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Off Topic: Shotguns- Advice plz?

A buddy of mine has offered to sell me a shotgun. I am not an enthusiast of weaponry- but I think I might want to eat sometime in the future. His offer: Remington 870 Express 20 gauge for $200

Is this a decent deal? Condition is great. Only used a couple of times. Can this be used for Deer or is it just a vermin killer?

Quick advice would be appreciated & then let this thread die. (He needs to pay his phone bill before it gets turned off tomorrow)


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I suggest the SKS. They are about $300

Same caliber as an AK (7.62 x 39) and still legal. Considered a sporting rifle. It also has an interesting adaptation. Read very Variants section at the link below very carefully.



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I think this is the perfect place for a tazer

Never having had a gun and not wanting to shoot anyone, I think I need a tazer. My family cop said people do get them and that it is not totally illegal yet. It is iffy, but not decided yet.


I cant tazer my dinner...

.20 gauge is roughly 60

.20 gauge is roughly 60 caliber. It's big enough for deer. On the other hand I would not use buckshot for that--rifled slugs would be better.

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Support the Constitution of the United States

before using slugs

you have to have a barrel that will handle it. Full or modified choke on the barrel could result in barrel splitting due to the constriction. 00 buck would be the best choice for someone unfamiliar with weapons. It has almost as much range and will take down a deer at a decent range. Some #7 or #8 bird shot should be kept on hand as well.The bird shot would also be very good for defensive purposes INSIDE the home. From one side of a room to the other it would open up a home invader like yesterday's newspaper, but if you miss would be stopped by a double sheet rock wall and prevent injury to other family members. If you want to use slugs, then buy another barrel that is cylinder bore or is a rifled barrel. The exception would be a sabot slug that would not exert as much stress on the barrel.


Good 2 know- it is a modified barrel...

He just through in his Marlin .22 for 50 bucks. Hes had it 2 yrs...

Carrying cases, cleaning kits and a few boxes of rounds

definitely get the .22

ammo is cheap, it is good for small game such as rabbit and squirrels and will also take down a deer with a head shot (but use a standard round as a hollow point will fragment and not penetrate). It is also low recoil and easy to use. The most critical area for cleaning is the loading ramp at the breech. This is where lead will build up and cause jams. Keep the loading ramp clean and major malfunctions are rare. The Marlin model 60 Glenfield is also a very reliable firearm that has been in production for a very long time.

Would I

Have to get a new barrel to put on it?

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A 12 gauge is the way to go.

A simple machine, easy to care for, that'll save your life when called upon.

msrp is 373.00. So if it is

msrp is 373.00. So if it is in good shape 200.00 isn't that bad. You would prob. pay more from a gun dealer or pawn shop. But, before you buy make sure the stock fits you, I see they have a youth version which is shorter.
As far as usefulness I wouldn't want to be shot with one. It would definitely leave a mark. See what type of ammo he might throw in with it.

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Na, I would pass , I'd buy it for $100 just to have.

Try this one.


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Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.


nice. $200?

Not $200

That type of fire power costs a little more. But you have real "Street Artillery."

The Saiga gives you both suppressive fire and with the wide array of shells real punch. With the sabot shell you have a mini tank gun.


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Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.


Hypothetically, where would one interested, look for something such as that? Don't mean Google..

better off with a 12 guage..

better off with a 12 guage.. but the price is good!

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