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Did you miss last nights 3rd party Presidential Debate? Download it here in 1 hour segments - Link here

If you misssed the debate last night you can listen to it here broken down in 1 hour segments.


A very special thank you to Michael Nystrom and daily paul and the people from Prison Plant Forums for help in promoting this very first live multi-party internet debate.

We made history last night and it was refreshing to hear the ideas of REAL PRESIDENTIAL Candidates.

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Please Someone At Rev Broadcasting

check parts 2 and 3 out as they are uploaded on your site ....
they are the same .... or do they only play identical for me ?


would like to hear part 3

October 17 a Third Party Debate is scheduled for NYU 7pm cnt

Is video a possibility?

Is there any chance of seeing it on Youtube?

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Sorry Kevin this was an

Sorry Kevin this was an audio only debate featured by us.

The reason we went audio was to allow candidates with small budgets to be able to have their voices heard and also bring it to all of you FREE.

Why spend hundreds of thousands on a debate when all we really care about is the sharing of ideas and the answers to the questions?

Thank You - I Think

parts 2 and 3 are the same though - can that be checked out?

thanks again

Do They Just Start Out The Same

because when I click on part two and 3
they both begin with Chuck talking about drugs / illegal aliens -

maybe someone can check that out ....

Was anyone actually able to

Was anyone actually able to listen to this?

I could never get a feed.

We had thousands listen last

We had thousands listen last night. Sorry you were not able to hear it. What website did you try and listen on?

The link that was here on DP

The link that was here on DP and also RTR. I didn't try all night but I did try for about 5 or 10 minutes and I never heard anything.

It's ok... I can listen now.

Thanks for the links.

Did anyone outside of our community hear it?

I dont think so - BTM and CFL need to step up.

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Well it is a shame that BTM

Well it is a shame that BTM didn't step up and they were told they could grab our feed last night but they refused.

We need to work together but it seems they are more interested in making money rather than the message. That is my opinion anyway.

that's sad

anyways a good first step in breaking the status quo


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Yes it is sad. But we will

Yes it is sad. But we will continue to bring all of you information the MSM will not bring you with or without them.