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USA is not a capitalist system

In light of recent comments made by politicians saying that capitalism is the problem I would like to state why we are not capitalist.

First we have much of the 10 planks that Carl Marx talked about in the communist manifesto. One obvious one is the central bank known as the federal reserve. For more examples see

I also believe that the stock market that we have in this country is not part of a free market. It is regulated (SEC). One of the biggest reasons we are not capatalist in this country to me is taxes. People talk all the time about freedom in this country. Any time there are taxes you are not free!

The Fed is the cause of this current mess, and it is only the beginning.

Where are we going from here? America in the last century was only a shell of what it could be. In this century we no longer resemble much of a constitution. The president has dictator like powers in many ways. Liberty has been exchanged for security. Our collapse as a society will likely be swift. Look for a new one world banking system to emerge and soon after a one world government (although it would still have regions or country's with governing bodies). How soon? How could I know... It will happen though.