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2 More Banks bite the dust

Don't know if you saw this. 2 more banks went under.

Meridian Bank, Eldred, IL
Main Street Bank, Northville, MI


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Here are more that will most likely fail

If the bank has an E- rating, it will probably fail within a week or two so if you use these - get your money out.

Banks and Thrifts
Name Recommendation Rating
1st Centennial Bank SELL E
Academic Hlth Professionals Ins SELL E
Access Bank SELL E-
Accident Ins SELL E
AequiCap Ins SELL E+
AgriNational Ins SELL E
Allegiance Community Bank SELL E+
Allegiant Ins Co RRG SELL E
Alliance Banking Co SELL E
Alliance Bank SELL E+
Alliant Bank SELL E-
Almena State SELL E+
Alpha Bank & Trust SELL E-
American Bank & Trust SELL E+
American Builders Ins RRG SELL E+
American Century Life SELL E
American Coastal Ins SELL E
American Forest Casualty RRG SELL E+
American Health SELL E
American Heartland Ins SELL E+
American Home Life SELL E
American Life Ins SELL E
American Manufacturers Mutual Ins SELL E
American Metro Bank SELL E+
American Southern Bank SELL E+
American State Bank SELL E-
American Steamship O M Prot & Ind SELL E
American Sterling Bank SELL E-
American Transit Ins SELL E+
American Trucking & Transp RRG SELL E
Americana Community Bank SELL E
AmericasBank SELL E
Amfed National Ins SELL E+
Asian Bank SELL E-
Asset Protection Program RRG SELL E
Assurance America Ins SELL E
Atrium Ins SELL E+
Austin Indemnity Lloyds Ins SELL E+
Auto Dealers RRG SELL E
Baldwin Mutual Ins SELL E+
Bank of Bonifay SELL E
Bank of Doniphan SELL E+
Bank of Leeton SELL E+
Bank of Lenox SELL E+
Bank of Macks Creek SELL E
Bankers Life of AM SELL E
BankHaven SELL E-
Baytree National Bank & Trust SELL E+
Border Trust SELL E
Bramble Savings Bank SELL E
Brickstreet Mutual Ins SELL E+
Brickyard Bank SELL E
Butler Bank SELL E+
Butte Mutual Ins SELL E+
Canisteo Savings & Loan SELL E+
CapitalSouth Bank SELL E
Capitol Preferred Ins SELL E+
Cass County Life SELL E
Casualty Corp of America SELL E+
Catastrophe Reins SELL E+
Centennial Bank SELL E+
CenterBank SELL E-
CenterBank of Jacksonville N SELL E-
Central Progressive Bank SELL E
CHC Casualty RRG SELL E+
Citizens Bank & Trust SELL E-
Citizens Bank SELL E-
Citizens Community Bank SELL E-
Citizens State Bank SELL E+
Citizens State Bank SELL E
Clarian Health RRG SELL E
Clarkston State Bank SELL E
Clinical Trials Reciprocal Ins RRG SELL E+
Colonial Cooperative Ins SELL E
Colorado Federal SELL E
Commerce Bank SELL E
Commercial Bank SELL E-
Commonwealth Ins SELL E+
Community Banks SELL E+
Community Bank SELL E-
Community Bank SELL E
Community Federal SELL E
Community Health Plan SELL E+
Community National SELL E+
Community National Bank SELL E
Community National SELL E+
Community Trust SELL E+
Continental Life of SC SELL E
Coral Ins SELL E+
Cosmopolitan Life SELL E
Countrywide Ins SELL E+
County Bank SELL E+
Covenant Bank & Trust SELL E+
Crown Captive Ins SELL E+
Cruden Bay RRG SELL E+
Currie State Bank SELL E-
Cypress Texas Lloyds SELL E+
Delanco Federal Savings Bank SELL E+
Delaware Professional Ins SELL E+
Delphi Casualty SELL E+
Districts Mutual Ins SELL E+
Dongbu Ins SELL E+
Driscoll Childrens Health Plan SELL E
Eagle Valley Bank SELL E+
ebank SELL E-
Echelon Property & Casualty Ins SELL E+
Edison Ins SELL E+
Emergency Medicine RRG SELL E+
Emergency Physicians Ins RRG SELL E+
Employers Security Ins SELL E+
Enterprise Bank SELL E+
Equitible Liability Ins SELL E+
Escude Life SELL E-
Essential RRG SELL E+
Ethio American Ins SELL E+
Family Bank & Trust SELL E-
Farmers & Merchants National SELL E
Farmers & Merchants State SELL E-
Federal Motor Carriers RRG SELL E
Federal Trust Bank SELL E-
Federated National Ins SELL E+
Fidelity & Trust Bank SELL E+
First American SELL E
First Automotive Ins RRG SELL E+
First Bank SELL E
First Bank SELL E-
First Bank SELL E-
First Central Savings Bank SELL E+
First Century Bank SELL E-
First Commercial Ins SELL E+
First Commercial Transportation SELL E+
First Community State Bank SELL E+
First Georgia Community Bank SELL E-
First Medical Health Plan SELL E+
First National SELL E+
First National SELL E-
First Personal Bank SELL E-
First Piedmont Bank SELL E+
First Security Bank SELL E+
First Security National SELL E+
First State Bank SELL E
First State Bank SELL E-
First State Bank SELL E-
First State Bank SELL E
First State Bank SELL E
First State Bank SELL E+
First State Ins SELL E
First Suburban National SELL E-
First Tuskegee Bank SELL E+
FirstBank Financial Services SELL E
FirstCity Bank SELL E+
Florida Community Bank SELL E+
Franklin Casualty Ins RRG SELL E+
Freedom Bank SELL E-
Freedom Bank SELL E-
Fremont Investment & Loan SELL E
Fremont Life SELL E+
GA Timber Harvesters Mut Captive SELL E
Gateway Bank SELL E-
Geisinger Ins RRG SELL E
Georgia Rest Mutual Captive Ins SELL E
Gibraltar National Ins SELL E+
Global Liberty Ins of NY SELL E+
Great Northern Bank SELL E
Great Republic Life SELL E+
Greater Atlantic Bank SELL E
Greene County Bank SELL E-
Guardian RRG SELL E+
Hastings State Bank SELL E-
Health Care Casualty RRG SELL E
Healthcare Professional Ins SELL E
Heartland Healthcare Reciprocal RRG SELL E+
Heritage Community Bank SELL E
Heritage Warranty RRG SELL E+
Hicksville Bank SELL E+
Home Federal Savings Bank SELL E-
Home Town Bank SELL E
Horizon Bank SELL E+
Ideal Federal Savings Bank SELL E+
Imperial Savings & Loan SELL E-
Indemnity Ins Corp of DC RRG SELL E
Independence Casualty Ins SELL E+
Independent Nevada Doctors Ins Exch SELL E
Indiana Healthcare Reciprocal RRG SELL E+
IndyMac Bank SELL E-
Ins Co of the Americas SELL E+
Integrity Bank SELL E+
Intervalley Health Plan SELL E
Iowa Savings Bank SELL E
Jennings State Bank SELL E-
Kentucky Hospital Ins RRG SELL E+
Key Life SELL E
Lake Country Community Bank SELL E
Landmark Life SELL E+
Lewis & Clark LTC RRG SELL E+
Lewis Life SELL E+
Liberty Bank SELL E+
Liberty First RRG SELL E+
Liberty Savings SELL E
Life of America Ins SELL E+
Lincoln State Bank SELL E+
Long Island Ins SELL E
Lowell Coop Bank SELL E
Loya Ins SELL E
Lumbermens Mutual Cas SELL E
Macomb Cmnty Bank SELL E+
Magnet Bank SELL E-
Main Street Bank SELL E-
Mainstreet Savings Bank SELL E
Make Transportation Ins RRG SELL E+
Maryland Healthcare Providers Ins SELL E+
McHenry Savings Bank SELL E+
McIntosh Commercial Bank SELL E+
Members Ins SELL E+
Merchants Bank SELL E+
Meridian Bank SELL E-
Mesilla Valley Bank SELL E+
Michigan Heritage Bank SELL E
Midwest Ins Group RRG SELL E
Milford Building & Loan SELL E-
Millennium Ins SELL E+
Missouri Doctors Mutual Ins SELL E
Missouri Professionals Mutual Ins SELL E
MMM Healthcare SELL E
Morton Savings Bank SELL E-
Mothe Life SELL E+
Mountain Laurel RRG SELL E
Mountain States Healthcare Recip RRG SELL E
Mountaineer Freedom RRG SELL E
N A D A Indemnity SELL E
National Contractors Ins RRG SELL E+
Nationweld RRG SELL E+
Neighborhood Community Bank SELL E+
NetCare Life & Health Ins SELL E
Nevada Docs Medical RRG SELL E+
New Liberty Bank SELL E
New Mexico Property & Casualty SELL E
New West Health Services SELL E
North America Life of TX SELL E
North American Banking SELL E+
Northeast Physicians RRG SELL E+
Northern Capital Ins SELL E
Northwestern Natl Ins Seg Acct SELL E+
Nuclear Electric Ins SELL E+
Obstetricians & Gynecologists RRG SELL E
Ocala National SELL E-
Ocean Bank SELL E+
Oklahoma Property & Cas Ins SELL E+
Old American Cty Mutual Fire Ins SELL E+
Omega Ins SELL E+
Omni National SELL E
Orange County Medical Recip RRG SELL E+
Oriska Ins SELL E+
Pacific Coast National Bank SELL E+
Paddington Liability RRG SELL E
Paragon Bank SELL E+
Paramount Bank SELL E-
Paramount Ins SELL E+
Park Avenue Bank SELL E+
Pennsylvania Medical Reins SELL E+
Pennsylvania Physicians Recip Ins SELL E+
Peoples State Bank SELL E+
PFF Bank & Trust SELL E
Physicians Ind RRG SELL E
Physicians Liability Ins SELL E
Physicians Professional Ind Assn SELL E
Physicians Reciprocal Insurers SELL E-
Pine Tree Ins Reciprocal RRG SELL E
Pinelands Ins RRG SELL E+
Platinum Community Bank SELL E-
Positive Physicians Ins Exchange SELL E+
Preferred Contractors Ins RRG SELL E+
Premier Physicians Ins RRG SELL E+
Primero Ins SELL E+
Princeville State Bank SELL E
ProBuilders Specialty Ins RRG SELL E+
Prosperan Bank SELL E
Provident American Ins SELL E+
Public Utility Mutual Ins RRG SELL E
Quality Casualty Ins SELL E
Quality Health Plans SELL E
Quality Bank SELL E+
R&Q Reins SELL E
Regional Health Ins RRG SELL E+
ReliaMax Ins SELL E
Republic RRG SELL E+
Rivergreen Bank SELL E-
Riverside Bank SELL E+
Royal Palm Ins SELL E+
Safe Harbor Ins SELL E+
Santa Barbara Regional Health Auth SELL E+
Scaffold Industry Ins RRG SELL E
Schuylkill Crossing Reciprocal RRG SELL E+
Security Bank SELL E+
Security Pacific Bank SELL E-
Security Savings Bank SELL E+
Senior American Life SELL E
Simed SELL E
Southeastern US Ins SELL E
Southern Community Bank SELL E-
Southern Security Life SELL E
Spring Valley Mutual Ins SELL E+
St Charles Ins RRG SELL E
St Lukes Health Network Ins RRG SELL E
State Bank SELL E-
State Exchange Bank SELL E
Statewide Bank SELL E
Sterling Casualty Ins SELL E
Stockmans Bank SELL E-
Sun Security Bank SELL E
Superior Ins RRG SELL E+
System & Affiliate Members Recip SELL E
Tattnall Bank SELL E+
Texas International Life SELL E+
Texas Medical Ins SELL E+
Texas Memorial Life Ins SELL E
Texas National Bank SELL E-
Texas Republic Bank SELL E+
Texico State Bank SELL E+
Tower Hill Preferred Ins SELL E+
Tower Hill Prime Ins SELL E+
Town Center Bank SELL E
Transportation Liability Ins RRG SELL E
Transurance RRG SELL E+
Underwriters At Lloyds London SELL E+
Union Bank SELL E
Union Mutual Ins SELL E+
United Bank & Trust SELL E
United Property & Casualty Ins SELL E+
United Security Savings Bank SELL E
United Amer Savings Bank SELL E+
Universal Life SELL E-
Universal Property & Casualty Ins SELL E+
Utah Builders Ins SELL E
VFH Captive Ins SELL E+
Vineyard Bank SELL E+
VisionBank SELL E-
Walton State Bank SELL E+
Warren Bank SELL E+
Warren RRG SELL E+
Washington County Co-operative Ins SELL E+
West Town Savings Bank SELL E+
Westsound Bank SELL E-
Windhaven Ins SELL E
Workers Compensation Exch SELL E
Young Americans Bank SELL E
Zephyr Ins SELL E+

Detective Krum Investigates:

Detective Krum Investigates:

National City Bank had 7 billion

dollars infused into it a few months ago, and in my paper today, it said they may still auction themselves off. They may be next.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


and its only Friday night with the rest of the weekend to go, and Hank Paulson at the G7.