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Ron Paul on Face the Nation

Dr. Paul will be interviewed Sunday morning (Nov. 11) on CBS News' Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer.

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*UPDATE* My apologies, this had already been submitted: http://dailypaul.com/node/6709 - I did search before posting my thread, but didn't find the other one.

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The video is available here: http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/ftn/main3460.shtml

Did anyone watch the clip regarding the "suspension" of the Pakistani constitution? Can you imagine such a thing? The idea that a constitution can be suspended requires you to accept the notion that the state bestows all rights! I get a headache just trying to wrap my mind around such a concept! The Pakistani people need to revolt -- it's time for a full-scale revolution. It is surreal to think that we are actually supporting Musharraf. Frankly, I don't give a damn about the nuclear situation. If he were overthrown and a bunch of crazies got their hands on the nukes (as opposed to the modern-day Hitler currently in charge of them), it would be India's immediate problem and they would deal with it. All we're doing is building up the next Hussein. Eventually we'll end up overthrowing Musharraf, too. Entangling alliances, argh!


"Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests." --George Washington

I have the full 30 min

I have the full 30 min recorded, including huckelberry.

Reverend Huck Prays...and Prez Paul Says It Like It Is!!

Im glad Huck went first...loved it when he said his plan was to pray, and that he wished he had Pat Robertson's endorsement!! He sounded like he was preaching at his own funeral, while the GOP pretends that Ron Paul doesnt exist.

Congressman Paul's acknowledgment of Decembers money event was great! Now its time to start getting supporters registered to vote in primaries, especially in those states where you must be a registered Republican!

Press is good, rising polls are helpful, and money is important...however, voting for Ron Paul in the early primaries is absolutely necessary!

My state, California, requires you be registered Republican on or before January 21st...what about YOUR state?

Register Republican To Vote in your State's Primary!

We should

all send a note to Bob regarding his idea that we can't win.

Dear Bob:

Do you want to bet every single cent in your pocket just like stepanocolus? I bet mine that RP wins and you can take that to the bank.

Internet and Government Control

Call me a conspiracy theorist...but here's the deal.

The government created the internet to allow porn and other social detriments so that they could then create a tax base to solve the problem which always leads to more control. That is overly simple of a comment, but that is what I believe about every aspect of "government" creating programs in this country.

They emphasize global warming to create a CO2 tax becaue humans are the cause. Last I checked CO2 helped plants grow. More plants grow, more oxygen is created. Based on history this CO2 "bomb" we are experiencing is cyclical and has been 10,000 times higher in the past. This global warming issue is the cause of everything negative right now. The fires in California for instance, when their own people are saying that it's because of their "fire prevention" programs from the past. However, Global Warming doesn't hold water. The ice caps on Mars are melting too. We really should stop driving those polluting SUVs on Mars.

They created Medicare to control the treatment of our elderly. What better way to fleece social security & pension earning retiree's than to make sure they pay as much as possible on medications and "treatments" before they pass and leave nothing to their children to continue the family legacy. In the mean time we'll also tax the hell out of our young to give them the luxury of not paying for it when they retire...BS all of it.

I'm tired of this and I'm sure some of you are as well. But those that don't learn from the past are destined to repeat it. (someone said that)

Ron Paul 2008 - Washingtion County Iowa Chair

Do a google for water vapor.

Do a google for water vapor. Water vapor is THE greenhouse gas. CO2 is a trivial greenhouse gas. Water vapor accounts for approx. 95% of the greenhouse effect, our Global Warmth. CO2, according to the scientist that Gore refers to in his movie (the ice core study guys) LAGS warming by about 400-1000 years.

If you're concerned about global warming, go read The Internet Skepic's writings on the subject about it. He has very effectively refuted the IPCC studies, using their own data.


"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence


So given that water vapor is THE greenhouse gas, which is not true since those single bonds of H2O don't store that much energy and the double bonds of CO2 do... what exactly can humans do about water vapor?

We can do something about CO2, because we are emitting more of it than ever seen in the history of the planet.

Should governments do something about global warming? No.

Should concerned individuals in protecting their property do something about global warming? Yes.

Water Vapor

Water vapor has long been recognised as the most potent and most abundant of ALL greenhouse gases. CO2 only filters out a very small spectrum of the light spectrum, thereby capturing heat. H2O filters out near all of the spectrum. Water vapor is responsible fro 95% of our climate's warming. CO2 is accounts for a little over 3%. The CO2 that man has put in the air accounts for about 0.28% of 3%.

All of this, the water vapor, CO2, is documented in the IPCC's report.

Their computer models for predicting our climates future do not include water vapor though. The scienctist don't know enough about the water vapor cycle to accurately use water vapor in the models. So instead of doing more study into water vapor to try to understand it better, they've just eliminated it.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

IT laggs alright

But not this time... because we humans already matched and then surpased what would happen naturally in the future... what do you think is going to happen when the warming releases all that natural CO2 and it combines with the insane amount we have pumped up there? A self sustaining warming reaction? Lets hope not... well lets stop hoping... lets get off of oil and other such polutants... we need to for other good reasons anyway (Saudi Arabia) so there is no reason to even argue about it... it is a good idea to take the steps for change for several different reasons. If you dont like the global warming reason then do it to take the Saudi dagger away from our backs...

How can you watch when football is on?


I'm glad my cable provider preempted Face the Nation for an NFL pregame show. What could be more important?!?

I'm so gald...

that Wyoming has no professional circus acts! We still have to hear a little about the Denver Donkeys though, but no stupid pre-, post-, intra-, WTFE- shows.


Best part was the comeback from the anti this anti that

RP was almost accused of being anti this and anti that, and a whole list of anti's was read to him. So Dr. Paul responds very politely saying that each one of these is a pro this and pro that. This negative criticism turned out to be for his benefit as it made the opposite position look really negative. Pro constitution, pro liberty, etc. The comeback was really good. Same thing about the isolationist charge.

Two old-timers chatting in a barber shop

Bob Schieffer just gave Dr. Paul a major, major boost. CBS's program, Face The Nation, follows a sedate, sunny-side-up, Sunday morning news program...just the sort of broadcast enjoyed by our seasoned citizens. (and a good template for videos produced for the older voters!) It is logical to me that these same audience members might be prone to leaving the channel set to CBS to watch Bob Schieffer's news program. His two-segment interview with Dr. Paul was as my subject line reads - just like two old-timers, strangers to one another, talking politics in the barber shop of my youth. (Not that I'm ancient, but I do recall those sorts of scenarios with fond affection.)

The extra boost came at the conclusion of the program when Bob Schieffer shared his observation (framed in the context of a mild, recycled joke) that Pat Roberston's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani is inexplicable in the final analysis. Bob Schieffer, using the cover of a joke, was able to point out the difficulty many people are having trying to rationalize Pat Robertson's endorsement of a man who has embodied many of the things Pat preaches against.

I think it is only a matter of time before McCain and Giuliani implode due to their affinity for personal attacks. Dr. Paul, as always, will take the high road.

"May you live in interesting times"

Your right, the more Rudy

Your right, the more Rudy and McCain and even Mitt attack eachother, the better for us, and dont forget they love to attack Fred for being lazy too.

Yet, they are all afraid to attack Ron because to do so would only bring more attention to him, and i really think they fear that.

"You don't gain much by being angry. I see this more as an intellectual, philosophical fight than a political, personality fight." - Ron Paul

"You don't gain much by being angry. I see this more as an intellectual, philosophical fight than a political, personality fight." - Ron Paul

I'm there.

Dr. Paul sounds very good. He is modest. Zero arrogance.

Editorial: For those of you that credit the Federal Government with nothing, it’s nice to use the internet to discuss this interview. It was created by government/academic research and implemented in the early ‘90s by a Democratic administration, with AL Gore taking the lead on the initiative. I agree with the Libertarian point of view in many ways and I am contributing to this campaign, but the issues of government, taxes and modern society are not black and white. (You can see the one thing I worry about is that this movement may not be pragmatic--that it might just be reactionary. I hope not.)

That said, Ron Paul is the only candidate (Kucinich too?) clearly standing up for the Constitution and the rule of law. Despite the many philosophical differences we may have in America right now we need to, first and foremost, restore constitutional government. If we don’t do that we will not have the luxury to debate anything else.

Your Point on the Internet is Conventional Wisdom -- and Wrong

Everyone thinks the internet was brought to us by the federal government, but that's only partially true.

It is true that the internet today is a descendant of ARPANET, but the internet would have happened anyway. As a matter of fact, the government PREVENTED the formation of the internet by LAW for many years. Back in the '80s, there were lots of networks that were not connected to ARPANET. TCP/IP networks, DECnet networks, X25 networks, etc. and even more loosely coupled networks based on UUCP (Unix to Unix Copy) where the computers weren't connected full-time. There were lots of people wanting to connect to each other and transmit data that had nothing to do with ARPANET.

We knew back then that networks could be driven over the television cable infrastructure (and it was rumored that DEC researchers had already done it -- illegally, BTW!). However, it was AGAINST THE LAW for telephone companies or cable companies to transmit network-oriented traffic over their infrastructure. This didn't change until, IIRC, the very late 1980s (although I think it was actually the early 1990s).

The government PREVENTED the formation of the internet far more than promoting it.

Thank you.

You said “partly true.” That’s all I wanted. I also understand that the Government is often an obstacle to innovation. Agreed--and so are monopolies.

I would argue that monopolies are a natural result of unchecked accumulations of capital and have a corresponding corrosive effect on innovation and Democracy for that matter. I am very curious about whether or not the Libertarian philosophy, with its strict adherence to the Constitution, can actually help to prevent this pathology. I’m not convinced yet. Let me know if I have underestimated the sophistication of your philosophy.

As per the following point about self-organizing systems: my purpose in using this “straw man” argument is simply to provoke a response so I can understand the subtleties of your position.

I agree that the creative power of decentralize self-organizing systems can be amazing. But that is no guarantee that the social results are good or even benign. It seems that Libertarianism makes a direct connection between people’s innate capacity to regulate their moral behavior along with their ability to work in their own self-interest. I have an inherent affinity for this viewpoint but I wonder if it is really only true for smaller human communities. These ideas may not translate between scales (sociologically speaking) so easily, especially in complex societies where people don’t even know others exist. The moral/ethical basis for society—which is interpersonal--is lost and all that is left is the voracious engine of self-interest. In this case the Constitution becomes “just a piece of paper” to quote George Bush because empathy is no longer possible.

What keeps the self-generating system from becoming a cancer on society, as it is today? Please feel free to allay my fears.

Monopolies are usually the RESULT of Government Intervention

It is almost impossible to have a monopoly without government to force the absence of competition. Without the government force, anyone can compete.


The problem with saying that "social results are good or even benign" is that, for the most part, it's a religious argument. Who is to say what social results are good or bad? You cannot legislate morality. That's what the left-wing and right-wing have been trying to do for years. The best solution is to promote freedom so that people can voluntarily enter into associations with like-minded people to pursue life they way they, as individuals see fit.

For example, by any historical standard, people who are considered "poor" in today's United States are richer than kings of just a few hundred years ago. Most people's needs are satisfied, but their wants are unlimited. The left thus will use comparisons to engender "class envy" to attempt to gain support in using force to implement their version of morality. That's just as bad as trying to legislate which deity you are to worship.

With the free market, each individual pursues their own perceived self interest. In the long run, this should lead to the most happiness. Certainly, people will make mistakes, but the punishment for the mistakes is at least as important as the rewards for correct decisions. The relationships that we build to help us weather our mistakes gives us a stronger bond with our community. This is one reason government intervention tends to weaken our community and family bonds. Why bother helping your neighbor if the government is going to step in to do it?

Almost a straw man there..

I dont think any Ron Paul people think the Federal government is not good for anything. That is not what the Constitution says. The Constitution was not a reactionary document. It was a plan based on the history of human government that the very educated men that gave it to us knew very well. Modern society is scientifically different, but our human nature is the same. The reasoning of the Founding Fathers still applies just as strong.

This movement MUST be pragmatic. We have been going on for AT LEAST seven years now about the issues of government excess. Many of us have been going on about it for decades. We have thought this out. And Ron Paul is such a great leader for this because he makes clear he understands that these changes are needed but if they were implemented quickly because we want it all right now then it would hurt people. This is the main reason why the left has gotten caught up being against these types of "conservative" ideas because the radical right would say insane things that would make one think they dont care who gets hurt.

There is an equilibrium on the pro taxes side... but there is also one on the no taxes side... it just looks scarier because it is backed by the unpredictable "freedom" instead of the predictably wasteful and heavy handed central government. The Internet has shown that decentralized systems can be just as stable on the macro level.

Not ANY supporters?

I wouldn't actually say that NONE of Ron Paul's supporters think the federal government isn't good for anything, because obviously he some anarchist supporters.

If you love freedom above all else

and believe that living compassionately and honestly are the greatest aspirations of man, it is with firm, absolute resolve "pragmatic".

the Porn Industry

made the internet what it is today!

woo hoo!


Is this a porn site?


I missed it. Anybody planning on youtubeing this thing?


Anyone have video from this morning? I woke up early and everything to watch but instead of 'Face the Nation' we have the 'Bronco's Countdown' instead. Please upload video if you have any.

One of the Best

One of the Best Ron Paul interviews ever. Sheiffer tossed all the standard hardballs (in a very polite manner) and Paul knocked each and every one out of the park.

The high point for me was when Sheiffer asked Paul about Iran -- are they a threat? Ron said no, they probably don't have nukes and I could just feel the collective neocon viewership thinking "soft on defense."

Then Ron said he joined the military in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and that we got through that because we were strong and we talked with the Soviets and so we won the Cold War without having to resort to nuclear war.

Scheiffer (grasping at straws) said "But we had as many nukes as they did." and Paul said that Iran doesn't have any nukes at all, with a great smile and a laugh.

Sheiffer also tried to catch Brer Paul on isolationism and monetary policy. You know how that worked out.

Ron is anti???

I loved it when Ron turned the anti into pro... that was great. also the huck said he lowered taxes 94 times? in ar, but didn't say how many times he raised them.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Need some video


I was so mad!

Huckleberry was treated like a first tier candidate and RP with dismissal and again with the long shot not gonna win wording.