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Ok, Now It's Time For U.S. Taxpayers to Start Bailing Out Foreign Countries

that are broke.

This is about laughable. Proposed to be run by IMF. WTF - total communist control of the world?


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Not the taxpayers

The government has gone so far beyond what the taxpayers can ever pay that this has nothing to do with "U.S. Taxpayers" paying for anything. This will all be paid for with new money. That means that all holders of U.S. dollars will pay for it through loss of exchange value. Get rid of dollars now and avoid the rush.

yes, the correct term here would be...


BTW, for those who don't yet know, "taxpayer" is a legal term. It has a particular meaning. Don't *assume* that you fit within that meaning. But, don't get me started on *that*.... :-)

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