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Vote by Mail

Not only will you conveniently receive a paper ballot delivered to your home weeks before elections, but using your computer, you can give all your votes the research they deserve in the comfort of your home, from President, to State Constitutional amendments, to Judges, to Educators.

This is the only way to vote, turn off your TV, throw out your newspapers, sit down at your computer, research the issues and candidates, and vote by mail.

Check here to see if your state allows voting by mail:


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My State Doesn't allow it.

My State Doesn't allow it. How can we find out if Chuck Baldwin made it on the ballot?


"I killed the banks"

No! Do NOT vote by mail!

This is what voters' rights activist Greg Palast said about it: "don’t mail in your ballot. There’s just too many ways that they can throw it out"

He also said: "Vote early. because if you are on a purge list, then you have time to correct it, to scream."

Here's the full interview: http://www.democracynow.org/2008/10/9/greg_palast_on_vote_ri...

And here's the comic book he made to help educate less sophisticated voters who are getting screwed (like the poor people who were purged from the rolls because their homes were foreclosed): http://www.gregpalast.com/sbyv/

Vote in person, and vote early if you can.

That's ridiculous - Democracy Now is proving to not be credible

Manufacturers of electronic voting machines have already admitted that they could be tampered with or incorrectly count votes.

If people show up to vote at the polls, they are going to vote for the names they have heard of, the ones they are familiar with, the same names that have been sold to them by the media.

Voting is more than just selecting a President, but even still most will still select their President based upon the name they have heard the most.

I don't know much about Democracy Now, but the more I learn about them, the less I trust them.

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This has nothing to do with Democracy Now

Your disagreement is with Greg Palast, not his interviewers. If the Daily Paul interviewed him, I doubt you would say "Daily Paul is proving to not be credible."

Greg Palast is a voters' rights advocate who is concerned by the potential for fraud when voting by mail. You're not concerned. Fair enough.

I was sent a ballot order form. It's sitting on my kitchen table in the pile destined for the trash. I intend to vote in person, like I always have and always will.

You're completely missing one of the main points!

If you sign up to vote by mail you will receive your ballot weeks ahead of time and can sit down with it in front of your computer and make intelligent choices.

You can still turn in the mail ballot at the polling both if you are worried. Just because you receive your ballot early in the mail does not stop you from turning it in on election day if you insist.

You also get a barcoded receipt from mail in ballots.

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Voting by mail is inherently risky.

I can sit down in front of my computer and make intelligent choices without a mail-order ballot, and I can carry out those choices at the polling booth on election day without one.


but i plan to go to the polls with chuck baldwin regalia and show the 2 major party weirdos - whats what!

constitution revolution ..... i may even hand out some pocket constitutions
while i am at the polls

You can vote by mail and still do that.

The point is, by voting at home you can make sure you make all the right votes, rather than trying to put together a list or remembering them all. Plus, you generate a physical ballot, which is much harder to tamper with than electronics.

As we know from Ron Paul, just voting along party lines is not ethical, both Paul and Bush are in the same party.

And, when it comes to Judges, you're not even going to be given their 'party'. If you're not familiar with them, then you won't be making informed decisions.

At home you can look anything up in a matter of seconds.

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I think artist's point was he wants to advertise his candidate

while voting.

I generally vote by mail.
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Right, My Point Was You Can Do Both.

You can place all your votes at home, and then go to the polls to advertise.

Same thing is accomplished by in a much better fashion.

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Actually, in several states in which I have lived

if you are not actively voting, you must remain somewhere between 30 to 100 feet away from the entrance to the polling place.

Going in person would allow him to wait in line, wearing his Chuck Baldwin badge, or whatever, exposing his fellow voters to his message. The poll workers would also see his message.

Voting by mail would not allow him to enter the polling place and show his support visibly to those there assmebled, and would instead require him to stand a huge distance away from the door, where no one could even see his badge.

I once did some literature distribution at the polls. Do you know how hard it is to hand out literature when you can't get within 100 feet of the door? It's a lost cause.

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Or if you want to, you could even fill out your ballot at home.

Then take it with you to ballots and either turn it in, or use it as a template.

Either way, you've got more options that just showing up at a booth.

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In my state each voter gets a voter pamphlet (more like a book)

that has all the ballot items explained, statements from all of the candidates, and a sample ballot, that people can fill out and use as a template to take with them to the polls.

I am pretty sure though, that if one requests an absentee ballot by mail here, that they are obliged to return it by mail, and cannot simply walk into the polls with an official ballot in their hand.
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