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Anyone see this horrible attempt at a hit piece?

Anyone else see this? I got irritated at the fact that this guy makes some wild assumptions and reported mis-truths. He didn't even research ANYTHING on Ron Paul. He even takes a quick hit at dailypaul. It's journalists (or bloggers) like this that I get so irritated about. Still... I wrote a POLITE email to correct him of his statements (but it still didn't keep me from wanting to reach through the monitor and smash his head into the keyboard)


Why the Ron Paul Campaign is Dangerous
By JB Williams (11/11/07)

I am fast becoming the most unpopular man in America, among Ron Paul supporters that is. Truth is seldom popular among those at odds with that truth.

Paul supporters have worked diligently to convince voters that their candidate is the “real deal” constitutionalist conservative in the ’08 presidential race and that he has a real chance of winning. But the facts simply don’t support either of these claims and pointing this reality out seems to drive Paul supporters into a fit of unbridled rage.

The fact is, though Ron Paul himself is no threat to anyone or anything, his campaign is on a track that is very dangerous for America and the conservative movement in particular. Although he is highly unlikely to win anything, his campaign is increasingly likely to cause real trouble for the legitimate Republican nomination process.

Ron Paul’s fund raising

Recent headlines have been focused on the record fund raising day in the Paul campaign. It was a very effective campaign stunt. Although he still trails most other candidates in overall fund raising by a pretty wide margin, his campaign grabbed headlines by setting up an internet campaign stunt designed to raise as much as possible in a single day.

It worked - they got the desired headlines - but what does it really mean? In the end, it won’t change the outcome of the election process.

But the recent surge in campaign contributions did raise a more important question.

Where’s all that money coming from?

At first, I assumed, and had even written, that Ron Paul’s financial support was coming from the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party. Then I was corrected by former Ron Paul aide and founder of the Libertarian Republican Caucus, Eric Dondero, who also founded MainstreamLibertarian.com and hosts blogtalk radio show Libertarian Politics Live.

In an interview with Dondero, he emphatically complained; “Please refrain in the future from using the label "Libertarian Republican" in describing Ron Paul. Call him what he is: Some sort of populist leftwinger.”

Dondero continued, “Since 9/11 Paul has become a complete nutcase conspiratorialist quasi-Anti-Semitic leftwing American-hating nutball.”

These were strong words from a former aide to Mr. Paul (from 1997 – 2003) and words worthy of investigation in my mind. So I decided to investigate, which in politics always means, follow the money.

Where is all that money coming from?

Upon investigation, it appears that Mr. Dondero is exactly right. Much of Ron Paul’s money is not coming from mainstream Libertarians or Republicans.

Although he is running as a Republican, he actually has very little support from rank and file Republicans, as every national Republican poll confirms. But it turns out that he has very little support from mainstream Libertarians either. As Dondero pointed out, “Ron Paul is only attracting support from the leftwing side of the libertarian spectrum, virtually none of whom are Republicans.”

According to official campaign fund raising filings posted at www.opensecrets.org, Ron Paul’s top contributor is well known internet giant Google. Google, with Al Gore on the board of directors, has a long history of progressive political activism, both in the way they censor search results to bury conservative slanted stories, and in their campaign contribution habits, which is solidly Democrat, with the exception of Ron Paul.

Like Howard Dean before him, Ron Paul first grabbed headlines with his very hi-tech internet campaign, which is now easily explained by the fact that his largest constituency is in the computer tech community. It also explains how Paul supporters have perfected the art of “spamming” or “jamming” online polls, creating a false impression of bigger support while invalidating poll after poll. Other tech giants like Microsoft and Verizon top his donors list as well.

Among Ron Paul’s top donor zip codes are of course parts of Texas, but also heavily liberal districts in Chicago (60614), San Francisco (94117), more than 80% of which supports Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer, and Los Angeles – Long Beach, which is his second largest donor area after Dallas.

What we have here is a candidate trying to win the Republican nomination by raising money from liberals across the political aisle.

This is why his fund-raising is not translating to improved poll positions

His donors are not Republicans. So no matter how much money he raises, it is not translating into Republican support in the polls. He remains at or below 5% support in every national Republican poll, no matter how much money he raises.

USA Today reports, “The Iowa Republican Party put out an advisory Tuesday setting standards for participation in a Dec. 4 debate. Sponsors said participants need to average 5% support among Republicans in recent national or Iowa polls -- and so far, Texas Rep. Ron Paul is one of the candidates not making the cut.”

In Pollster.com's latest averaging of national poll results of Republicans, Paul's support comes in at 2.7%. The website calculates Paul's support among Republicans in Iowa, based on polls there, to be 3.8%.

Yet his supporters still claim he is much more popular than the national polls indicate and that he will be the come from behind shocker at the Republican convention. How?

Here’s where the Ron Paul campaign becomes dangerous

Because Paul supporters know that support coming from non-Republicans is not reflected in the Republican polls, they have started a campaign to promote party-jumping so that their anti-war supporter’s from the left can vote in the Republican primary.

Twenty four states have “open” primaries, which means, one need not be Republican to vote in those Republican primaries. Ron Paul supporters are promoting both strategies – one in which Democrats, Independents, and members of other third parties can vote for him in “open” primaries where possible, and switch parties to vote for him where the primaries are “closed.”

The mere notion that a Republican presidential candidate should be nominated by this strategy is insane and very dangerous to the entire election process. At a minimum, it is a demonstration of just what kind of people are behind the Ron Paul campaign, obviously, not constitutionally conscious people. I do not know if the Paul campaign itself is behind this effort. But I am sure that the campaign is aware of this effort, as well as the fact that much of their funding is coming from people other than Republicans.

The Daily Paul is openly promoting Change Party Affiliation to Republican to Participate in Primaries. “As you may realize, there are many people from across the spectrum planning to support Ron Paul: Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Green Party members, disenfranchised Democrats, and of course the disenfranchised Republicans. Many of these people may not realize that they NEED to change party affiliations to Republican to vote in the GOP Primary in many States.” (A direct quote from the site)

So, how Republican is Republican candidate Ron Paul?

If he’s funded largely by anti-war leftists, from Democrat stronghold districts and counting on Democrats, Libertarians and members of the Green Party to win the Republican nomination, not very…

The only Republicans we find in his campaign are those myopic small government conservatives angry with Bush for his Democrat-like spending habits. Those so angry with Bush, that they are willing to overlook all of this just to vote for a candidate who promises less spending. Of course, we can’t entirely overlook the handful of moderate Republicans who oppose the war in Iraq either, few as they are.

Why is the Ron Paul campaign dangerous?

Despite his very real popularity across the political aisle, he is not likely to get enough people to switch parties in order to win the RNC nomination. But he is doing a great job of validating the perspective of all the negative propaganda uttered by leftists against Bush, Republicans, the War on Terror and national security. That’s not good.

He is also doing a great job of helping the left undermine the war on terror and that’s why he’s so popular among anti-war leftists, including in the press. This is bad.

But even worse, he threatens the integrity of the Republican nomination process itself by relying upon non-Republicans to win the Republican nomination.

Last, at a time in American history when the Republican Party must be more united and engaged than ever before, when every available conservative vote is needed in next years general election, Paul and his supporters are busy carving up the party for their own anti-Republican agenda.

I hate wasting this much press time on Ron Paul. But the Paul campaign is becoming a real threat to the Republican primary process and if allowed to continue, he will take votes away from the most conservative Republican candidates in the party, not the most liberal. This is bad for the party and the country.

That’s why his campaign has become dangerous.

I actually agree with many of Ron Paul’s positions, outside of his suicidal national security perspective of course. But I can not agree with the campaign tactics of using leftist money and votes to hijack the Republican nomination and I’m shocked that any Republican would.

There’s really no need to write another word about Ron Paul. If you can know all of these facts, follow the money and the links provided for their campaign tactics and still support him, you’re no Republican, much less a conservative or constitutionalist.

Real Republicans need to be aware and unite to block this effort to hijack the party nomination.

National elections are decided by a couple points one way or another today. Republicans can’t afford to let any candidate play games with their nomination process. Republicans need a candidate that will unite and motivate conservative voters, not one that divides and undermines that process.

That’s it! These are the facts. You don’t have to like them, you just need to know them.

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hahaha, wow ignorance at

hahaha, wow ignorance at it's extreme. I bet this guy still thinks Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.


I guess if you don't want endless war against countries that never attacked us you are a shill for the left.

Needless to say, Ron Paul didn't get the nickname of "Dr. No" for his tax and spend ways. No one in Congress is less eager to spend other people's money than Ron Paul. If he's not a conservative I don't know who is.

To quote another much maligned conservative, who was also against the Iraq war from the start:

Terrorism is the war of the weak. War is the terrorism of the strong.
-- Pat Buchanan.

I suppose Pat Buchanan is also just another closet Communist.


The author of this article is a liar. I am a conservative Republican. I am the base of the Republican Party. To say Ron Paul's support is from the left wing is a complete and total lie. I seriously doubt anyone in the left wing would support Ron Paul. They may agree with his anti-war stance, but that is about it. Howard Dean even told a young audience in a speech, when they cheered for Paul's war stance, that they wouldn't agree with him on much else.

Ron Paul is "dangerous" though, to both the Republican and Democratic Parties because freedom is popular. He is "dangerous" to them because he can "steal" a significant number of votes from each. It is rather ironic that the author says that Paul is dangerous because

"Democrats, Independents, and members of other third parties can vote for him in “open” primaries where possible, and switch parties to vote for him where the primaries are “closed.”

The mere notion that a Republican presidential candidate should be nominated by this strategy is insane and very dangerous to the entire election process."

Yeah, that is so dangerous that people are actually allowed to vote for the person of their choice, instead of those who have been anointed by the chosen ones.

Please ignore this guy!

I sent a respectful response a long while back (months), and he wrote another article "responding" to all the RP fans -- another pro-war slam job of course, and since then, I have been on his mailing list (haven't taken the time to unsubscribe...) I don't think we're getting anywhere with this one.

Guilt by association

That entire rant was just another attempt at guilt by association, which is the bottom of the barrel in politics. When you CANNOT REFUTE THE CANDIDATE ON THE ISSUES, you resort to scraping the barrel for something to fling at them. It's actually a compliment when your opponent is forced to resort to this. Can you imagine what we'd find at the bottom of the Clinton barrel? My skin crawls just thinking about it. But we don't even have to go there, because her above-board record is damning enough as it is. Likewise Guliani.

Rather than refute such attacks point-by-point (which you can never win, because there will always be something new squirming at the bottom of any barrel, that your opponent will hold up as evidence against you), I suggest you refute their use of guilt by association as their tactic. Steer those conversations back to the issues, where Paul's opponents have *zero* ammunition against him. To refute Ron Paul on the issues is to refute the Constitution. To refute the Constitution is to concede defeat in American politics.


"Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests." --George Washington


from someone that is still buying the "war on terror" shtick

Vic DeHaven - organizer Quartzsite, Aridzone, Ron Paul Meetup Group

When we fear our own government more than we fear the terrorists, it's time for Ron Paul...

another firefox double post

another firefox double post

Vic DeHaven - organizer Quartzsite, Aridzone, Ron Paul Meetup Group

When we fear our own government more than we fear the terrorists, it's time for Ron Paul...

I love these articles for

I love these articles for its just reminds me what were fighting for and is just like a pep talk from the coach that makes me strive harder.

Keep them coming your just fueling our fire!

oh really?

"This is why his fund-raising is not translating to improved poll positions"

mr. whatever obviously didn't check the three latest polls (rasmussen daily presidential tracking and two NH polls). all have ron paul's numbers up 2-3%.

Oh brother

This Dondero person has already been dismissed as a kook. I mean, look, he's supporting Giuliani, need I say more?

Also, it's been reported that MOST supporters of Ron's are GOP, Independents, and a few Dems thrown in. All of us who were interviewed by the WP are GOP or Indies and only ONE was *ever* a Democrat.

Dondero is a creep as I found out quickly. He haunts the RLCNH mailing list. RLC is the group started by Paul and the NH chapter endorses him. In fact, the head of it was in the famous ad we all love to hate!

Anyway, to think Ron Paul would ever agree with anything Al Gore said or did would be ludicrous. Ron is still the most true conservative in the race.

End of story.

Update: This guy is asking people to 'follow the money'. Well, if someone wants to look up where every person works, it has nothing to do with the company having given money. They may be employed at Google, but that does not mean the CORPORATION gave money. The money came from individual donors, period. There are no special interests, lobbyists or laundered bundles. So it makes him sound like a fool. Even the NYT reported that most Meetup members are GOP, as were the group of us interviewed by the WP.

New poll out in NH, Ron is still at 7% and Huck is only 5%.

Oh and when I asked Ron about Eric, you should have seen the look on his face...he just sorta rolled his eyes. They don't take him very seriously.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

People should ask

Mr. Dondero why he got fired from Ron Paul's staff and that he's the only one to my knowledge that has ever been fired from his staff. Some know why and I don't expect him to divulge it. How can he proclaim all his Libertain views and come out and endorse Julie Annie? Dondero come clean!!!


Sagebrush Rebellion

Fact of the matter is, the Reagan Revolution is the closest thing this country has seen to the Paul Revolution. See the map.


This from Patrick's work plotting out the 37,000 donors. And no one else has those kind of numbers.

Reagan got the guvmint off business' back. Ron Paul will git the guvmint off OUR backs.

But don't bother telling this columnist anything factual. He has his orders from his Emperor.

"...allowed to continue..."?

"...allowed to continue..."? "Dangerous"? All this guy does is validate folks like me voting for Dr. Paul because we think that the system is rigged from the get-go. A vote for Ron Paul is a poke in the eye to this system.

The Woodshed for Mr. Williams

1) I am very glad he has the first amendment to allow him to say what he is saying.
2) He would not know a conservative if he was at the 1787 adoption of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia.
3) Ron Paul does actually match the republican planks far better than any other.
4) According to this logic you must be born into the Republican Party or you’re not welcome (strange, very antisocial).
5) I love all the conspiracy they are trying to raise against Ron Paul, when he is in fact running the most sunshine driven fund raising for his campaign that I have every seen.

Lying always got me a trip to the figurative woodshed; I hope he hears his father calling soon…

Loss of Credibility

Stolen Credit Cards Used To Support Paul Campaign

Dr. Paul to Sell Liberty Bell for Scrap

Dr. Paul Kicks Crippled Veteran and His Puppy Down Flight of Stairs

Al Quada Operatives Found With Ron Paul Literature

Dr. Paul Supporter Says He Was Abducted by Aliens

Hitler Endorses Ron Paul During Recent Seance

blah, blah, blah......

I seem to recall a fable about the boy that cried wolf. These sources of disinformation have lost what little credibility they had. Who really takes them seriously anymore? Decent people didn't believe this sort of stuff when it was being said about Thomas Jefferson two hundred years ago. Decent people do not believe it now relative to Dr. Ron Paul.

I expect that we will soon see some tricks from the old Nixon people. Ron Paul "supporter" burning flags in front of the cameras, etc. Sigh. They never, ever will stop.

Mr. R.

Mr. Williams is afraid of criticism

I follow the "e-mail" link in his story and it got bounced back as spam. I guess Mr. Williams can dish it out but would rather not take it. I'll say publicly here, what I tried to tell Mr. Williams.

If the past few years illustrates what a "real Republican" is, then all I can say is, "Thank God I'm not a REAL Republican!"

What a fool.

Paul has the youngest, most enthusiastic group of supporters in the Republican party. And he is the only candidate bringing in new members. What kind of idiot wants to alienate that group?

This guy is acting like the Republican party is some sort of exclusive country club. This attitude is even worse when the party is in such a diminished state. If Ron Paul and his supporters are not around in the national election, the Republicans are going to lose the Presidency and both houses of Congress in a landslide.

Typical Neo Con Attack

I sent Mr. Williams a respectful letter asking why he supports the Neo Con policies of continued undeclared wars around the globe, bankrupting this nation by huge deficits and a worthless, fiat currency, and the growing police state at home. I don't really expect an answer.

Not only do we have the moral high ground, we have the law - the Constitution, on our side. Dr. Paul and the Internet have made our job easy. We just need to find the Ron Paul video and either send it, or copy it and show it to as many people as possible.

As long as we continue to promote the truth, it will eventually prevail. The lies coming out of mainstream media can't stand the light of day.

Al Gore is not on the BoD of Google.

But actual fact-checking is not one these people's strong points.

Not to mention that companies like google are among the most perfect examples of the power and success of innovation in a purely free market. How much more American can you get?

I've voted straight party

Republican since 1988.

And I will vote for Dr. Paul.

Expect more of this crap.

Its time for us to give "them" a test of their own medicine!!!

What i tell my son, if you let it bother you they win.
Just like terrorism, if you are terrorized, they win.

They tried to ignore us ; make us go away.

Now, it is time for us to do the same!
Ignore the hit pieces , do not even respond, post or otherwise.

someone writes a hit piece or something negative, do not add to the viewer-ship!

Ignore all the fictitious articles that some of these wanna be pundits will write.

they will soon disappear.

we have the power of numbers , we dont have to defend ourselves , we dont have to defend Ron Paul. He stands on his own merits and so does our campaign.

God Bless America!

Too bad...

The guy would be a supporter if he wasn't so afraid to let others have the same freedom as he wants for himself.

This article is hysterical!

This article is hysterical!

"Might does not make right"

Hit Piece

Eric Dondero, I believe, once worked for Dr. Paul and from what I gather he is running against Ron Paul in the Congressional Race. No love lost between these two individuals and his comments should be questioned.

This guy is a nut case... obviously

He has some weird conspiracy theory about Google... these are neocons nuts... they have been SOO successful leaders these past 20 years right?.. right???


And THEY blame us for conspiracy theories....

Rx: For America

I AM a Republican and I vote.

Rx: For America

Not a direct Quote but....

First they ignore us, then they ridicule us, then they attack us, then we win! Gandhi

Ron Paul is my HERO!!!

"Fire Team for Freedom"
visit www.mikeandjake.com

He isnt seeing the whole

He isnt seeing the whole story
His report is based on the polls,yet we all know the problems with the polls,we arent bing polled.
o the upset will be so sweet

"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms is ,as a last resort ,to protect themselves against tyranny in government"
-Thomas Jefferson

eric dondero wrote "bush was Right" article


*Note — Eric Dondero is a former top staffer for US Congressman Ron Paul and the founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He is also one of the Co-Founders of the Neo-libertarian movement, which supports free market economics, civil liberties, but a hawkish/pro- military foreign policy, ala P.J. O’Rourke.

also googles contributions totaled 22,000 bucks....

woo hoo!