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Third Pary Voting Disallowed At Mock Election

My son's middle school is having this mock election for the POTUS. The students were told they could only vote the (d) and (r). My son asks why there are not any third party choices and this stupid woman tells him that it would be a wasted vote because third parties never win.

He is going to ask his teacher tomorrow if he can write-in Ron Paul. LOL.

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THIS IS BS. These idiots would be sorry if I had kids, because I would be in their stupid faces in a second.

Better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Just tell him he can vote however he wants. If it isn't on the ballot, scratch out both and write in the vote somewhere. It's only middle school...

To your kid: Be bold young'un, being right is more important than being popular.

You should call the

You should call the mainstream media sources in your area and let them know that the public education system is a corrupting influence.

Goofed up


I hope he gets to make a stand

It's important to claim some of your identity back while in middle school, even to the detriment of grades. I consider myself a career grade grubber, but I took 8th grade off (basically spaced out and only studied what I wanted to). It was important for me to keep my perspective that grade grubbing was me playing within the system, not me. If he looses grades over it, I hope your RP meet-up throws him a party.

Defend Liberty!

Call all the class-mates

You should have him call all his classmates tonight and get them all to write-in Ron Paul :) whether the teacher says they can or not :)

I think

I will do just that! : )