"One of the hottest names in politics today" - CBS

Thanks to: www.RonPaulNation.com. Local Fox report below:

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far from philadelphia

Far from Philadelphia, I was driving through small towns in sleepy southwestern Wisconsin this weekend. "In the middle of nowhere"---we counted five or six RON PAUL signs, mostly hand-made, it appeared.

Total number of signs seen for ALL OTHER CANDIDATES----zero.

It was very exciting to see that support, and seems like a good omen.


Oh, tight. The first video

Oh, tight. The first video used a photo of mine (the one with the Ron Paul Revolution buttons).

Ron Paul for 08!

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The second video still-shot (the one from Fox above) makes it appear that the video is just a broadcast TV news clip, but whoever put the clip together added an additional segment, appearing without warning at the end, that starts with a soft-porn picture.

I figured it would be okay to watch with my whole family because it was posted by the blog admin and seemed to be a news clip like all the others. However, my young children and I were cheering Dr. Paul along and then we got an eyeful!! If you don't care to have your children seeing these things, please don't make the same mistake.


Bathing Suits are not Porn

The problem is with the pose. This does not belong here. Keep the suggestive poses on YouTube please.

Come on...

NOT a bathing suit -- if you can't tell the difference you must be blind. It's not appropriate family fare (or anyone) at all. Why people are trying to make the perfectly good campaign more "attractive" by including trashy material, I don't understand. The warning is appropriate.

It is just a bathing suit

Nevertheless, helpmeet has a point.

There is a young girl in a very slim bathing suit, a bikini, posing on a sofa with the salacious message "Liberty turns me on!" and Rolling Stones music in the background. It's definitely sexual.

That's alright with me, she is hot!, no problem; however I'm 37 and married, it is not intended for all audiences watching.

People should be more cautious about these things.

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Ugh oh -

I just watched the first one (this time on my own) and it was there too. Just wanted to let you know what's there.

yes, the vid maker tacks on that tacky trailer

I posted a request to stop doing that. I can't forward vids with sexual stuff and weird screaming-guy artwork in them to my conservative friends. They'll think the stereotypes about the RPR are true.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

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SWEET! great stuff. I went

SWEET! great stuff.

I went to a party last night and used the opportunity to talk about ron paul. Nobody had heard about him yet, but they were all really interested and said they would look him up. Everyone needs to get out there and spread the word about this man.

Old Media is old and slow

The lecturer at Fordham University( http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3845512732092273042 ) figured it wasn't so much of a conspiracy but thought the old media just being old and don't understand the new media trying to keep the up with the competition misreported on Ron Paul for the fear of misreporting.

Sounds very silly and as far as I can imagine to some extent this might be true but the abuse has been so blatant I think there is more to the agenda behind the misreporting over the concept that the MSM is fearful of bringing up candidates wich they think will not win just because that would be irrelevant to their viewers. (In other words misreporting because of the fear of misreporting)

Google Dr. Ron Paul

He is getting the respect he deserves. She said "Google Dr. Ron Paul." Not just "Ron Paul" or even less, "Mr. Ron Paul." I believe someone out there in media land is starting to get it.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


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Thanks, manystrom, for posting that. The media is finally coming around! Has everyone read the recent New York Times article, that appeared on the front page of that daily? I too believed that the media was controlled, and I'm sure it is to some extent, but it appears that that control is tenuous at best and not near 100% ! We have a really good chance, this truly is a 2nd American Revolution - and, who but Ron Paul, with his voting record, his sincerity, his clear and simple message that derives from the founding fathers, could have started all this?? I never would have thought what these two clips reflect possible. Go Ron Paul !!! Go Ron Paul supporters! YOU are taking your country back - we are millions, they are but hundreds, and when we stand together behind the message of Liberty that Ron Paul represents, this is the result.

Another good day for Liberty

Big Media exposure is Great. RP people can do shoestring media

Every weekend there's some peddler setting up shop at a gas station or other business that is normally closed during the weekend. Chain saw sculpters, rugs, paintings are common items that these weekend venders sell. For a fee of anywhere from $40 to $60 dollars that is paid to the owner for the use of his lot it can be an ideal way for Ron Paul people to get his name out. We need to take advantage of these venues and become weekend warriors for Paul. Maybe someone can bring their bear carvings and make a little extra cash on the side. The main idea of course is to sell Ron Paul. Who knows maybe a businessman who owns that corner business would be willing to let you use it for free.


Great news story

I get more excited everytime I see coverage like this. Thanks Mike for getting this on the top!

Looks like CBS is now doing a reversal

See people, it is just a matter of time before the media realizes this promotion of Paul will give them some money. It was just the other day the CBS published some crazy statement against RP. Now we have this coverage as well as Face the Nation. We have come to a new place in the nation. If we keep going we may find RP will get equal attention to what Hillary and Guliani get.


This is only the beginning

Ron Paul is going to win the primaries. Those telephone polls are garbage, they were garbage for several campaigns that won the nomination and the presidency. Ron Paul is reaching the public through the Internet. The MSM is just adding gasoline to the fire.

By the time he dominates the primaries, practically all the MSM coverage will be positive because there is no credible opposing view to his central message of freedom and the Constitution.

He has no skeletons in his closet, and his voting record is flawless. There is nothing that the other candidates or the MSM can say about him personally to hurt his chances of winning, short of calling him a "fringe" candidate and a kook. But as you can see, he is not fringe anymore and his ideas are now beginning to be taken seriously.

Everything changes with public legitimacy and financial support. MSM is seeing that and wants the ratings, hence the more frequent and positive reporting.

This is only the beginning folks, Ron Paul is the kind of guy that just needed a spark. He got it, and now its up to him to capitalize on it and ride it all the way to the presidency.

Go Paul!

Vote Ron Paul '08


It's true. The media is a buisness. Let's tell them what we want to hear, and with a bit of hard work, we should get it!