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***Ralph Nader PBS Interview***


Presidential candidate Ralph Nader speaks with the NewsHour's Ray Suarez about his latest bid for the White House and discusses his platform on the critical issues facing the country this election year.

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2008 will mark my time

2008 will mark my time voting for Ralph Nader for President. I wish he and Chuck Baldwin would be allowed in tonight's debate! I think they could generate some revenue for the bailout by putting that on pay-per-view!

Thanks for the link!

loved this part

RALPH NADER: Mine is more soldiers in Afghanistan and the Pakistan border is going to destabilize Pakistan. The National Intelligence Estimate of Mr. Bush just came out with a statement saying there's never been more violence and chaos in Afghanistan since 9/11.

So we have to look to wise people, like Ashraf Ghani, who is the finance minister for Karzai, the president, and who is a professor here in this country, a native Afghani, who says you've got to connect with the tribal leaders and give them and their people jobs, public works, security, and that will be the buffer against the people who just want chaos.

Let's put it this way. Nobody conquers Afghanistan. The British didn't do it. The Soviet Union didn't do it. We're not going to do it.

It's a scar on the conscience of Obama and McCain that they are ready to get us into a massive quagmire. And if Pakistan is destabilized, it's going to make Iraq look like small potatoes, even with the million Iraqis and 4,200 soldiers who have died in that conflagration.


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