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Food storage

How should rice be stored? I just bought a 50 lb. bag and I have no idea.

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Diatomaceous Earth Can Help

One possible hazard is contamination of the rice with the eggs of grain-eating larvae . . . can't recall their name. No way you can check for this--you know it when you see them, either in the bucket (they hatch after you buy the product) or in the water in which you cook the rice, before it absorbs the water . . .

Mixing some diatomaceous earth into the grain kills the critters, passes through human gut with no harm to us. Caution advised when opening and mixing because inhalation can cause lung damage: this product of ground fossils! A mask will do the trick, I think.

BulkFoods.com has food grade product.

Should be lots of info out there on proportions, etc.
There is a garden grade product, too, to take care of pests with exoskeletons. The gound diatoms act like tiny knives, opening the exoskeleton of the pest, so they literally dry up and die.

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rice has a very long shelf life

I'm a fish eater so I have stored up on canned tuna , salmon , sardines they last forever and they are very cheap. Its a weird story but when i was a child I was a juvenile delinquent and i "borrowed" a car and drove acros the country with a friend that I escaped from our detention center with and we stole a box of tuna , it was like a hundred cans of tuna. that's all we ate from Buffalo to Seattle and I still like it eating it right out of the can sometimes :)

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If you got an empty

clean 5 gal bucket with lid. Rice just need to be kept from critters. If you got the room, you can keep it in a freezer to keep mice and bugs out.

Air tight container or in

Air tight container or in the fridge or freezer. Backwoodshome.com has a lot of info on such things as this.

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