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I Just Woke Up Another Person!!!


They were starting to get alarmed by the stock market collapsing.... I took the time to explain everything that was happening.... then they asked what they could do. Here's my response:

Well... like I said, unfortunately, a crisis is pretty much unavoidable at this point... Both McCain and Obama believe the government can solve this problem, but it was government that caused the problem.... combine that with the fact that both candidates plan to continue current policies on the large scale and it really doesn't matter which one wins.... Either way, it will be more spending, more government, more debt, more war, etc.

So, the only advice I can give you as far as the election goes is vote for a 3rd party candidate.... of course, they won't win, but if more people start voting for 3rd parties, then maybe the 2 major parties will take the issues more seriously.... Voting for a 3rd party candidate would also help them gain visibility/viability and future ballot access, thus making it easier for them to compete in elections. If we open up the election system to more voices, then we'll have a better chance of getting good people elected.

However, on the short run there are a few things you can do.... prepare for the worst like I suggested before... get active in the process.... for instance, there's a big protest against the Federal Reserve coming up (I forget when). If protests aren't your thing, then consider joining the Campaign for Liberty:


otherwise, as far as books/media go.... I would advise against listening to much anything the media says. The major media networks are all owned by only 4 corporations, corporations with direct ties/influence to government officials, and ones that profit off of war, debt, and other current policies. Besides, if the media isn't corrupt, then they're incompetent, with no real understanding of the issues/solutions, etc. They waste time reporting on irrelevant details and generally offer only one point of view.

There are a few individuals who are occasionally interviewed. Peter Schiff is an economist who predicted everything that has happened so far. It was only two years ago that he got attacked for his viewpoint on TV, and told he was crazy and that what he predicted would never happen, and now it has. Thanks to him, even a few in the media seem to be waking up.... Glen Beck seems like he's finally getting the idea....

So, I'd suggest you read books.

It'd be best to just start with Ron Paul's new book- The Revolution: A Manifesto. I say that because it's a very good, short, introductory book, and he provides a very good (and very long) reading list at the end.

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Wow, what a great

response to your friend. Bravo! for explaining in a calm and informative way.
This should be front page on how to approach and wake people up. I think the key is taking the time to explain may be a key point.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Via advanced voting, here are my choices (GA)


no other choices

LOL...even if they had Ron Paul on the ticket, I wouldn't trust the vote count!

screw that

On election day, I vote by buying a gun...not to shoot or threaten anyone...but if enough of us did so, we'd send a *real* message.

Good job, however it's too

Good job, however it's too late.
This catostrophe that is about to happen is the fault and deserved karma of Boobus Americanus. Over a year ago now the American people had a choice between electing Stalin, Hitler or Thomas Jefferson.
They made theie choice. They should suffer the consequences.

Yep, we look smarter every day thanks to Dr. Paul

We that were already awake, and the ones Dr. Paul woke up the past 2 years, do seem smarter to the rest of the folks the worse this mess gets.

Thank you Dr. Paul for making my act on what I already knew was right.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

Everyday this week, a friend

Everyday this week, a friend has has called me wanting to know what is going on. They say things like "you were right" "you've converted me" "what did the Ron Paul guy say about this again" "what is happening"?

People are waking up every day. All those people that I planted seeds with during the primary season are now realizing that Ron Paul and I are not crazy.

The people are ready to listen now. They need answers, and if we dont oblige, they will go back to Faux news...

way to go!

Great job!