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Transition Towns (Daniel Pinchbeck article)



"Toward the end of his life, Thomas Jefferson realized the American Revolution had failed to provide institutional mechanisms to keep the creative spirit of insurrection alive in the populace. He wanted to institute a township system, giving more self-determination to local communities, or "elementary republics." For Jefferson, the goal of a democratic republic was to make everybody feel "that he is a participator in the government of affairs not merely at an election one day a year but every day; where there shall not be a man in the state who will not be a member of some one of its councils great or small, he will let the heart be torn out of his body sooner than his power wrested from him by a Caesar or a Bonaparte." He worried that the representational government devised by the federalists had deprived people of a public space where their freedom could be meaningfully exercised."

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I'm really surprised no one

I'm really surprised no one is into this on here! These are the kinds of things that could seperate our movement from all others! Teach the people to fight the Fed and you'll attract a couple million. . .teach them to live outside of the Fed's economic grip and you'll attract a generation!

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