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Leaders May Close World's Markets

"while they 'rewrite the rules of international finance.'"


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the need to be led by ourselves, abolish the FED( 1.priority)

I am sure they already have the next stage ready for us......
Has anyone ever calculated the accumulated interest they have earned on the American people by printing the money( 6% on our countries debt from 1913-2008)
This must be trillions. And where have they put it in their balance sheet?
Offshore accounting of course. No audit since 1913 that they are in business.
Why does noone puts out that number?
Why do the Americann sheeple not revolt against these banksters from the Fed?

oliver robert ike

Probably another ploy to strengthen the monopoly of the IMF

and world bank.

Bad for everyone.

they are not my leaders!

that's for sure, because - I DO NOT FOLLOW THEM!

who's the real Terror*st's?

www.baldwin08.com - Chuck Baldwin or New World Order!