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Ron and Mike H. on CBS Face the Nation

Ron P and Mike H. will be on the CBS Face the Nation today (11-11) 9:30am CST.

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A little higher quality videos

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g0RmFMbjf8
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84N_Bw2xDvc

If anyone needs a high quality original let me know.


Great interview

I watched this to see Ron Paul, but was delighted to see that the stark contrast between Huckabee and RP was apparent. The best thing that Huckabee could say about his campaign was that he just got a celebrity endorsement...please. Now having over 35,000 different people donating to your campaign in 1 day...that's a real endorsement! Everytime Huckabee opened his mouth something stupid came out. He talked about the sanctity of life and how once you make a commitment to uphold that on moral grounds it shouldn't have geographical boundaries and in the next minute refuses to say he wouldn't run on the ticket with Guiliani. I mean how can anyone take this guy seriously. I thought it was funny how Bob S. pointed out that Thompson (i think) called him a pro-life liberal, since it happens to be true. Then Dr. Paul came and it was on a whole new level. He blows them all out of the water with his intelligence and conviction. GO RON PAUL!

This was a good interview.

I was very impressed with the interview. Dr. Paul is gaining momentum, and it is finally starting to show on the MSM.

By the way, did any of you know where our chief executive was on Veteran's Day?

"Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions." Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

Time to get a grip on reality (again)!

I really am not sure where some of you are coming from, but it is NOT the job of a reporter to only ask a bunch of softball questions that make a presidential candidate look good. They are there to ask sometimes tough questions that the candidate needs to answer calmly and with an understanding of the issues involved. Dr. Paul has what is a RADICAL position in today's political climate: Namely that very much of what the federal government does is unconstitutional. So, Bob S. got to what is a very FAIR issue: What, then, is the job of the federal government? Now, he certainly asked it in a tounge-in-cheek, humorous manner ("Do we even need a military?"), but Dr. Paul needs answer the question (as he did). Don't be an idiot. Of course Bob S. knows the U.S. needs a military, and of course he realizes that Dr. Paul believes this, but he is asking the question to find out what Ron's philosophy envisions for the role of the federal government. If Ron was as sensitive about any perceived slight against him like some of you seem to want him to be, he'd be dismissed as a kook long before the New Hampshire primary.

What is really amazing about some of what I read and hear from some of the Ron Paul supporters is that if the media would behave with OTHER candidates the way some of us want them to behave with Dr. Paul (nodding in approval while Dr. Paul makes a point? come on, man!!!), the very same people would be all over the media for being biased!!!

Not only does Dr. Paul need to hear questions like the one Bob S. asked in reference to the military, he needs to hear even tougher questions, because if he ever gets within sniffing distance of the Republican party nomination, you can be DAMN sure that Guiliani, Romney, McCain, et al are going to be FAR tougher, asking questions that are a lot less fair and a lot more antagonistic. Dr. Paul, and some of his supporters, better toughen up for when it really gets nasty.

Here Here

Well put!

"We defended Seoul, Korea

"We defended Seoul, Korea better on 9/11 than we did Washington."

DOH! That was awesome.

Support and Defend the Constitution!

This is GREAT!

Awesome interview!

Sad Ron Paul Needs to Educate a "news reporter"

Its sad that Ron Paul needs to educate a "news reporter" as to the state of the nation both domestically and foreign. This stooge on CBS should already know about the declining economy and the U.S. empire. He should have been nodding in agreement when Ron Paul talks about shrinking the size of government and getting us on sound currency and not questioning it as though he was completely ignorant of the situation. This talking heads report the news but they sure don't remember it.

Ron Paul is wrong...

Ron Paul says, "I think it's the power of the message, not me."

Ron Paul has the greatest voting record in the history of Congress. There isn't a single politician that would rally us behind their honesty, integrity, and principled voting.

I've learned to love RP's message. And frankly, it is the combination of his message and the statesman Ron Paul who has actions to show for his belief in this message that makes the campaign so powerful.


Ron Paul is nothing if not modest. This sets him as far apart from Giuliani and Romney as his foreign policy. It seems that every other sentence uttered by Giuliani or Romney starts with, "That's why, when I was mayor of New York (governor of Taxachussets), I was proud that I blah blah blah". Ceaseless, nauseating puffery.

He is also trying to stay humble... and NOT get a big head!

And I think THAT is also a harbinger of GOOD things.

For an example of a BAD case of "big headedness" contrast "Pitchfork Pat" Buchanan's campaign back in 1996, after he won the New Hampshire Primary, and started to "take off" -- well, Pat got pretty hugely "cocky" and seemed to think it was all about him... shortly thereafter he started hemorrhaging supporters. (In part that is just Buchanan being himself).

Ron Paul is being himself as well, and THAT is a GOOD thing.

So while I agree -- it is not JUST the message, but that it is the message AND the man of integrity delivering it... But he also thoroughly understands that he would NOT be gaining this kind of support if he were delivering, say the same "fear & loathing" message of the other GOP candidates; and from that viewpoint, he properly credits that it IS the message that is the core.

In other words, this is NOT a personality cult; it is an "awakening" aligning itself behind a "champion".

He doesn't "try and be humble"

It's his character. On Jay Leno he said, "I have my shortcomings, but the message has no shortcomings." Today he said, "My supporters are making me a credible candidate." Makes this old dog in me want to howl baby tears.

Plano TX


I agree. For example, if Ron Paul doesn't get the nod, which he will, I don't think all of us are going to rally behind the libertarian or Constitutionalist candidate like we have with Paul this election or next.

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Actually, I will...

Ron Paul woke me up, but that doesn't mean I will go back to sleep when he is done. Libertarian from now on, voting everytime.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

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You are right about that...

I wouldn't listen if he hadn't proven his integrity because in politics, lip service is standard...

He should say it's the message and sticking to his principles and that message for his entire political career.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Sunday morning exposure

At the exact same time Ron Paul was talking to Bob Schiffer, I flipped over to CNN just to check it real quick and a Ron Paul piece is being played! I think the media exposure of this weekend (including the NY Times article) represents a true turning point in the public's awareness of Ron Paul.

Washington Week in Review

The PBS political program, Washington Week in Review, is recorded for Friday afternoon broadcast. My local affiliate also broadcasts the program on Sunday mornings. After reading Tocqueville's post above, and reading elsewhere on DP that Eleanor Clift from the McLaughlin Group (also on PBS) had a quick, positive comment for Dr. Paul, I decided to turn the television on again to catch any more comments about our candidate. My timing was fortunate since I happened to catch Gloria Borger, a/the CNN political analyst, visually stun the two hosts of Washington Week in Review when she reported a "widely unknown fact" that Dr. Paul has chosen not to enroll in the pension program offered our lawmakers. The genuine look of shock on the two hosts' faces was priceless. Gloria Borger actually appeared excited to go on reporting more about Dr. Paul when one of the hosts quickly changed subjects and candidate focus. Still, this was another important moment during this exciting week in the Ron Paul campaign.

My DVR is non-functional at present, so I cannot upload the video. What a fitting day, Veterans Day, to have our candidate's message and his devoted supporters vindicated by making such a strong appearance on the weekly political pundit news programs.

Three cheers for Dr. Paul _and_ his well-informed, respectful supporters. Now, I'm going out to have fun, just like Ron! (Does anybody else here think political debate and eye-opening discussions are fun? Good. Me too.)



(please pardon my Firefox double post. if someone could tell me how to fix it I would be real happy cuz I don't seem to be able to sign in to the DP on my Internet Explorer) vicdehaven@bluebottle.com

Vic DeHaven - organizer Quartzsite, Aridzone, Ron Paul Meetup Group

When we fear our own government more than we fear the terrorists, it's time for Ron Paul...



(please pardon my Firefox double post. if someone could tell me how to fix it I would be real happy cuz I don't seem to be able to sign in to the DP on my Internet Explorer) vicdehaven@bluebottle.com

Vic DeHaven - organizer Quartzsite, Aridzone, Ron Paul Meetup Group

When we fear our own government more than we fear the terrorists, it's time for Ron Paul...

More confidence in winning the nomination

I agree that this was a very nice and respectful interview. Maybe it was just because of the commercial break, but it seemed like RP was given more time to speak then MH which is also very positive.

Some of the positives that I noticed:

*The interviewer came prepared with notes and talking points. He didn't do that so much with Huckleberry.

*Ron Paul was very positive, smiley and upbeat. He turned every potentially negative talking point into a positive.

*Ron Paul mentioned December 16th!

Something that could have been done better

When asked if he could win, RP stammered a little and spoke of his assessment of the odds. He didn't sound as confident as he did on Leno when he famousely quipped "there is a risk I could win". For new supporters that are concerned about "throwing away their vote", this doesn't sound as strong as it should.

I for one have alot of confidence that RP can win NH. I think once he wins NH, he could place in the top three in IA. He'll win NV and may win WY as well. Then the momentum will be in our favor.

I beg to differ

Old Bob Shieffer was not very well prepared. Asking Ron if he thinks we need a military? Umm, no. He could barely hide his comtempt for Dr. Paul and his message of Liberty and Peace.


Yeah, Shieffer kinda ticked me off when he condescendingly asked RP if he just wanted the government to only deliver the mail.

Smart ass...

please understand that

please understand that reporters will sometimes ask these questions in order to clear up an issue. there are some out there who call RP an Isolationist. There are some who say he is anti-Military. By asking that question to Dr. Paul, he let him refute that claim once and for all so that detractors can no longer (with any credibility) claim that RP is anti-Military.

I happen to agree in this case...

I thought the questioning was VERY fair.

I told my wife as we were watching that it doesn't matter how fair or unfair the questions are - the main thing is that Ron Paul is given a fair chance to speak.

He WAS given a chance to speak, in this case, and it came off brilliantly.



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Doesn't work

Part 2 is not working for me.

Thanx wolfe

you win

"We knew Ron Paul had a lot of supporters, but we had no idea that ALL of them would vote" - last known words from the MSM

The look of incredulity

on Bob Schief's face as Ron was explaining he had nothing to do with the money bomb, (didn't even know the person who started it) was Priceless!

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if you build it, they will come...

the same look was on Wolf Blitzer's face!