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World Bank Director on CSpan NOW 7:55am getting slammed

Uri Dadush, Economic Department Director, is defending the inept and corrupt World Bank and callers are slamming him, and talking about getting rid of the Fed.

Republican line to call in: 202-737-0001

Hard to get in, but if you do, you'll be in their archives on line :) It's fun, I keep this number in my cell phone. See Ron Paul video http://www.nwotruth.com/ron-paul-criticizes-the-world-bank/

You know what to do Patriots!!!

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What the telephone number to

What the telephone number to call for Democrates. This is obviously beyond parties.

Says bailout is ok

as long as their are conditions to loan. And said he understands why US continues to fund military machine, because though we have debt, compared to economy, we can still do this...Argghhh..

I'm trying to call in to ask him to give us three examples where the World Bank has been successful in helping impoverished.

RP R3VOLution