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How does everyone feel about the recreational drug Marijuana?

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I responded to a DPer directly regarding on-line resources for alternative treatment for fibromyalgia on this thread. A couple of others asked for the information too --- so here it is ---- Mike Adams, aka "health ranger" has a podcast (#64) in which he interviews Byron Richards about fibro. All of Mike Adams podcasts are available for free via itunes or for on-line listening.
www.naturalnews.com (Mike Adam's site)
www.wellnessresources.com (Byron Richard's site)

I grow it!

I grow it, I smoke it, I share it and I love it.

It is something that I do to 'produce' a product for the world/community. I probably will not do it forever, but for the time being it earns me enough slave dollars to get by.

On another note, we could get all our paper from hemp. PAPER! Oh, also FOOD from the seeds and CLOTHING that is BETTER than cotton. Oh yea... what else can cannabis produce... FUEL!

After taking a bath on hot Atari stocks back in '95 I generally

avoid the market- but the week cannabis is de-criminalised Im dropping a fast 2K on Dunkin' Donut/ Skittles stock- even if I have to borrow it.

Live Free or Diebold

Don't smoke it.

Don't mind people who do.. But their is a whole plethora of uses for it..

Don't think it's outlawed because they are worried about drug addiction and the populace as a whole. that is total bullshit.

You can create 2000 gallons of methanol with 3 acres of Hemp..

and when mixed with resin hemp is structurally stronger than steel.

it's outlawed due to the same reason that prohibition was started.. OIL.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

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It's illegal because of racism. I guess you didn't read "The Revolution" YET.


Marijuana vs Hemp

Marijuana was made illegal for racist reasons.

Hemp was outlawed to protect the cotton and textile industry. A new type of decorticator was invented to strip the fiber from hemp making it a cheaper alternative to cotton.

An alliance of business moguls whose products competed with hemp banded together to kill the plant for good by getting congress to impose a prohibitive tax on hemp.

Oruval was partially correct, one reason it has had continued opposition is because polluting, non-renewable petroleum products replaced hemp in lubricants, paints and oils.

It's not only a recreational

It's not only a recreational plant, it's also very medicinal.

Google: Dr. Robert Melamede

Host, The Next Step Podcast

Good for Crohn's disease also -

it controls the inflammation. Instead my son has to use prescription drugs to control it to the tune of almost $400 a month. (no insurance)

Fire It up

I have FMS...long name Fibromyalgia...for those that dont know what it is..its a bitch...its painful...some days a hug can hurt..It takes a great deal of effort just to get up and move most days.
When I have it...I take a few tokes at night and it helps me deal with the pain and sleep...or a toke or 5..just relax
The medicine the doctors had me on years ago..omg..pills for pain..pills to wake up..pills to go to sleep..pills for energy..a pill for this and 2 pills for that...
One day after it snowed here..which is rare...I couldnt take it anymore..life wasnt worth it...I got in the car...and started driving in an almost coma state of mind...I went on a tiny bridge and tried to play chicken with an 18 wheeler..I snapped out of it.
I turned around..drove home...openned up the cabinet...grabbed a trash can..and tossed ALL my pills in it and threw it out.
I contacted someone I knew...they brought me some smoke..it helped me deal with the pain and the effects of going cold turkey off the meds.
Anytime I could I did..but I NEVER drove..and ALWAYS made sure my child was at a friends (shes grown..gone..married now)
Its been a while that Ive had any...I just learned to deal with the pain..but..if it where legal...I'd be sitting here toking as I type this..instead of getting ready to go back to bed to rest.

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina


I just emailed you via this site --- hope it works. I sent you some resources regarding fibro. If you don't get this email ---- let me know here. Best.


Would you mind posting those links regarding fibro here? My mother has it, and I would like more info on it.

I just posted

The information at the top of this thread.


It sure does beat the hell out of alcohol. :)

Mas mota, por favor

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I'm not "against" it,

and I'm not "for" it.
I think it's no business of the government's to be involved in it at all.

I don't need any arguments about whether it's good for you or bad for you, or anything else.
It should be left up to the individual what he wants to do, with regard to MJ.


Double post.


RecMJ vs meditation

I've done both and found that meditation offers all the benefits of smoking MJ without any of the negatives of smoking MJ.

MJ is like taking a plane trip. Planes are pretty reliable, but you are still dependent several variables to get to where you are going. Often, you don't go exactly where you want...and you occasionally crash.

Meditation is learning how to fly and you can go wherever you want to go...including many places that you can't go by smoking MJ (or taking any other drug).

Let's talk God. Can you reach God via MJ, well drugs in general? Yeah, but it's more like you busting in on God. Thus, you get often get all this crazy visions...they are divine, so they are awesome, but they don't have very much of a meaningful carry over value in your life.

Meditation to become one with God is a more respectful way. Thus, God engages in providing a loving experience...one that substantially influences you throughout your life time...as Jesus, Mohemed, Yogis have done.

Can the two be mixed? I think so, but it probably askews becoming one with God to some sort of divine purpose for God. I sometimes wonder about what really happened to Moses on the mountain and the "burning bush". He didn't become one with God, he heard an order that would be pretty good news to guy who used to have royal power and probably wished he could get that lifestyle again instead of herding sheep for his wife's dad. If he couldn't be royalty, he'd become a cult leader. I wonder how many cult leaders gained false God-visions from drugs.

Not to mention smoking MJ is sucking in smoke...making your breath, teeth, tongue, and lungs nasty. Some people claim that inhaling MJ smoke is beneficial to lungs, but that is not my experience. Inhaling MJ smoke was pretty much as bad as inhaling smoke from buring leaves. A few hours after smoking MJ, I'd have less wind and would cough that loud deep lung cough spitting up brown mucous.


a bong.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

LOL too

No amount of meditation can compete with a g-nob and the purple cush!


or a vaporizer..my personal fave..

sounds like you were smoking schwag/dirt weed

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Reason I joined LP in 1976

Then I found industrial hemp in 1992 and joined HEMP, Help End Marijuana Prohibition, which was taken over in a way by Steve Kubby (LP) and we went to support Medical marijuana in 1994 with Proposition 215, (failed) and then again in 1996 (passed 56%) and then we got into it with the feds, under Clinton and have remained fighting under Bush and now, eleven states have joined us. It has been an excellent fight because the issue of cannabis is not a one trick pony, but it takes on many issues, from healthcare to states rights, to prisons, war on drugs, war, agriculture, imigration, economics (there is no free market because I'd be growing hemp if there was..I'd be able to compete).

I believe it is the keystone to independence, liberty, freedom, self reliance and prosperity.

I agree 100% with the last line in your comment

"I believe it is the keystone to independence, liberty, freedom, self reliance and prosperity."

Rec MJ is not worth lifting a finger over...will only hurt us

i wouldn't object if rec MJ was legalized

but i'm not going to lift a finger trying to get it legalized...cuz when you do, you give the enemy ammunition to blast you out of the water...that's why Ron Paul didn't talk about legalizing recreational MJ or legalizing prostitution very much

he knew it destroyed his credibility

if we got control of the government, sure, legalize it

but don't make rec MJ a priority now...that is putting the cart before the horse

That said, medical MJ and industrial MJ (Hemp) are different more important issues...even still, they shouldn't compete with the greater issues.


Ron Paul talks about hemp, MJ and MMJ in most of his speeches including the rally for the republic. i would even say it is a standard part of his speeches and always gets thunderous applause.

in fact since 1997 ron paul has spoken out, sponsored and co-sponsored more related legislation than almost anyone in congress!

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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Thomas Jefferson

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When he threw a sentence at MJ, it was typically about MedMJ

Cuz that's an easy slam dunk.

He talked about RecMJ about as much as he did 9/11.

Only RecMJ'ers try to lump RecMJ, MedMJ, and Industrial Hemp into one issue.

"If doctors can prescribe morphine for hospitalized patients, then everyone should be able to legally smoke MJ."

WTF? No. The truth is that people wanna smoke pot and have made thin arguments and false attachments to other MJ issues.

Again, I wouldn't object if RecMJ was legalized...but it isn't much of an issue compared to having our economy run by foreigners, being an imperialistic nation, taxed too much, etc.

If you want me onboard the "pushing RecMJ is worth the risk of derailing the Revolution" train, tell me how pushing RecMJ is worth the risk of derailing the Revolution. Go ahead, tell me.


"He talked about RecMJ about as much as he did 9/11."

"Only RecMJ'ers try to lump RecMJ, MedMJ, and Industrial Hemp into one issue."


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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Thomas Jefferson

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Sativa and Indica

originate from different paerts of the gloabe, that said, there is NO difference between medical cannabis or hemp BUT THE WAY IT IS CULTIVATED. Medical marijuana are hemp seeds that have been CULTIVATED for the THC. Also, the word "Marijuana" is a slang word that has no business being employed by cannabis supporters. We should sue the feds for using that word and not sticking to legitimate words. But during an age where terrorism gets to be a reason for war, what can we expect?

Sorry man. You guys lost that semantic debate decades ago

The English language is alive.

Words are created and words change in definition.

When you start with the "Hemp isn't MJ"...or whatever...rhetoric, you instantly lose the masses' attention.

MJ is here to stay.

Indian Hemp Drugs Commission

“Speaking generally, the Commission are of the opinion that the moderate use of hemp drugs appears to cause no appreciable physical injury of any kind.” - Indian Hemp Drugs Commission 1893-1894

"Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere."
George Washington

"Sowed Hemp at Muddy hole by Swamp."
May 12 George Washington
Diary Entry, May 12 , 1765

"Hemp is of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country." - Thomas Jefferson

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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Thomas Jefferson

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