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Poll:Home Schooling... Does your local politicians support it?

All politics is local. And this is an issue that our local Campaign for Liberty has engaged our local politicians with. The responses have been interesting... but luckily, for the most part, they have agreed that home schooling should be allowed.

Our education system is failing and once again it falls back on the shoulders of the individual and the family unit to provide the best for their children. It may be a fight... but it's a battle worth waging in my opinion. But it's not without hazzards...

Here are two recent articles about home schooling... these story rarely makes it to the MSM... so it's an interesting topic to pose to people.

The number of home school children in the Lebanon School District has grown from 187 in 1997 to 330 in 2007. In fact, Lebanon has more home schooled children than any other district in the Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District (LBL ESD), which includes the Albany and Corvallis districts.

One group felt quite down-at-heel, with tired mums relieved to have their children at home, safe from the stresses and traumas encountered at school.

The other was full of smartly dressed mothers, with mostly pre-school children, already firm in their convictions as to the benefits of autonomous learning. (Yes, in both cases, it was exclusively mothers in attendance.)

So finally the poll. If you don't know, I suggest you find out... even if you don't have children... This is a simple way to gauge your politicians for open mindedness or simply being an "administrator".
The poll is near the middle of the page

We don't ask for money... we just ask you get off your knees!

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