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Ron Paul Endorsed By NJ Republican Assemblyman

NJ Assemblyman Michael Doherty endorsed Ron Paul at today's rally, accompanied with chants to "throw out Governor Corzine" emanating from the crowd. For those lucky enough to not live in the Garden State, New Jersey's debt is in the tens of billions of dollars. All it will take to win NJ's angry electorate is to help them realize that the same thing is going on up in Washington!

The following is an article from CWA-NJ:

Assemblyman Michael Doherty, one of the most conservative elected politicians in New Jersey will endorse Congressman Ron Paul for President tomorrow in Philadelphia:

"USA Daily exclusive-New Jersey’s top Conservative state legislator, Republican Assemblyman Michael J. Doherty (R) is set to endorse Ron Paul Saturday during Paul’s Liberty Rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia PA.

Doherty’s endorsement will be the first high profile endorsement of Ron Paul from an elected official in the Garden State."

So, why Ron Paul?

"Doherty has a strong pro-life record and has never voted for a tax increase. The assemblyman is a top vote earner among Conservatives and Moderates in his district and is known for his defense of the Bill of Rights.

It should also be noted that Doherty is a West Point graduate and his endorsement of Ron Paul may be seen as further evidence that Ron Paul has growing support among those with military backgrounds.

USA Daily has learned that monetary policy and a non interventionist foreign policy were both major factors that Doherty took into consideration regarding tomorrow’s endorsement of Ron Paul.

Doherty’s endorsement of Ron Paul may also be an early sign that some Republicans are starting to think Paul can win the nomination."

I think the bigger surprise here is that Michael Doherty is endorsing anyone, that it is Ron Paul is not the surprise. Doherty was against the Iraq War and is a Pat Buchanan Conservative when it comes to foreign intervention as well as foreign aid.

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Doherty was great with the crowd

He did well with the crowd, too. Things were still a little sleepy until he made it up on stage (I think we were all a little numb from cold), but he did a great job of waking the crowd up for Dr. Paul. We need more good people like this on board.

Live Free or Die!

Live Free or Die!

Kudos to Doherty

I live in New York and was not familiar with Assemblyman Doherty before this, but I am campaigning for Ron and will make a point to contribute to any future campaign of Mr. Doherty. If he likes Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, he is the kind of person we need more of in office!

All are welcome

I want everyone to endorse Ron Paul

More Info

I m going to start researching and following the careers of these state lawmakers that are now endorsing Dr. Paul. This Doherty is polished. A handsome well spoken man whom graduated from West Point. I think you know where Im going with this. This is the type of guy we need to get into the US Senate or Governor of his state.


Endorsements like this shoot the "fruitcake" bs full of holes.

Expect more true conservatives now in office to gravitate to the campaign.

Liberty and Freedom are a beacon; not a bullet.

Another Senator From Pennsylvania

Sen Mike Folmer (Citizen Mike) recently attended a Meet Up group meeting in Lebanon, PA and put a Ron Paul bumper sticker on his car. I expect that we will be seeing more of this as we continue to grow.

Mr. R.

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I am also a West Point graduate...

...four years ahead of Mr. Doherty, and likewise strongly support Ron Paul. My cousin graduated from West Point in 1968 and I recently discovered that he also supports Dr. Paul.

One of the most important lessons that cadets learn at the military academies is that we should be fully prepared to win wars but first must do everything in our power to prevent them. Too many civilians, and especially those who have never been in the military, speak as if war is some kind of video game. It is relatively easy to send someone else's son or daughter to war when there is little to no personal sacrifice and a disregard for the true cost in blood and treasure.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

It appears...

It appears that Mr. Doherty belongs in the U.S. Congress.


He was great at the Philly rally!

VP Doherty?

Second that endorsement

That sounds good to me. We need someone with at least 90% of the same views that Ron has. We need another Ron Paul republican as his VP!


That's a very good endorsement!

It may not stir things up on a national level, but as Ron Paul supporters know very well, all grassroots efforts start at the local level.

When people in NJ who have a loyalty toward this man and hear that he supports Ron Paul, it could very well sway them!

Great post :)


I don't want any high profile political figures endorsing Ron Paul now! Why now? Maybe cause he's the hottest thing in politics? Maybe because they see how much money he raised? Maybe cause they can see what's coming? Where were they before this? #@$% THEM!!!