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how to download RP clips

I have a Dish Network High Def DVR box (ViP 622). I record all the RP tv app. but don't know how to download to youtube/computer. There is USB connections on the box, but like I said don't know what the proper steps are.
Anyone have an idea on how to do this? Help needed

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Ryan, In the other thread


In the other thread you started, did you go to the link someone else posted: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f90/dish-network-dvr-622-transferri... ?

Those guys over there said that the DVR recordings on the 622 are encrypted.

I'm not up on this but you may be able to get some kinda hardware/software combo that would let you record to your computer "what you see is what you record" hooked into the TV and not the DVR. So as you're playing a recording from your DVR, your computer may be able to pick it up.

Those guys over at Club CD Freaks would be your best bet to figure this out, I would imagine.

get Mozilla Firefox

there is a program available for this browser that makes downloading easy. It puts an icon in the browser header and just takes two clicks to download. Then go to C-Net downloads and get ConvertXtoDVD (costs about $40) and use this program to convert the files to dvd format and burn the dvds.