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How do we get the Attorney General to start indicting some of these crooks and their cronies?

I was watching the "hearings" on cspan and some of the responses by Fuld and Sullivan....each of whom were enriched by multimillions while they were running their companies to the ground. Their responses were typical...."I don't recall", "I don't have that information", "With the information I had available at the time"...blah, blah, blah. What a bunch of crock. For the multimillions that they were making, you would think they could come up with better answers. If that is all that is required...I'll take the job!

Again, I want their assets sold to reimburse the american people for their crimes.

Begin with Bush, Dodd, Frank, Paulson, Pelosi, Raines, Sullivan and Fuld would be a good start.

Justice for All.