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3rd Party Debate - Official Anouncement Coming Later Today

UPDATE, OCT. 14: The McClatchy Newspapers reported that the debate will be hosted from Columbia U., New York, on Oct. 19, but gave the start time as 8:00 pm. (The TPT website still says 7:00). Nader, Baldwin, and McKinney are confirmed. C-SPAN will be televising. An official announcement will be made tomorrow.

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3rd Party!!!


also - what is the debate scheduled for

October 17 in Madison WI (?)

anyone know about this one too?


"Fire Team for Freedom" and "Revolutionary Business"
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"Fire Team for Freedom"
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That is because this is not

That is because this is not TPT doing this debate. They are not doing an on location debate they have now duped 10,000 people into giving them their email addresses and are hosting a web cam debate not a live on loaction debate as they claimed. Chuck Baldwin is not doing the TPT debate because they change the date every 3 days.

RTRRadio.com offered to work with them on the debates and they refused. we even offered to have them broadcast the debate last thursday and they said NO! RTR has a VP debate scheduled for Monday Oct 20th at 9pm EST. With Wayne Root - Darrell Castle - Thomas Knapp and more. Details to be launched today.

from the TPT web site : We will be holding the online debate on Sunday October 19th, 2008 from 7pm to 9pm EST. The candidates need only have a web cam, an internet connection, a phone and be available from 7pm to 9pm EST on Oct. 19th.

If all of the candidates can come together and make this happen we will be happy to pursue a debate at a physical location at a later date.

Please contact your candidate and let them know you want them to attend this debate!

Now they are asking all of you to get them involved? Isn't that thier job?

This Is From The McClathy Info

The third-party debate will be streamed at www.thirdpartyticket.com and will be shown on C-Span.

They are picking up the live

They are picking up the live stream that is all. We are doing the same thing at www.rtrradio.com and will have live video of this debate.

They never were able to even set up a debate but managed to collect 10,000 of your emails.

Who is TPT?

I've been counting on there being a C-SPAN third party debate, just like there has been for the last sixteen years. I do not know who this TPT is, though, or why they are somehow more credible than C-SPAN, which has traditionally aired this debate.
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all should know about this - tell your friends....
prime time paulers didn't get to see this -

Bump for update

food freedom,one seed at a time.


please keep this going...

Ron Paul is My President

Ron Paul is My President