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Adam Kokesh Need's our help!! Please Chip in

http:www.dailypaul.com/node/64573=chipin I met Adam when he came to the Oxford Ms Debate he came to my house before the debate started,He's a wonderful person and I know he will need funds to pay for bail as he was arrested tonight in NY debate. I asked adam how he was able to go to so many event's and he said he used his credit card?? THIS IS A BAILOUT I WILL GET BEHIND!! how about you?? please go to the chip in :o) http://kokesh.chipin.com/vetern-compensation-adam-kokesh

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14 were released only 1 remains not sure if its Adam though
Complete Info on Arrests with Video here


Only In Case Ya Don't Know

If you're at an event like this, watch the horses, they use the front end (chest) as well as the hind quarters to knock you down. They turn the horses hind quarters in sort-of a spiral type of motion. They can sweep large groups of folks off their feet. Laugh, you know horses are strong huh.

Just a thought..

Thanks for video, guess it could be downloaded and brightened up on a player.


I went to this site and didn't see any info about 14 released only 1 remains??

Does anyone know where they are being held?

We need to call the people detaining them and give them some HELL!


“Liberty without learning is always in peril... and learning without liberty is always in vain”

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

citizen joe

There is another thread going now,and it has updates and video's one of the video's you could hear the guy with the camera ask the police where they where taking them and he said central station??

Chip in

Henri, How do we know this chipin goes to Adam and I'm sorry to be wary. Info please?


I did not start this chip in but I have donated weeks ago, and when this chip in was started my husband called Adam Kokesh and told him about it and he was greatful. how we got his cell phone number is when we picked him up at the Memphis Airport the morning before the Oxford Ms debate www.fireteamforfreedom.com Mike and Jake are good friends with adam and thats how I got to talk to adam to come to the Oxford Debate, I'v email'd fireteam mike and jake to find out if they know of adam being in jail and I'm waiting on a response from them.

He is a true partriot

Please chip in

shamless bump