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NEW - Videos from St Paul.

Two Texans travel to St Paul for the Republican National Convention. As a guest of an Alternate Delegate, I was camera man / tech guy for interviewing the protestors on and near the Capitol Building of Minneapolis. The Ron Paul Alternate Delegate interviews some of the people trying to get a grasp of their knowledge of our government and what a Republic is.

When questioned on what form of government was created by America, all but one answered that we are a democracy. This lead to questions about the pledge of allegiance which of course they all new and finally figured out that they are in a Republic and not a Democracy.

When questioned on what is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican, they either didn't know or would talk about issues. When informed that the main difference is that a Republican supports an advocates a republic form of government and a Democrat supports and advocates a democratic form of government they became somewhat curious.

This lead to trying to get them to understand that individual rights could be voted away in a democracy and that they couldn't be (at least they're or not SUPPOSED to be able to) in a republic.

When given the question: Do you find it *interesting* that your entire life, you have lived in a republic and yet for your entire life your Media, government and even your clergy have convinced you that you live in a democracy. At that point, you could almost see them beginning to use parts of their brains that haven't been accessed in a long time and their eyes beginning to clear.

I'm not trying to say that we "changed the world" but I truly feel that some of those that we interviewed were thinking things a little differently when we walked away.

I wanted to have these up much sooner, but I have never edited video files from a camera before so it was a learning experience to say the least. The fact that my Nero software was apparently co-written by Fischer-Price really didn't help speed things up…

Now during the same visit to St Paul, OF COURSE we went to the Rally for the Republic. That was most excellent. Well I interviewed Ron Paul supporters there (I was on my own at this point) and it is very interesting to note not only then difference in knowledge of the protesters vs. the supporters, but also the actual energy level that was different between the two. It even comes through on youTube videos.

So with much ado, here are the videos, I hope that someone will bump this up in the morning so that these vids get seen because some of them are really good. Pay particular attention to a lady named Ann Wright.; retired Lieutenant Colonel and former Diplomat for the U.S. She's really great!

St Paul Protesters

Minneapolis Supporters

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ARNOLD S. is a republican ....WHO is his family representatives ??

Big bump for others...


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when you gunna invite your favorite couple back over for a little 'meeting' of our own? :)

glad to finally know who you are on this site.



Great job

I want more please. I love watching the lightbulb go on over peoples heads. I want more please.

Well, you just might get your wish

My friend and I plan to go out and do a Letterman style "Man on the Street" interviews, only we will be asking serious questions similar to the ones in this video.

As some of you may have summarized, the "questions" are put in a way that leads us to letting them they know that they live in a REPUBLIC and that they are being lied to.

We start this weekend and will continue on for a very long time.

Good job!

Good weekend watching is right - I sped through, bookmarked, and will watch at my leisure this weekend. Thanks Loveandlight.

Your Protester Videos Include Some High Profile People

I don't know if you realize it or not.

But, you interviewed:

Bob Kunst of hillarynow.com, the Hillary Clinton supporter that claims to have started her campaign years before the 2008 election cycle. He also ran for Governor of Florida - though I don't think he was very successful.


Mary Ann Wright, a United States Army colonel and retired official of the U.S. State Department, known for her outspoken opposition to the Iraq War. One of three State Department officials to publicly resign in direct protest of the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, she submitted her resignation letter to then U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.


A march organizer from the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Anti-Capitalist Bloc.


Daniel Ginsberg-Jaeckle is a writer, co-founder of Progressive Students of Milwaukee, and the Campus Coordinator for Democracy Matters at UWM



Were you aware of this?

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

I didn't knowabout Daniel

I did know about Ms. Wright and Bob Kunst.

My favorite of course was Ms. Wright.

Daniel seemed pretty perturbed with us but I didn't understand why.

Thanks for the info, and thanks for viewing them

Thank you, thank you, Thank You!!

I am watching the videos now.

You sure are welcome!

I was beginning to think that no one wanted to watch these!

Thanks everyone!

The question

As to what form of government we have is great.

I met these guys while in MN and they are dedicated to the RP Revolution. They have worked very hard before ever going to the RNC.

Thanks for the new video's.


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So far so good! Thanks!

So far so good! Thanks! These could be posted as 'week end' watching.


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I think these are great

especially the Rally for the Republic - the informed people!

Bump .


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