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U.S. News: Ten Things You Didn't Know about Ron Paul

U.S. News and World Report provides a concise summary of Ron Paul's personal life and political career in Ten Things You Didn't Know about Ron Paul.

They even let Ron Paul speak for himself:
Explaining why he opposes legislation that expands government power, funds federal spending, or reduces privacy: "I interpret through the eyes of the Constitution. If we don't have direct authorization, I don't vote for it, even if there are good intentions."

This is just all-around "good press" in terms of the quality of the article and the high profile of the magazine.

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Well the article was better

Well the article was better than nothing. It's not like the main stream media has been researching him that much. I'd be happy if they put as much effort into researching him as they do ignoring him. Anyway, I emailed the editors of USNews and asked them politely to correct the 'oversight'. I also gave the appropriate diggs to the link and to those that commented. Thanks for the links voteronpaul08.

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~ Ron's Link Inactive! ~-

Did you notice that Ron's link is inactive? (lower right)

I think we need to let them know :)
US News Contact Page:

PS: As mentioned on Digg: http://digg.com/2008_us_elections/10_Things_You_Didnt_Know_A...

"It's worth mentioning that some of the things about him on his biography are innaccurate. For example, under books it says he's written "The Case for Gold: A Challenge to Liberty". When in fact, those are seperate books, A Case for Gold: A Minority Report on the Warren Commission, and a Challenge to Liberty is followed by a subtitle about the abortion debate. It mentions A Republic, If you can Keep It, but neglects to mention Freedom Under Siege, or Ron Paul's new book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom.

I wanted to email them but am not sure who at their publication to email about that."

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Even "good press" has room for improvement

I _think_ I still stand by my statement that the article was decent press given the positive nature of the article, although I found no way to navigate to it from the US News' home page.

This is definitely not the first time an article seemed to provide accurate information about Paul when some of the details are incomplete, obscure, or just plain incorrect.