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eBay store for Ron Paul?

Hello all. I read a post earlier this week which stated the idea of having an e-bay event to raise money for Ron Paul's campaign. I think this is a great idea. I was hoping to coordinate with eBay on this, but have my reservations. I need your input!!! Allow me to explain. The CEO of eBay is Meg Whitman who supports Mitt Romney and is on Mitt's National Finance Team. I am reluctant to contact e-bay about this event because of that fact. Would setting up a store without their cooperation be better than having their cooperation/promotion? Again, I think this is a great idea and deserves everyones two cents...or your choice of intellectual monetary value.

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Ron's Trading list (like craigs list)

Do not use EBAY. I think EBAY will suck for this interest. We can set up our own site. I have been thinking about this for some time. I don't have the computer skills to effectuate this. Is there someone or some group who would be able to set up a site for the establishment of a trading site so that we all could trade items for Ron's campaign. The payments for the items traded would be sent directly into the the ronpaul2008 dot com site. All you Ron Paul Geek Squad Experts Come out Come out where ever you are and make this happen. Go Go Ron's supporters.

Why involve Meg?

If you have items to sell just open up a store. It will cost about $15.00 per month and $.06 per month for listings under $25.00. They will take about 10% of your selling price for their profit. Paypal will remove another 3% of profit.
Hosting of photos and listing templates can be done at ebay, however I would suggest inkfrog.com. Inkfrog will cost you $9.95 per month for all the listings and photos you will ever need.
Product is the main problem, do you have it at a low enough cost to make a profit for Ron Paul?


pretty much what i said

except i didnt even know about opening a store, i just think multiple listings whenever convineint would do . read my first reply, searching is easy if buyers know it.

eBay stuff

Someone posted last week about putting RP08 in the title for a search too. I have several things listed this week, but only two with the RP08 in the title.

These are items that should sell relatively well, but I do not have much money tied up in them. I sell some other items and actually need a return on those items. We do some estate sales and have some real money tied up into some other things. I'm selling some artist proof prints this week, but those things cost us quite a bit. If I attach the RP08 to the title I will give 50% of that items profit to RP.

I'll be amping up my sales for Nov. and Dec. to make a few bucks for Christmas and have a little left over for our RP campaign donations. I don't put RP info throughout my ads as this may deter other bidders.

read my reply

buyers need to learn to search TITLE AND DESCRIPTION

and sellers just need to add them to description so it doesnt take up valuable title space

it's actually very easy


mention in your listing "ROnpaul2008.com" or "Ron Paul 2008" or "Ron Paul Revolution"


Search "title AND description" (check the box) for the above terms