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NEVADA County Delegates - PLEASE read this!!!!!

Has this been a frustrating few weeks or what? I feel like there isn’t much I can do to change things, but in reality, together there are some things we can do here at the grassroots level in Nevada. Were you a delegate to the State GOP Convention in April? Do you remember how mad you were when our convention was stopped when we were winning? There are two things you can do about this outrage, and you won’t be ignored.

First, write a letter to:
Honorable Ross Miller
Nevada Secretary of State
Nevada Capitol Building
101 North Carson Street, Suite 3
Carson City, Nevada 89701

Re: Nevada GOP State Convention, April 26, 2008 & NRS violations: 293.150/ 293.163/293.840

Tell him how hard you worked to get elected as a precinct delegate, then as a county delegate. Tell him how much time and money you spent to go to the convention, only to have it closed against the rules. As him to investigate this “crime” according to Nevada Revised Statutes. Tell him that according to NRS, State Delegates are to be “elected,” not “appointed.” If you went to the June convention and were elected a State Delegate, tell him how robbed you felt of your opportunity to participate in the Republican National Convention. Get my drift? The letter will just stream like a river from your keyboard and you’ll have no trouble thinking of what to say.

Make a copy of the letter and send it to Catherine Masto, also. Be sure to note the cc at the bottom of your letter to Mr. Miller.

cc: Honorable Catherine Cortez Masto,
Attorney General, Nevada
100 N. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701

The second thing you can do, and it’s actually more important than the above letter, is participate in the Administrative Action that is being filed against the Nevada State GOP. You have to get going on this right away. I can’t stress enough how important it is to respond.

Type, or write up:
1. Your name, address, phone number, e-mail.

2. The amount of money you spent in travel & lodging to participate at the April GOP convention.

3. The amount of work or employment income lost to participate.

4. Any other expenses related to Party support during that time.

5. Please let Dennis know if your contact information can be included in his list for future events or actions.

Send this information to:
Dennis Grover
2790 Wrondel Way, #41
Reno NV 89502

Please include a donation for this Administrative Action. An expensive dvd duplication project was done, and postage expenses were incurred to make this happen. You can mail cash, check, or money order, or go to the address below for credit card donations. Feel free to call Dennis with any of your questions (775)284-1388.

If you go to this website, you’ll find complete information about this action:

Please, don’t delay in participating in this action. Don’t let lack of funds stop you. If you are broke, still send in your information. It’s important that the State GOP find out that they can’t just pull the rug out from under over a thousand people who spent a lot of money & time to attend the convention. If they can do it once, they can do it again. YOU can help stop this!

Please forward this post to your friends who were at the convention, so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Thanks for reading my long letter.
I hope it inspired you to think you CAN do something for our “cause” this week!!

Cynthia Kennedy