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Palin, who abused her own power as governor, says McCain will end ‘abuses of power’ in Washington

It’s another Palin crowd that got out of hand today at a huge rally in Scranton, PA. Lots of anti-Obama chants and booing from the crowd, but the most distressing moment came when an especially, er, “pumped-up” McCain-Palin fan went over the edge.

There were no incendiary outbursts from the crowd about Mr. Obama during Mrs. Palin’s speech, as there have been during other recent McCain-Palin rallies.

However, someone did shout out, “Kill him!” during Republican congressional candidate Chris Hackett’s remarks before Mrs. Palin took the stage.

The outburst came during a round of booing from the crowd after Mr. Hackett said Mr. Obama should come to Pennsylvania and learn what the state’s values are.

Spread hate receive hate! The neo-cons should be proud.

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