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Petroleum closes down at 11.36 barrels per troy ounce of gold.

A much better way to deal in commodities, using real money. Petroleum closes at 11.36 barrels per troy ounce of gold.

Petroleum - Brent US$ 74,97 down 8,63%
Gold ..................... US$ 851,75 up 0,13%

Buy, sell and invest locally.
There is a better way, every body just needs to take all their money out of the bank, stock market and government T-bills. Then go buy food, supplies, silver and gold. Use the silver and gold to start local businesses and trade. Invest in your local communities and don't lend money to anyone unless you know where they live and can look them in the eye. This is how it was done when the Constitution was written.

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It's all relative.

Remember back when petroleum was 140 a barrel and gold was at what 1100? Gold was only worth 7.85 barrels per ounce. This is quite a jump.