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The new DiCaprio movie "Body of Lies" shows how we'll never win the "War on Terror"

I saw it last night and I enjoyed it. It started off at first with the stereotypical good guys (America) VS. the bad guys (Arabs), but towards the end it shows the evil committed by both sides.

The movie also shows how unsustainable this "war on terror" is. It shows how there is no possible way to win this thing.

I went with some of my Neo-Con friends and when the movie ended I said to them "This movie just reaffirms my position that this global war is unsustainable militarily and economically." I also told them that " Ron Paul is correct in saying that this war will bankrupt our country and it's going to end whether we want to or not".

They all amazingly agreed.

If I would have said this before, they would've thought I was crazy... But now with our economy failing, they're realizing that our foreign policy has a negative effect on our economy and that there is no way to win this phony war.

I hope a lot of pro-war people go watch that movie.

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i was iffy on this one. maybe i take the wife to it this weekend.

Sounds like a good movie.

Sounds like a good movie. Maybe I'll go see it soon.