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ZEITGEIST WAS RIGHT !Check this out! Earthaven Ecovillage, Zeitgeist was right, HOPE

This is a great place, full of great people. They have a wonderful community. A great cafe and great homemade beer!! There is hope.


*please note, a small group of members are angry Mike (creator of this website) and I found Zeitgeist "interesting". They are now attacking the concept of an ecovillage. Real freedom loving Patriots.

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In this future there is no money

no taxes. No need. Unless you find pleasure in the "money" game

In the future, can we spraypaint on walls until they make

better walls? Can we smash windows until someone comes up with better glass? And what about the day we stop using money. Can I just go grab a bunch of stuff? I need details. I love my job and I'm not going to let anyone liberate me from the drudgery.

With that said. This whole idea will work if the human population is reduced by at least 30-50%. That's a tried and true scenario for a fresh start.


Now what did Ayn Rand say about people who say "Money is the root of all evil" ? ;p

These clowns really have no idea what they are talking about... besides socialists / marxist talking points.

Money is the root of all evil? :rolleyes: What then, is the ROOT of Money? =)

Money = is a medium of exchange... How do you obtain goods/services of value to exchange? = By working... by providing goods/services/products that people would like to purchase, via the use of their subjective value.

Those who use the term are against work, progress, civilization itself.

What Has Government Done to Our Money?

^ They won't read it... they don't want to shatter their false hope / pipe dreams.. :D

P.S how are you Lisa? Better prepared than I am atm? Garden etc?

Gosh guys, I do read. A lot.

Not a real big Rand fan. I know it's really hip right now, it's just not my thing. I believe humans "will be able" to live without little pieces of paper we call money. Again, if some humans really like monopoly, they can play all day long and collect lots of paper and stare at, touch it, put it in banks, whatever floats their boat. I have other things I would like to do. Paint, music, hunt, garden, etc. Lets just agree to disagree.

Ayn Rand is "hip right now"?

"Little pieces of paper we call money"?

Are you sure you're on the right website?

Not too many people here call little pieces of paper "money".


"Atlas Shrugged" was first published in 1957, BTW.


Lisa C.

Boston Tea Party
"Time to Party Like It's 1773!"

Charles Jay 2008.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

unless it = debt

or presented as being more important than humanity.

It should be clear to you

It should be clear to you that we DP posters don't agree with fiat money - which is the only type your comment refers to. And whoever said money is more important than humanity?



I have been here much, much longer

I find "patriots" like you "interesting". You reject examples of real liberty. You make jokes and throw accusations around. It's so strange. But at the end of the day, I love you brother. God bless. Oh and Earthaven is not a commune. They are patriots.

Exactly, Earthaven is NOT a commune and therefore NOT

an appropriate "proof" of the Zitguest psychobable propaganda piece!

Wow, again we are talking about a transition

If money went poof, Earthaven would keep on ticking.. That is the very, very clear point...

i agree! thats the bottom

i agree! thats the bottom line! humans dont need money to survive we just need resources. Money may be a great way of trade but it can sometimes lead to greed and hoarding. Which intern always make a pyramid leaving the ones at the bottom to suffer and fight to reach the top. its a two way street i guess!





and if some humans want to play with money, let them, but don't make all of us play.

many times when the top of

many times when the top of the pyramid plays with the money, they do it in a way as to not let the others join the game even if we wanted to. Hoarding and more hoarding leads to bottle necks in the roads and it cause humans to fight to survive which that in its self will only make the bottom of the pyramid even larger. People at the bottom of the system get caught in a system that was designed to make it hard to remove themselves from that system.




hard to remove?

They will not let them leave the money game. Why? Because if they let them leave "they" have no one to play with anymore :) Zeitgeist in a nutshell

I mean REALLY... you've got some nerve...

Been here for a total of one week; trolling nothing else but this one issue.

It's so blatant... and yet you profess to lecture the rest of us? Get a grip...

Go join you commune... seriously, we'd all been better off.

What's it matter to you?

Again, another example of a DP member disrespecting

these patriots. How sad. What have you doen for liberty?

Helping stop the spread of NWO Socialistic ideas in the form of

the "Zitguest" propaganda BS.

What have you "doen"? Oh that's right, you're the one trolling and pushing the NWO Socialistic BS onto other people (and getting really annoying while doing it).

woops, "done"

Is Mike, the creator of this site guilty of "pushing" Zeitgeist? He called it genuis and placed it on the front page.

Yeah - He TOOK it down for a reason...

Precisely because it's full of bs.

I have eaten veggies

from the organic garden there they are excellent.

This is getting sad

Look at these attacks from a small gang of DP members. Trying so hard to fault a noble group of patriots. First they label them as "commies" then "hippies" then accuse them of being drug addicts, etc. All because they figured out a way to express true liberty. They are living the transition called for in Zeitgeist. This is not good enough for some here. How sad. What kind of patriots attack such a group? They should be celebrated.

You know what's interesting?

I'm considered a yippie. I'm an ex-Army Sgt. Highly trained in combatives/weapons, NRA trainer, etc. I wonder when the hippie/yippie/warrior archetype started to blend? Interesting. These Earthaven people strike me as PATRIOTS. EXAMPLES I want my child to meet and follow. I never considered making fun of them like others are doing. What a strange "Revolution" this is.

No one is making fun of them... what we are making fun of is

You blatant attempt to USE them as something they are not.

You are attempting to falsely CLAIM that they are some example of the "idealistic" utopia that you and your propaganda piece are promoting.

The reality is significantly different. I've visited the website, and you are UTTERLY mischaracterizing it if you think it matches -- in any way -- your little "no work" robot-supported dream.

From their website:

Making a living

Earthaven is an independent-income community, which means each community member is responsible for earning her or his own living.

In other words... NO FREE LUNCH TO SLACKERS.

Two myths about raising children in community.

Myth #1. The entire community will co-parent my children. Earthaven is an independent- income community (not income-sharing), so the work of raising children is not credited as community work, as it is in income-sharing communities.

In other words... you have kids, YOU do the work of raising them... people may help (if they choose)... but there are no "robots" or "slaves" that you can pawn them off onto. (And trust me, parents LOVE to find people that they can do this with... it happens ALL the time! Go volunteer for any local youth group or scouting operation or sports club and see it in action.)

Plus, even for all of the high-falutin talk about "community" and "cooperation" and "village centeredness" etc... this place is no picnic for freeloaders, no siree!

I. One-time Joining Fee: $4,000 per adult. Payable when becoming a Provisional Member. (Sometimes Earthaven's finance committee OKs paying this fee in installments during the period of Provisional Membership.)

II. One-time Residential Site Lease Fee.
$20,000 for a Full Site, for up to 4 adults, plus any children, or
$12,000 for a Compact Site, for up to 2 adults, plus any children.
(1) Paid in one lump sum (Site Option #1).
(2) Paying half the site fee and monthly payments of at least $150 with interest (Site Option #2).
(3) Monthly payments only through a dedicated savings plan (Site Option #3).

The person can also go in with up to three other members on a full site, and up to one other member on a compact site. The new member doesn’t have to choose a site immediately, but can take several years to do so. However, the site lease fee must be paid (or begun) as soon as the person becomes a Full Member.

III. Annual Dues and Fees.

* Provisional and Full Members' Annual Dues and Fees: $808 for 2007-08.
* Facilities Fees: Fees of $70 - $140 if you use the Hut Hamlet bathing facilities, kitchen, or both.
* Vehicle Fee: $100 per vehicle ($50 for small vehicles—ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts).

IV. Annual Labor Requirement.

Full Members: 1500 community service hours over their first 10 years; 50 hours per year minimum. If paid in cash, $15,000 total, or $1,500 per year. (An hour's labor credit is one leap in our alternative currency, which equals $10 an hour.)
Provisional Members: 48 hours (leaps) per quarter or four hours a week. If paid in cash, $40 a week.

V. (Possibly) the expenses of building or buying (or renting) a small dwelling in the Hut Hamlet. The new member can live in the Hut Hamlet for up to five years while choosing a site and building a larger house in a neighborhood, although some members have lived in the Hut Hamlet longer. People sell or rent their small Hut Hamlet dwellings to new incoming members once they no longer need them. Hamlet residents who own their own huts there owe $40 or 4 leaps a month, payable quarterly. It costs one leap a month to use the Hut Hamlet shower and two leaps a month to use both shower and kitchen, payable quarterly.

VI. The expenses of clearing, developing, and building on a homesite. (See #9, below.)

[snip ...etc]

So much for the "moneyless" society -- the people at Earthaven apparently KNOW that that is entirely BS. To build a functioning community requires WORK and these people know it (and sorry, no robots will do that work for you).

I you showed that "zitguest" film thingee to the ENTIRE community at Earthaven, I have no doubt that they would like the "new-agey" aspects of it and etc. But the long time residents would also doubtless LAUGH and say quite cynically "Well, that'll be the day! Ha!" when it gets to the BS about robots and "no one will have to work" and etc... (and they'll probably wish that they'd covered their kids ears -- as the little buggers already complain too much about having to do chores and the like -- and no one wants to encourage any more of THAT).

Looks like you misunderstood, again

The word transition has come up several times. This community is an example of that. Of course they use money. They have property taxes etc. If money were to "disappear" they would be more then fine. They have food, water, education and technology. They are not primitive. They are exactly what the incredible movie Zeitgeist was suggesting as a transition. I'm sorry you are finding this too hard to understand

Thanks For Sharing This Link

I think Zeitgeist can help open minds among my conservative and my progressive friends..... Of course, the first step is people need to work on becoming less self-righteous and smug.

Thanks for paddling upstream.

You're welcome

As you can see. There are many patriots here with an "agenda". True liberty is not their goal. Something we should aware of.


Isn't the security(mercenaries) for hire firm of the same name located nearby?
I'm not familiar with the area at all.

Blackwater is near the NC coast

Black Mountain is Western NC. Blackwater tried to get a base on the other coast, San Diego. I think they fought them off. I have trained with ex-Blackwater guys. They left because the organization was getting creepy.