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Don't use Silver SnowBall!

Update 04/12/2009

This was not an ad or plug for myself, but warning people not to waste money

I didn't think I needed to post this, but I can't believe people are retarded enough to join this crap.

Paying $40+ a month for ONE Silver dollar?

So what if you get rewarded for referring people?

You want a website? I'll build you one for $10 flat. $25 a year hosted. (nevermind, you pay me $40 a month, I'll give it to you free)

If you can get more idiots to pay $40 for a silver dollar, I'll be happy to give you ONE for ONE, not one for two.

SO if anybody's got $40 a month to waste on this program, contact me, I'll make sure you get more than one silver dollar a month.

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I have seen

Daily Paul users promoting this....it is like WHATEVER...Nice try. Read the site...It is amazing....
I never cut them down....

Hey...$40 an ounce...good deal...


people find it worthy if

people find it worthy if they're given a site to suck more in, and they get rewarded, to them, they don't care that they're making the company more money so long as they get something in return. I can see that mentality.

Sounds like a pyramid scheme

Just like our banking system. As long as they can find investers, the scheme keeps going. The banking scheme is running out of investers. Looks like they might start another one this weekend. I bet, when the silver snow ball runs out of investers, a few will make a whole lot of money, and the rest will lose. That is how they generally work.

well, that's exactly what it

well, that's exactly what it is, a referral program.

but luckily for the company, they're already making too much on top of their costs, so they don't fear losing, they only fear earning less.

as for the "rest" they ALREADY lose by paying that much.

i thought there was

i thought there was something odd about silver snowball

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

well, nothing odd if you're

well, nothing odd if you're used to referring people and taking a cut, and you know nothing about making pages.

I just get upset when I see people ignorant of their rights or worse yet, opportunists preying on people like this.