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Check out the intro to "Zeitgeist Addendum", it's more than just plain aesthetics. First it makes you focus on a single point like a hypnotist, then it incorporates these intense periods of fast flickering strobe like imagery, followed by periods of instant calm. That throws people's brains for a loop without them even really knowing about it, and then induces a far more mesmerized and suggestible state. It's as if it was produced by a PsyOps technician or something, or at least someone who knows brainwashing type techniques.

It's also like what integrators do, they shout and scream at people, then offer them tea and biscuits, then shout and scream at them again, it's a way of breaking down people's mental barriers. The first film's intro also had this type of sequence, presented in a slightly different way with tanks and bombs bombarding people’s senses, with intersecting “serene” moments.

After doing a lot of editing work myself I look at this and think: "what is this guy trying to achieve with a sequence like this?". My conclusion is that he’s trying to produce something that's not designed to please people, but to actually try and reach into their brains a bit, so that information can be sort of more implanted than absorbed and accepted consciously. I don't know, but I certainly don't feel right about Zeitgeist from a technical stand point, it seems rather disturbing and manipulative.

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What are you talking about?!? IT was A GREAT FILM!!


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The ORIGINAL Homeland Security



as a musician I just thought it would make for a cool video

Your kidding right ?

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Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

No way, those are

No way, those are brainwashing type editing techniques.