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Who is Ron Paul? Help!

This is a clip from the Who is Ron Paul? DVD that I've been working on. Let me know what you think:



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Good work

It's good to hear people supporting Ron Paul.

Here's my problem with it: some of the people you have saying good things about Ron Paul are NOT supporters...you've just caught them in the act of saying good things. The reason it bothers me is that I've heard these same people saying some pretty awful things, too...sarcastic things, derogatory things, and rarely criticism that has merit on the issues. Do you know what I mean?

Here's a long google video from New York that has ordinary people coming to the microphone to say why they support Ron Paul. The remarkable thing is that the campaign staff gave them this forum. Can you imagine Giuliani or Clinton surrendering control to the people?

It's long, but it's one of my favorites:


Enough of my criticism! You did good, man. Good work!

That's sweet. I do think the

That's sweet. I do think the $5 mill 3rd quarter info and the Nov. 5th info may be confusing to the people who haven't been following Dr. Paul for a bit. I would suggest going with one or the other, but not both. People will hear $5 mil, then later in the vid see the $4.3 mil info and not differentiate that the $4.3 was a different entity than the $5 mil.

I do love the other info/clips in vid, great job!!!