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Digg "The Great Tomato Bubble"

max, a user on RPF, has written a wonderful allegory explaining the modern monetary system. I believe this has great potential to "go viral" and help people really connect with the truth in a way that history and theory seems to fail to accomplish.


(first posted to RPF here: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=163203)

Update: Fixed the links. I'm an idiot.

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West coast morning bump.

West coast morning bump.

East coast morning bump.

East coast morning bump.


Loved it and have passed it along to all my email lists. Thanks for posting!

I enjoyed that thoroughly.

I enjoyed that thoroughly.

I liked the article

Very nicely done.

Combine this with the 'Duck Tales' Cartoon episode (I don't know which one, it was on this site not too long ago though.) and I believe even the average american idiot can understand what is going on.

Funny you should say that

Because I just said the same thing on RPF! :)




linky no worky