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Ron Paul on CBS Face the Nation Right NOW

The just finished Huckabee and are about to switch over to Ron

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Ron was Great!

Dr. Paul was terrific on Face The Nation, He was light-hearted and full of optimism. Bob Shieffer however, needs to retire. What an as*hole! "Do you even think we need a military?' This old ba*tard must have never read the constitution. and "Do you really think you can win?" Yeah this clowns officially on my sh*t list!


Anyone have a link to this interview? It got blacked out out here due to football.



He's not a great speaker IMO.

His stance on issues is great, but his views don't always come across well. People who already know what he stands for and get behind what he says, but I thought he did a very poor job as far as giving a speech that would excite new people to vote for him.

He did a great job of mentioning how when people say he is 'anti-this' they're really saying he's 'pro-something else'. Good move by the Dr. to focus on what he IS for so people see what they will get for voting for him rather than just what they won't get. Good job pushing his military service as well. However he's still not articulate enough about some of his views. This Pakistani thing fell right in his lap. He really needs to push that one. He should be saying something along the lines of

"People said we have to give Pakistan money to keep us safe. But now look what's happening. All the people there that hate their govt also hate us for propping that govt up! Is that going to make us safer? NO! Now all those people hate us, and if they change govt over there they aren't going to be friendly towards us, and they have nuclear weapons. Giving money to them in the first place was a terrible mistake, just like it was when we gave money to Osama Bin Laden etc etc, and I appear to be the only person who is willing to learn from our mistakes and that will make us safer."

Also I agree, he has to sound like a guy who can win if he wants to pull in new support. He should've responded to the 'Do you think you can win?' question with 'I think anyone who can raise over 4 mil in a day not only can win but has to be considered one of the front runners. No other Republican can claim he did that. No one does better in the straw polls than me. No one, in either party, has received as much money from veterans. In many ways, I should be thought of as THE front runner.'

I like what Ron said better

I like what Ron said better than your re-write.

He did well

I liked how he was able to turn all the issues around from being anti this, anti that to pro this, pro that. the only thing I wish he would do is be more convincing when asked about his chances of winning the nomination. I know he wants to come off as being "realistic" or whatever, but it bothered me.

He is putting it in our hands

The reason for this beyond realism is that he is a humble man in contrast to all the other candidates who are not honest in their evalution of themeselves or the facts they speak about. It is also a psychological tactic in relation to the gripping story of the underdog climbing up out of hopelessness. Let these media people constantly bring this sort of thing up today, well actually, last week and before, they will soon change their tune if they have not started to already.
Also, RP is putting it in our hands. This forces us to do more work. We will have to work hard to bring the country back. It is not about one man doing it for us. When Americans want their country back, then they will get it and win.

He did pretty good.

I wish he would have corrected the man and told him he is not ANTI WAR.
Wake up or Waco!

Wake up or Waco!