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ZEITGEIST WAS RIGHT !Check this out! Earthaven Ecovillage, Zeitgeist was right, HOPE

This is a great place, full of great people. They have a wonderful community. A great cafe and great homemade beer!! There is hope.


*please note, a small group of members are angry Mike (creator of this website) and I found Zeitgeist "interesting". They are now attacking the concept of an ecovillage. Real freedom loving Patriots.

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LOL! Yeah and we'll eat blue


Yeah and we'll eat blue hearts, purple moons and green clovers.

We'll all listen to John Lennon and French kiss until the sun rise. It will be so glorious and we'll wear potato sacks instead of evil Gap clothes.

Everything will be so animal like that we'll sleep in our own feces....

(OK, I took it too far but it's funny....)

You're a clown

And now you've proven it.

Because the attacks won't let up

Here's some more from thezeitgeistmovment:
The central insights of this awareness is the recognition of the Emergent and Symbiotic elements of natural law and how aligning with these understandings as the bedrock of our personal and social institutions, life on earth can and will flourish into a system which will continuously grow in a positive way, where negative social consequences, such as social stratification, war, biases, elitism and criminal activity will be constantly reduced and, idealistically, eventually become nonexistent within the spectrum of human behavior itself.
This possibility is, of course, very difficult for most humans to consider, for we have been conditioned by society to think that crime, corruption and dishonesty is "the way it is" and that there will always be people who want to abuse, hurt and take advantage of others. Religion is the largest promoter of this propaganda, for the "us and them" or "good and evil" mentality promotes this false assumption.
The reality is that we live in a society that produces Scarcity. The consequence of this scarcity is that human beings must behave in self preserving ways, even if it means they have to cheat and steal in order to get what they want. Our research has concluded that Scarcity is one of the most fundamental causes of aberrant human behavior, while also leading to complex forms of neurosis in other ways. A statistical look at drug addition, crime and incarceration statistics, finds that poverty and unhealthy social conditions comprise the life experience of those who engage in such behavior.
Human beings are not good or bad... they are running, forever changing compositions of the life experience(s) that influence them. The "quality" of a human being ( if there was such a thing ) is directly related to the upbringing and thus belief systems they have been conditioned into.
This simple reality has been grossly overlooked and today people primitively think that competition, greed and corruption are "hardwired" elements of human behavior and, in turn, we must have prisons, police and hence a hierarchy of differential control in order for society to deal with these "tendencies". This is totally illogical and false.

No it's not -- it's obvious to anyone with a brain.

Pure socialistic propaganda.

They didn't read it

And point towards history as a guide. My thought is this has never been tried in history-communism was always funded by money and no one has ever tried to "design crime out of the system".

Wow... your absolute ignorance of history...is ASTOUNDING.

I stand in absolute AWE at the vast naivete of that.

Your ability to not critically assess the situation is...

non-existent. I know all recorded history has money all throughout, name me one civilization that just managed its resources.

Gave you LOTS of links to FAILED "communal" experiments...

Societies and "cities" and "communities" that tried to do everything you are advocating... and all of which ultimately failed (but of course, none of them had the "robots" that the Zitguest propaganda promises will solve all of our problems -- the Deus Ex Machina).

I gave you links to those failed communities (there have been countless thousands over the years -- and even literally hundreds here in the US during the past two centuries)... but you didn't want to read them (because that might pop your little hypnotic "dream bubble").

You wanna go be a "monk" in a society without greed or property or money (well except for the donations or items sold to the outside world... oops I guess even monestaries still deal in "money") -- but seriously you wanna live that way -- go right ahead and do it... just quit trying to pass it off as the "goal" of the RP movement.


What are you talking about? All the places we quoted worked and still do work. You have no grasp of what's been done, or what's possible and you lying about what we've shown just deprecates from your opinion (notice you have no fact in your opinion).

creator of this Ron Paul

website put it on the front page and called it genius. perhaps you don't understand this Revolution. You could just leave and find another site.

I live about 45 minutes from

I live about 45 minutes from this place. I'm going to take a trip up there soon :)

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson


This is truly one of, if not the most amusing threads that I have seen here. And, its not listed under humor, go figure.

Carry On...

I'm glad we could get you to laugh

always warms the heart.

Laughing at you... not with

Laughing at you... not with you.

Carry on.... you & the nimrods are entertainment...

Can you pleasure hurry up and drink your kool-aid? Jonestown is waiting... you and your nice little anarcho-commune with robot workers etc..

What's really funny conza, is you are still posting

on a website where the creator of the site put this movie on the front page and called it genius. Now you are suggesting he is a nimrod and should drink the "kool aid". Now that is funny, but not very intelligent or nice.

It always go to death with you people

Why do you want so many to die? Don't you have your own death cult you have to attend to? Stop peddling your death fantasies, we're trying to be positive and asking for death is a major negative.

From the zeitgeist website

It is also important to point out that there are no utopias or endings. All evidence points to perpetual change on all levels. In turn, it is our personal actions everyday of our lives that mold and perpetuate the social systems we have in place. Yet, paradoxically, it is also our environmental influences which create our perspectives and hence world views. Therefore, true change will come not only from adjusting your personal understandings and decisions, but equally from changing the social structures that influence these understandings and decisions.

That doesn't sound like communism to me

Wonder how Alex and Ed turned that into communism?

Alex and Ed come from a place of fear I think

Everyone's got their ears pricked for false flag terror and infiltrator signal because ALOT of people starting talking about an October suprise for awhile. Also, the economy's crashing so no one has alot of time to do some indepth research.

Yeah, it's so funny to me

you started this positive thread and put up other homesteading sites to show people they could get off the grids of power, which might actually help some people. Instead people have been telling those that see zeitgeist addendum as a positive alternative
-Their interpretation of the movie is right
-Your interpretation is wrong
-Every book they've read is more right than whatever your opinion is
-It's a pipedream that'll never work

For a freedom loving, patriotic group of people it seems totally antithetical to stop someone from pursuing whatever interests they want. I know we live in a pathocracy because these people believe, in a schizoid manner, that limiting other's freedom is more important than other people expressing their freedom.

Some think the movie is "dangerous", a simple movie

Do these people really know what a revolution is? Or how "dangerous" it really will be? They are freaking out about a movie they simply don't understand. Wait to the really big stuff hits.


Thought I was having a flashback there. Reminds of my old "hippy" days and the communes that popped up. There was much more than great homemade beer at the communes. If you tried hard enough, you could get some major league brain damageageageage.

"It’s not like I’m just trying to win and get elected. I’m trying to change the course of history." ~Ron Paul


This ecovillage reminds you of drug use? Why? They have built their own infrastructure. Many are working professionals. Individuals come from around the world to learn "natural building" from the construction company located there, etc, etc, etc and all you got was a "hippie" flashback. Sad.

Feed and cloth the

Feed and cloth the world....
but where does it stop? If u take my money from me and use it to feed others around the world, by what power and authority do you do this?

I'm all for taking care of thos less fortunate and I do so through my church voluntarily. Anything other than voluntary contributions is forced contributions, is theft and is evil.

I love Bill Hicks and really respect him, but he was so in love with Utopia that some of this sounds Marxist as does the latest Zeitgeist movie. This is what Jones and Griffin are talking about.

and that is were Alex and Ed misunderstood.

the movie does not suggest we could simply get rid of money, now. There would have to be changes to the way we think and percieve the world first.

Go Read Anthem & Atlus Shrugged

The only power in this world that will ever make anything happen is the individual. The only Utopia is found in yourself.
Capitalism is not what's holding technology back, look to Fascism for the culprit.
This is what Griffin and Jones are talking about

That's what the movie stated

very clearly. We must become free individuals first, then choose to help one another. Just like the organs of the body are separate yet keep us alive.

So, do I, as an individual, get to disagree with books?

Having books tell me something is different from my own knowledge. It's funny that you're telling others to do something and say that's individual freedom. I've read those books and in Atlas Shrugged the skilled people built an enclave to weather the storm from the parasitical society EXACTLY like what the venus project and all the other sites mentioned on this thread advocate.
You're the only one demanding others do what you want.


I'm not demanding anyone to do anything... but I see how you want to imply a moral characterization in an attempt to disqualify my suggestion... some people's kids ;-). I suggest everyone get as much information as you can and my suggestion of reading those books is no different than you suggesting someone click on a youtube link for more information.

I also hope that the freedom movement doesn't lose traction because of a zeitgeist movement that only a fraction of the movement is ready to embrase.

Have a nice day!