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SHould I Dive out of International Funds? DODFX

This mutual fund is denominated in dollars in my account but it is a foriegn stock mutual fund?

Schiff always says don't have anything denominated in dollars but if the companies are foreign their making their money in their currency not dollars. The money is only getting converted back into dollars after the fact.
Should americans not even be in foriegn mutual funds that you can buy with dollars?
I'll check again but the minute you try to buy stocks in foreign currencies the list seems to diminish


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Be brave.

Buy, sell and invest locally.

There is a better way, every body just needs to take all their money out of the stock market and government T-bills, buy food, supplies, silver and gold. Then use the silver and gold to start local businesses and trade. Invest in your local communities and don't lend money to anyone unless you know where they live and can look them in the eye.
Expecting companies thousands of miles away to take care of your money or expecting big government to solve our problems is the act of a fool.