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All of a sudden oral sex causes cancer?

New study links oral sex to cancer. I guess my days are numbered. Goodbye cruel world. LOL

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I gotta die from something....

....get busy dying or get busy living....

DAMN.....now its a difficult question to answer.

Red-dress for eugenics

Will Mr. Bill be held accountable?

Clinical trials?

You would have guys PAYING to get involved.


now thats funny
can't you see the long lines now LOL

"Our Day is Coming"

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The Surgeon General has determined living on the plant earth may cause cancer and could be hazardous to your health.

My My

This forum really is going downhill fast to discuss such filth!
You would never hear the good Doctor talking like this!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

when times are tough

you still have to smile
or you will be amongst the mcbama group

"Our Day is Coming"

★★★thank you RON PAUL★★★

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Oral Sex...what's that? In

Oral Sex...what's that? In fact, what is sex? It's been so many years since I hopped on that bike I doubt if I would know how to peddle now.



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somehow my joke about "little white mice"

seemed divisive.

Live Free or Diebold

Oh that sucks !

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I find that hard to swallow.

sorry...couldn't resist.


and guess who has a new vaccine to save the masses from the scourge of oral sex?

No wonder my wife's so

No wonder my wife's so healthy.....

As for me and my home, we will be buying ammo!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH hahahahahahahahaha!!!

This might be the funniest reply in daily paul history!


Absolutely speechless...

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I liked this part. "There is

I liked this part.

"There is absolutely a link between oral sex and oral cancer," said Dr. Ellen Rome, of the Cleveland Clinic.

Although no proof exists yet, there is a chance that HPV can be transmitted mouth to mouth.

----It seems that Dr. Rome bought herself a Jump To Conclusions Mat

notice the part that says

"absolutely no proof yet"

what a joke. soon breathing air will cause lung cancer and sitting will cause ass cancer.

I noticed that

In another recent AP story regarding Vitamin D. It was a long spiel about how children do not have enough Vitamin D in their diet and they even felt that that nursing mothers should give their children extra doses of Vitamin D. Then buried near the end of the article there was the statement that there was "no evidence"....

To the AP reporters credit they did mention that the FDA personnel bringing these findings to light did work in part for companies that produced vitamins....

Makes you wonder what the motivation would be to get these stories published in the first place.....


You said ass cancer

All of a sudden?

I have been telling my husband that for years... :)
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it's only if....

you swullow LOL
ok team...get into position

"Our Day is Coming"

★★★thank you RON PAUL★★★

LOL. Good one

LOL. Good one