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If push comes to shove

I am seeing a lot of silly forums here tonight, maybe out of frustration for everything that is going on so I thought I would do a light hearted one. If you had to eat a meal over and over what would it be (on somewhat of a budget)? Right now I am eating salsa and corn chips with a glass of wine and I could probably live off of it. Baked potatoes with butter, salt and pepper would be a close second. Macaroni and cheese a third. Chili a fourth. How about you guys?

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godfathers pizza - combo


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3 in 1

I like to make this dish...it is ground beef (or turkey) on the bottom, green beans in the middle topped with tomato soup, and mashed potatoes on top. You get all your food groups and it is really good. :) All those things can keep for a long time too. ;)


Try cracking an egg and drizzling it into the soup during the last 45 sec. or so of the 3 min. it takes to make it. Some extra protein and makes it significantly more filling. I can't eat the stuff without doing this anymore.

Lately, I have been making a lot of beef jerky
(friggin' great stuff!). Almost too good cuz I wind up wanting to pig out on it.

But seriously, we should all be planting gardens. Check it:
This guy grows 6,000 lbs. of food a year on a 5th of an acre (half of that is his house - so really a 10th!)
Screw your lawn! Grow some stuff! I will begin very shortly after I figure out how to best get started at the change of the season. I plan to use space on my roof myself. I think we should be figuring out how to best do this kind of thing and then actively teach our friends. I think this has the potential to be one of the most potent living lessons about weening yourself off the gov. tit you could ask for.

urban homestead

i was intrigued by what you said about this project, so i went to the website, and lo! and behold! it's in my city! ahahah

i wish i could get the address and check it out!

EDIT: i checked the website out, and was able to find their place on google earth, and i know exactly where it is! i will go and check it out!


I planted my turnip greens this week end with my grandchildren's help!! Now if I can only keep the deer out of my garden!! plus Ramen noodle's are good with a little cheese mixed in it. yum yum

For absolutely cheap and

For absolutely cheap and still somewhat nutritional, I'd take ramen noodles and hotdogs and some kind of fruit (probably apples and bananas).

While going to school, my meals usually consisted of ramen and frozen burritos. I never recovered. ;)

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Try this one next time

Chicken Top Ramon ( think about it, can't you get a 6 pack for three bucks or something) boil them, add a little butter, add the seasoning and add chicken if you want or whatever. It is so much better than using as a soup.

3 lb block of Seriously

3 lb block of Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese! I've probably done 3 days nibbling away.


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How about stew/soup.

You get your veggies and protein! Besides, yum yum.

You know, I totally forgot about it

When it is cold outside and the wind is howling ( I am using my imagination here being in California, but coming from Illinois) with a fire roaring, to have a big bowl of my famous lamb or beef stew topped with a little bit of picka-peppa and some saltines. Life is good. Real good. Sometimes hard times make you appreciate the basics in life.

Spaghetti marinara, I could

Spaghetti marinara, I could eat for a long time. I assume we're talking about survival meals.

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Support the Constitution of the United States

That is a good one

How delicious and simple. Pasta last a long time, and thanks to our new variety of jarred pasta sauces, that could very well be the perfect meal. Throw a little grated parmesan on top and a side of garlic bread, and a glass of cabernet or merlot and a simple perfect meal.

My pick would be

fish ( any kind ).

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Right now it looks like the only thing on the menu is a

shit sandwich and I don't feel much like taking a bite.

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I could

definitely live on meat pies with tomato sauce (australian ones only, four and twenty would even do)

Is that what is sometimes called

pasties in other areas. A pastry with meat filling. I had them in Jamaica, mon, and they were a pretty tasty one meal dish. In England I had a shepards pie, so that is probably more like what you are talking about, right?

Your home-made?

Meaning stick it in the oven? I have never tried it, but I am assuming you have stocked up on it.

Captain Crunch and Pepsi....

or maybe strawberry Pez.


Does the pepsi go in the Captain Crunch instead of milk? Can you live off of it?