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U.S. Soldiers Admit Planting Weapons on Innocent Victims


U.S. Soldiers in Iraq tell stories about carrying AK47 assault rifles “just in case” an accident occured to plant on vicitims so they wouldn’t get into trouble for killing innocents.

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The tactic worked great for the narcs didn't it ?

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We are not wanted there anymore

It's time to pull out so the soldiers aren't put in these situations. The military has to justify an unjustifiable occupation. If we can train our guys in under a year in boot camp and ship them out, then I am certain a country the size of Iraq can train their guys to protect their own in 5 YEARS!!

If I were a mother of a soldier over there I would be like Cindy Sheehan and in President's Bush's face every day. This occupation is bullshit. I don't want my nephews getting drafted to continue policing the world...How the hell is the Industrial Military complex getting funded anymore...We're broke!!! the debt is over $10 TRILLION DOLLARS AND PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR HOMES AND JOBS.

RP R3VOLution