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Banned for fighting Marxist infiltration of Daily Paul?

My friend Social Engineer would like to post the following:

When the movie "Zeitgeist Addendum" came out, I was convinced that it was a form of Marxist propaganda that was aimed squarely at subverting the CFL, and so I made a thread about my concerns on this forum.

The owner of this website disagreed with me vehemently, and so he made a thread on the front page of this website, that was specifically critical of my thread in particular.

I felt that this was a totally incorrect decision, and so I made a thread that was very critical of this action.

Much debate followed, and the owner of this site eventually removed his thread from the sites front page, and also extended an offer for a truce.

I accepted this offer, and then I continued to debate the issue of Zeitgeist Addendum in my initial thread, often times in a very heated manner, until my thread was eventually disabled.

I took issue with the fact that my thread had been disabled, and so I made another thread about that fact, asking for an explanation from the owner of this website, and also asking that he reconsider this decision.

I never got an explanation, but I did come to the conclusion that it was due to the fact that certain pro-Zeitgeist users were repeatedly bringing up the owner of this websites name, in the argument over Zeitgeist.

I then deleted that thread, and then made another thread for discussing Zeitgeist, with a neutral topic, also hoping that the owner of this websites name would not be brought up again.

This thread became very heated also, and certain pro-Zeitgeist individuals did again bring up the owner of this websites name.

These certain pro-Zeitgeist individuals also accused anti-Zeitgeist posters of being "Christian bigots" in a very aggressive manner.

They also accused me of being a "Christian bigot" even though I repeatedly told them that I was not Christian, and had never claimed that I was.

After being repeatedly accused of being a "Christian bigot" by one pro-Zeitgeist poster in particular, I eventually said some extremely rude things to him, and then my thread was deleted and I was banned.

This Marxist infiltrator has however been allowed to continue to argue his propaganda, and has also been allowed to continue to attempt to drive a wedge into our community by baiting Christians, in order to play divide and conquer.

Please consider un-banning me.

I promise that I will not be too aggressive with the Marxist infiltrators, and I still have a very important project that I need to promote for the CFL.

Thank you.

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I agree with the root cause analysis for the stated perpetrator named "social engineer". Many of us on dailypaul.com I believe have succumbed to distractions. Instead of being civil, many posters such as social engineer constantly berate, insult, and perhaps misconstrue a certain level of intimidation. I am 100 percent behind all forms of freedoms and that certainly includes freedom of speech. As long as nobody threatens to harm, kill, or steal from others than they should be allowed to post away. I also respect private property rights. Perhaps Michael Nystrom felt threatened or perhaps he felt said perpetrator was threatening others in this forum. Bottom line is that Michael Nystrom has been so graciously open to freedom of speech on his popular web site. Compared to many other "patriot" and "freedom" loving web sites it is my opinion that DailyPaul.com is one of the most free and tolerant available, thus my constant perusal of this site for probably over a year now. In my opinion perhaps social engineer could have used his passion in a less threatening way like perhaps starting his own web site or maybe teaching us fans of Zeitgeist: Addendum that perhaps there is a sinister message wrapped in a robot utopia. I definately agree that the machines utopia portrayed in Zeitgeist: Addendum is alarming. Perhaps instead of us fighting with each other or disagreeing so vehemently we could come up with solutions rather than distractions.

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All Marxist and communist attack ....

Christianity. It's a long historical tradition. True Christianity abhors tyrannical government. Many will question that statement and understandable so as many organizations that claim to be Christian are really part of the NWO church which fuses bits of Christianity with new age and Judaic mysticism.

In that respect church organizations are destructive but "church" is not religion.

I found it very interesting when I saw the first version. The addendum however is simple neo-Marxism for the 21st Century.

Zeitgeist is Karl Marx with an Apple computer and an internet connection. Zeitgeist follows the standard methodology of cult indoctrination.

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Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.

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Why go through all the bother?

Sometimes people just amaze me.

Why didn't social engineer just do something simple, write me an email? Why go through a third party, in public, with all of this? What happened to simple, civil communication.

Social engineer, if you are out there, and I'm sure you are, why don't you just write me an email?

The reason I banned you is not because your opinion differs from mine. It is because your behavior devolved into vicious name calling, and dirty language, against those with whom you disagreed. I don't appreciate that type of behavior on my website. People are free to hold any opinions they like, and discuss them rationally in a civil manner.

The reason I closed the comments on the threads you reference is because they were becoming a terrible distraction, in large part due to your poor manners, name calling and vicious attacks, which were divisive. It is not the film that was divisive, it was your behavior.

In short, the reason I banned you was due to your foul mouth and very, very poor manners. If you read my posting guidelines, you'd understand that. Once again, here you are displaying poor taste by going through a third party intermediary and posting your grievances publicly.

I have banned many members of this site, and after discussing the issues with them, I have let them back on board. But one thing you must understand if you wish to come back, this is my house, and unless you follow my very simple rules, you are not welcome.

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I may not be a fan of Zeitgeist Addendum

but I certainly don't condone rude irrational attacks in what should be a healthy debate. Irrationality does beget irrationality though so if he was provoked then I might understand it but there is no place for swearing and trash talk.

"Greater than the force of mighty armies is the power of an idea whose time has come"
- Victor Hugo

"Greater than the force of mighty armies is the power of an idea whose time has come"
- Victor Hugo

Michael, I wouldn't blame


I wouldn't blame you for banning me. I probably deserve it. I'm rude, and I use curse words. And I'm no fan of the Zeit stuff. But if anyone looks at my previous posts...I've been pretty even handed with my flames. I've flamed the truthers, the hho folks, the people who can't string two sentences together, Barr zealots, Baldwin zealots, Atheists, Christians, goldbugs, silverbugs, you-name-it.

I'm aware of my contrarian online nature. I find it therapeutic.

I have dropped the odd word of encouragement here and there....once in a while, some people just hit the nail on the head. content-delivery-closing-bang!

anyway. I just unleashed several negative posts in one of the zeit threads. I still think they're full of crap. But I'm going to give the keyboard a rest. If I'm not banned next time I try to login, I'll consider it a reprieve and I'll do my best to be more civil.



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BRAVO Michael, BRAVO...Well

BRAVO Michael, BRAVO...Well stated and executed response.



"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Well played.

It is stunning to me , it's as if some people have never been to an interwebs forum before.

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“Revolutions never go backward.”
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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make
violent revolution inevitable."
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Can we see an example?

nm. GJ mike

Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform !

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“Revolutions never go backward.”
Wendell Phillips

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make
violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy

I'm happy to say

that I have not taken the time to view the referenced video. I might come away with an opinion, and then I will have no choice but to vehemently defend it on this forum! As I peruse the active forum topics here, I see that now the anti-zeitgeisters are in the majority and flaming anyone who tries to point out anything positive about it. My question for the people engaged in this zeitgeist bullshit to ponder: If you can't sweat the small stuff, how the fuck do any of you expect to succeed in a revolution to restore the US Constitution and reclaim the Republic? Seriously, think about it.

I havn't either gil zeitgist

I havn't either gil zeitgist or what ever it is looks like a waste of time to me!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain

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I think this might be why.

I personally never recommended watching the original Zeitgeist to any one for many reasons even though I thought it was a solid film.

But MANY here did, and then Michael called Addendum genius on the front page, and yet the last part does indeed run exactly contrary to what most of us hold in our value system.

Therefore, everyone here at some point personally lent their credibility to the movie, and then with the Addendum release, it brings into question the original goal of the creators and has effectively abused the trust of those here by turning into a bait and switch system.

In addition, the trolls for it here (not the DPers who have fallen for it, I mean only the trolls in this statement) refuse to carry on a proper debate constantly saying how anyone who opposes them is stupid, ignorant, etc etc., and refuse to address points in a real fashion, and then call foul when someone finally gets pissed and yells back at them.

I personally ended my discussion with them when I realized that they were unreasonable.

Oh, and did I mention that half the threads on the front page are started by one or the other, or in some way are related to them. But they did start most of them. Thread after thread after thread. I won't post in theirs anymore, while I will still occasionally post in a related one by someone else. So in a way I am to blame as well for keeping this active.

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What is positive about a

What is positive about a thinly veiled film that denounces capitalism, money, profit, free markets, free enterprise, brands the US as capitalist - not fascist... contends that practically everything this movement has fought for as EVIL...

Where is the positive.. please enlighten me. The part on the FED is nearly acceptable. It gets interest and the concept amazingly wrong.

It calls for the abolition of private property (marxism) and the abolition of money (marxist)..

What, is, positive, about marxism?


EXACTLY conza88!

I think the only reason it is accepted is because it is wrapped up in truth. This is the ultimate wolf in sheeps clothing. The only way you can subvert a Ron Paul freedom movement into a collectivist movement is by throwing in some truth about the corrupt monetary system - then people will believe the rest is fact. I'd like to see them start off with the venus project nonsense and see how many people keep watching. Instead Joseph lures the freedom audience in with a nice analysis of the monetary system and then BAM! right into collectivistic utopic views straight out of Marx.

"Greater than the force of mighty armies is the power of an idea whose time has come"
- Victor Hugo

"Greater than the force of mighty armies is the power of an idea whose time has come"
- Victor Hugo

Ah, one more time, I'm a christian

I liked a movie, thought it was interesting. I watched it because Mike , the owner of this website posted it on the front page. No big deal. "We" thought it was interesting. Not the new gospel. INTERESTING. We were attacked over and over. Called "new age", "commies", "hippies", "traitors", and now a marxist infiltrator. This is INSANE. I ran a Ron Paul meetup group. I passed out thousands of flyers, I organized several meetings, I am a CHRISTIAN. I will not be bullied. Period. I will never back down. EVER. Be glad I'm part of this revolution.


some people don't get. Some people even accuse me and you of being the same person. I'm glad you're on the daily paul and part of the revolution. Nystrom responded above.
Damn it feels good to be on the good guy's side.
This is for all you detractors of the Zeitgeist movie-name calling insults don't work anymore. You got to grow up and learn to argue facts, not opinions. And join in discussions, not tear down ideas.



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Who never bother posting until recently ran a meetup group? Which one?

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

"We" = rofl...

Collectivist right there...

And what the hell is that, you literally speak as if you are his boyfriend...

Not that there is anything wrong with that... I'd just prefer it, if you stopped hiding behind some bs facade.

You'll be part of this revolution? MATE, all you are doing is hurting the real revolution...

God damnit you are so blind..

Seriously, how old are you? 12?

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Why would he bother at this point. At least at the moment, the only thing going on around here is a group of, as you put it, Marxist trolls, looking for converts (and apparently have found some) and the Christian/Athiest fighting. Oh, yeah, and the "I am more Christian than you because ..." fighting...

I am honestly terribly disappointed that any here would fall for the Addendum stuff. I found that it had some worth in watching and some interesting ideas, in the same way that the Communist Manifesto does. But my belief that it was interesting information, ceased as soon as the front page was taken over by those two pushing it.

What they are doing amounts to blogspam, and in fact they have violated the rules of conduct here 100 times over.

I am disappointed today. Maybe things will clear up tomorrow or in a few days.

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Let the thing die. Stop with the posting about it.