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ZEITGEIST WAS RIGHT !Check this out! Earthaven Ecovillage, Zeitgeist was right, HOPE

This is a great place, full of great people. They have a wonderful community. A great cafe and great homemade beer!! There is hope.


*please note, a small group of members are angry Mike (creator of this website) and I found Zeitgeist "interesting". They are now attacking the concept of an ecovillage. Real freedom loving Patriots.

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fun post, thanks

I enjoyed checking out this site. Thanks for posting this information.

My favorite utopia is one in which there's a balance between technological advances and pre-industrial lifestyles. These folks look like they are on an interesting path towards that vision.

They are very adavnced

they teach classes, etc


seems pretty cool.
Hearing about living off the land is always a good thing.
"The real terrorist's are in this country and they are not planning to blow us up, but rather, take our money, our freedom, and our country."

"The real terrorist's are in this country. They are not planning to blow us up,......... but rather, take our money, our freedom, and our country."

It is beautiful

really an incredible place. Check out the photos on the site.

I assume its completely free??


No, not free

they have taxes, etc

did I mention

how nice the weather is all year round. The mountains protect them.

Why do you keep replying to

Why do you keep replying to yourself?

I find this subject


And... there's hippies, free love, cool fair trade coffee... and

homemade beer-like stuff (you have to filter it with your teeth... but hey, it's all natural!)

Woohoo... Kegger in the mountains this weekend! (But leave your robots home!)

Oh, they do have incredible coffee

and drum circles. Plus, beer. Really good beer.

Even the mountain

spring water is good.

oh stop. Some of those folks are Ron Paul supporters

Why do you keep insulting them? Take a close look at their website. Pretty sharp group. I'd like to see what your house looks like :)


My house? Underground earthberm with goats to eat roof grass.

It's like really cool.

And it looks even better when you drop acid and see all the purdy colors!

uh oh, I smell a one bedroom apartment

or Mom's basement. Which one?


The local "ecovillage" allows NO guns on the property at all. Not even in your own place - very 'progressive'.

That is the choice of that community, now

They may change if the environment warrents it. They are not stupid. Some are military vets.

Yeah, there are always leftists who don't understand

I'm sure some of them are for Obama and want carbon taxes. A patriot community would have all the guns, rights and knowledge about the tricks played by the monetary system.

We're all going towards the same place, the question is where do you want to end up.

By the way, do you have a link to prove your point?

Several members support Ron Paul

They are far from being "commies".

Heres the answer to all our problems

self sustainable homes, they have their own water supply, their own energy and you can grow food in them

heres the link


A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

I agree

I've come to the realization that one cannot be truly free until one is self-sustainable. That means owning your land and house, free and clear; being off the grid - generating your own water and power; and growing your own food.

Only then are you free, because you don't need others to live (or a job that forces you to fund the government). You can still interact with the rest of the world - socialize, work, do business, etc, but it will be on your own terms.

yep and we

can convert exisiting communities now. Solar panels, etc. Create common gardens. This would not be difficult.

Wow, is this nice or what


This is what Zeitgeist was suggesting, not that paranoid "commie" "brainwashing" crap. This is the beginning.

I mean this looks incredible

A trout pond!

anybody know of any other ecovillages?

I'll keep looking and post my finds. This positive thread gives me hope.

Asheville Rocks..but

Asheville Rocks..but Crestone Colorado is another great place.

Earthaven is in black mountain

I heard Asheville was awesome!!

Here is an ecovillage network


should be interesting

Looks like alot of people

are already living off the grid just fine. I can't wait until it spreads into the cities-oh wait it has: http://www.pathtofreedom.com/pathproject/index.shtml