinstate the separation of banking, insurance and brokerage
Mandate transparency among banks to remove trust barriers
Roll back government policies that encourage mortgages for those who can’t afford them
Prohibit congressional earmarks, wasteful spending, and no-bid contracts
Correct massive trade imbalances

Please check out Bob Conley's website http://aimhighwithbob.com/ and help this good man become South Carolina's next United States Senator.

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$10 Lindsey!!!!

Hope someone will put that snip on Youtube - Lindsey says he is willing to give up $10 per month of his SS to help alleviate the SS crisis!!!!!!! HAHAHA - Thanks $10 Linsdey!

Haha, "We know you've been

Haha, "We know you've been to Iraq Lindsey, we've seen the rugs you bought"


Power To The People?


remember the 4th of November

Hmmm. Most of his listed objectives look great.

--Cliff, Sioux City, Iowa

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