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World markets plunge again

European stock markets slumped in early trading Friday following massive sell-offs on Wall Street and Asia as lending rates between banks continue to rise despite this week’s efforts by central banks to break the logjam in credit markets. Somehow the massive global economic problems have missed the short attention span of the majority of American’s. Soon it will be because they can’t afford electricity in their non-negotiable federal leased house.

Have no fears the Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund are here. The same people that brought you the problem will now try to fix it. The bankers are as likely to succeed as George Bush would as the white house secretary. The inflation trap will eat them all alive until there is nothing but debt to consume.

The shadowy government with it’s corporate backed media hid the problem and have the people duped into thinking it’s their fault and not the greedy lenders. It’s neither it’s the Fiat currency that’s designed to forever devalue. A ever expanding debt that can never be paid back. The biggest hoax ever was fooling the masses into accepting the worthless paper money. As the people who control it control everything.

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As the tide turns,

The corporate backed media, will become the populace afraid media.

The media will start to report the truth, as we know it.

The media will drop the Neocons, faster than Bush can catch a flight to Paraguay.

The media whores, in an effort to survive, will always side with the most powerful group, and it won't be long until the American people are the most powerful group.

Freedom is on its way, but we will have to walk through hell to see it, but we will, because this is important.

I feel that the people on this forum are much better prepared for catastrophe than the average American.

To the elite - "The time for glorifying yourself, will soon be at an end." Maximus