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Need your help!

I have a Dish Network High Def DVR box (ViP 622). I record all the RP tv app. but don't know how to download to youtube/computer. There is USB connections on the box, but like I said don't know what the proper steps are.
Anyone have an idea on how to do this? Help needed

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Found this

Looks like you might have to buy a dazzle or a pocketfish to do it



If you don't have it already, you would need to get a video card that has inputsonit for the tv. If you notice on the back of your tv you have a red yellow and white jack. Well the video card you would want would have the same thing. Then you can get a cord at best buy to connect the tv to the computer.

Most likley the video card you purchased will have software for transferring video from your tv to your computer. If not there are plenty out there. Just ask someone in best buy.

Just so you know your looking at $100+ for this project.

what my laptop has

I have an S-video, monitor input, and USB ports on both my laptop and Dish HD DVD box. I will try hooking up one of these and tinker around. Thank you.