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"No planes hit the WTC" DISINFO ALERT!!

Ok some people clearly aren’t seeing this but there are disinfo shills on DP pushing "No planes hit the Twin Towers" disinfo (yes that's right "No planes".. forget all the eyewitnesses they're all plants, same with the plane wreckage in the street, and what we all saw on TV was "CGI", also the planes could have been "Holograms").

Right, what we have here is disinfo from elements who wish to discredit 9/11 Truth and all the real credible evidence available that demands a real investigation of the tragedy. ANYONE who defends "no planes" crap is suspect as hell or just very much lacking in brain cells.

Please guys watch out for anyone pushing the video "September Clues" or “research” from "Killtown", "Nico Haupt" or "The Webfairy". There are others pushing this stuff but those are some of the main shills and enemies of the actual fight for a real investigation and justice.

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I find it hard to believe

I find it hard to believe that anyone could actually believe the NO PLANES THEORY. It's a clear spreading of disinformation to make people back away from the all the evidence that actually does discredit the official 9/11 fairytale. now we know trukablegod is one of them.

Direct evidence supporting the holographic projection hypothesis

Hologram technology and its applications are now decades old.

The clip at the end of this link contains video which fully supports the
claims of holographic projection. There are many known methods
and techniques for creating and projecting images, from artificially
created interference zones using mathematical algorithms to
describe an object, to sound waves intersected with x-rays reflecting
a mirrored object.

Knowing how and what to look for as potential evidence supporting
the holographic theory first requires a knowledge and understanding
of the technology underlying the proposed theory.

Since it is known there is a purpose or reason to explain or justify
observable phenomena, the question arises as to the purpose
or reason explaining the actions of the helicopter appearing
where and when it does immeadiately following the south towers
upper level explosion.

Are there any plausible explanations for its suspect timing, direction
of flight and speed? And most of all, what is the apparatus attached
to side of the helicopter?


More on this later.


You crack me up ....

What is even more humorous ...

Is that the only people here on this forum that leave the door open for such a possibility are the very ones that think the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition.

They seem to be not so certain about their certainty any more.

Possible ... This may be one of the theories that I am quite certain is not even possible even just with the available evidence that we have.


Hey Mr. Rhino, since you are in a good mood laughing and all...

...go answer my question that I asked you three days ago on the other 9/11 thread.

I'll make it easy. Here's a shortcut: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/81710#comment-887795

Rhino, you promised...

I am going to keep posting this...

until you 9/11 dividers...both sides...GET IT!!!!!
This is the 9/11 truth that you both fail to address and shame on you for your endless divisive bickering!!! IYou are both being used to hide the real truth...what resulted from 9/11... frikkin shame no one replies to this!..you are all caught up in the ego war of truther vs. non truther yet no one has the f-ing balls to think of it and discuss in these terms!!! ........The "truth " will come about... but it may take years..in the meantime..please agree on this atrocity in the name of 9/11 retribution...raise the bar of discussion!!!

Since Americans' narcissism is so all-encompassing, and because the superior value of American lives and goals as compared to those of all other peoples is regarded as an axiom never to be questioned, let's put these horrors in terms that Americans might understand. Let's make it about you.

For ease of computation, we'll use approximate figures. Assume the U.S.'s war crimes have resulted in one million deaths. That is roughly 1/26 of the total Iraqi population. An equivalent number of American deaths would be 11.5 million people. 3,000 Americans were murdered on 9/11. In terms of casualties, 11.5 million deaths represent 3,800 9/11s -- or a 9/11 every day for ten and a half years.

Let me repeat that: a 9/11 every day for ten and a half years.

Perhaps you think these casualty figures are highly inflated. Fine. Cut them in half. That's a 9/11 every day for a little over five years.

Every day

"I truly wish that real life would no longer surpass the worst excesses of my nightmarish imaginings... Arthur Silber **

"I truly wish that real life would no longer surpass the worst excesses of my nightmarish imaginings... Arthur Silber **

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

There is nothing wrong with valuing your own life.

I fully agree with your comments on 9/11 truthers but have issue with some other statements.

"Since Americans' narcissism is so all-encompassing, and because the superior value of American lives .."

The job of the government is to highly value the lives of it's citizens and the consequences of taking a US citizens life should be so severe that an American could walk down the middle of the street in any country and be safe. A American used to be safer in a Muslim country than it's own citizens, especially after T.Roosevelt.

The only wrong action is 1/2 action as Bruce Lee said. Act Fully 200% or not at all. There is nothing nice about war. In many ways hitting hard and continuing to hit extremely hard until the enemy no longer exists is the way to less loss of life.

I think although your language attaches undue guilt to American soldiers who are doing their duty. Although your are correct in your casualty numbers. "No SOB ever won a war by dying for his country, he won the war by making the other SOB die for his country." Patton.

It really is time for us to pull our collective heads out of the sand of what we are facing. Stop throwing pooh on America's soldiers and find a way to SUPPORT THEM IN A POSITIVE WAY with your language. I didn't say change your views.

While coming up with real solutions to the very real threat here in America. Dick Cheny is not being a total fear monger, this is one of those things you'll have to trust me about and I know that is hard to do right now since we disagree on a highly charged emotional issue.

Unfortunately we have as many as 200 thousand radical muslims in this country already who are willing to strap on bombs to make your woman wear a burka.


2 Rules to Mastery...
1) Begin 2) Continue..

Grimm reflection on 9/11

Since Americans' narcissism is so all-encompassing, and because the superior value of American lives and goals as compared to those of all other peoples is regarded as an axiom never to be questioned, let's put these horrors in terms that Americans might understand. Let's make it about you.

For ease of computation, we'll use approximate figures. Assume the U.S.'s war crimes have resulted in one million deaths. That is roughly 1/26 of the total Iraqi population. An equivalent number of American deaths would be 11.5 million people. 3,000 Americans were murdered on 9/11. In terms of casualties, 11.5 million deaths represent 3,800 9/11s -- or a 9/11 every day for ten and a half years.

Let me repeat that: a 9/11 every day for ten and a half years.

Thank you for the link!

Fellowship of the White Rose

Ron Paul was right

Why the laws of physics must overrule faith and belief

Is the contention no real planes were involved
in the oligarchy's 911 operation an important
issue or a non-issue in the grand scheme of
things? Does it really matter when compared
to the weight of everything else that
happened that day?


It ranks as one of the most important issues
of all time. The oligarchy's plan for
world domination pivots on their ability
to modify, mold and manipulate people's
perception of reality thru faith, belief
and trust systems instituted and managed
by their monopoly of schools, colleges,
scientific institutions, research centers,
tax-exempt foundations, publishing corporations,
and Radio and Television Corporations.
And lets not forget the Oligarchy's body guards
from the Military Industrial Complex (aka NATO)
nor their defense lawyers (National Governments
such as the US Congress).

Now, it is fair to ask; who or what is an Oligarchy?
Very simply the Oligarchy is a group of individuals
who have a monopoly on money creation. These
individuals print money out of thin air and
distribute their fiat currency through the
barrel of a gun. Yes, it's that simple.

So, put yourself in their position; you can
now print money out of thin air, unopposed,
at will. How do you protect this criminal
racket, to evilly print money out of thin air,
from being taken away from you by people
who possess the gift of common sense,
the intelligence of logic and reason,
the natural disposition of inquisitivness
and investigation, the virtues of self-determination
and free will, a balance of good morals and sense
of justice, a love for their fellow
man and a strong will for self preservation?
After all, people who possess these peculiar
properties will also possess the keen
presence of mind to spot lies and fraud
and act accordingly to rectify such
conditions as they arise. Worse yet,
these people exercise sound judgment,
use the balance scales of reason,
think for themselves and operate independently
but, unfortunately for you, when
groups of individuals such as these
congregate together to discuss such
an egregious smite of injustice as
someone who can print money out of
thin air, the prospects for perpetuating
your fraudulent scheme become very
precarious. How to protect and carry
on your criminal enterprise becomes
your number one priority. Thus, you enter
this endeavor with the solitary mindset
to defend and protect it at all costs
even at the expense of your own life.

So, how do you accomplish this task?

You do it by altruistic sleight of hand.
It's a known fact that it's many times
easier to manage a group of people than
a single individual. Therefore, all that
is necessary to manage your evil empire
of creating money out of thin air, is to
convince individuals to sacrifice themselves
for someone else. This culminates in
the desired goal of group-think; the
transformation of logical, self-reasoning,
independent minded thinkers into
mindless drones, unable to operate
or make decisions for themselves, bound
to a life of interdependance; sacrificed
on the Oligarchy's alter of altruism.

With such a belief system in place, the
mindless drones of group think can easily
be lead to believe anything; a square box
with a video screen placed in their homes
is proclimed by the Oligarchy to be the
"Expert" on all things. The throng of
group-thinkers blindly accept this
outrageous and arrogant claim; questioning
the true nature of things becomes pointless
to the group-thinkers, because the Oligarchy's
"Experts" told them so, reassuring them that
they know best and will keep them informed
on all matters of importance or interest.
Hence forth, celebrity worship and hairstyles
of the rich and famous become the "matters
of importance" while an education system
deliberately designed to instill ignorance,
belief in myth as reality and vice as a virtue
assume the role of slight interest. A gap
in the matrix of reality between those who
seek truth and knowledge and the group-thinkers
widens with each passing year. Soon,
pointing out the facts of reality to
the group-thinkers becomes dangerous;
the oligarchy senses this threat to
their monopoly of creating money out of
thin air and brands such troublemakers
"terrorists". Dissent, once the
cornerstone of independence, free will,
wonderful discoveries and creative invention
becomes the mortal enemy of the oligarchs,
thus the mortal enemy to the hives of
group-thinkers. Logic, Reason, Common
Sense, Morality, Independence, even the
Natural Laws of Physics become sacrificed
on the Oligarchy's alter of Reality
and Perception management.

Which brings us to the day of 911.
If you believe real airplanes were
involved in the Oligarchy's 911
operation, you have been inculcated
into the Oligarch's group think
system; belief and faith in the
oligarch's "experts" rule over
logic, reason and even the known
laws of physics. Reality for
you is only what the video box
in your home, the raido in your car
and the morning newspaper say it is.
You are willing to sacrifice your life
in defence of this system. When confronted
with logic and facts, your emotional
attachment to the system overrules
the analytical, critical thinking
skills housed within the left side
of your brain; for the system has become
the left side of your brain.
Sadly, when you look up in the sky
and recognize the inisidious chemtrails
and remember the person who first
informed you of them, your only
thought process is the damn fool
should have watched that show
on Discovery Channel about Contrails.
Even more tragic, is the people who
seek the truth, the ones you call
mentally ill, crackpots, conspiracy
theorists and even terrorists, are
the same people who would willingly
lay down their lives in defence
of your freedom and liberty to say
such things.

George Orwell's book, 1984, carries
with it the cruel irony that the dystopia
he wrote about happening in the future,
was already in place when his book was
published in 1948.

This reality check is for anyone still
uncertain or reasonably curious about
the events of 911.

The laws of physics apply universally,
24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Therefore, when confronted with an
event that defies the laws
of physics, that event must be
investigated using logic and reason
until the laws of physics governing
our world is satisfied.

Since the laws of material physics
states clearly that aluminum cannot
penetrate structural steel nor
reinforced concrete, we must
reject out of hand any notion
that an aluminum, thinly skinned
Aircraft was the causative agent
responsible for creating the cartoonish
wingtip to wingtip outline of
a real world Boeing 757.
The preposterous notion of aluminum
cutting through any structure constructed
of high-tensile strength structural steel,
pig iron and galvanized corrugated
steel floor pans with six inches of
reinforced concrete poured on top of
them is equivalent to supposing a twinkie
could take out a tank. To entertain
any thoughts contrary to this
view is foolhardy and makes a
mokery of the person so stating
such outlandish claims.

Only Cartoon Physics from the
Looney-Tunes Bugs Bunny, RoadRunner
Hour dare show the complete contours of an
imaginary objects outline as the result
of passing through a solid or semi-
solid object.

Where to go from here:
Now that we've established what
did not occur we shall explore
the various theories of what
could account for the cartoonish
aircraft outlines perpetrated
on 911 in a forth comming


This is A LOT to respond to.

I don't have the brain matter right now, but I would like to research this more.
I know one thing. What we were told that day, and what actually happened are two different things.
I am not going to discount what you have written, that is for sure. I believe they have had technologies to do something like this, but I'm not sure why they would.
The remote controlled aircraft seems more plausible. But I could very possibly be wrong.
The one thing that stands out to me is WTC 7. It seems like there was a plane that was going to fly into it, but was shot down. I don't know.

The 2nd amendment.
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

"I don't have the brain

"I don't have the brain matter right now, but I would like to research this more."

The Oligarchy operates in plain site; simply insert plugs in your ears
to prevent their double speak, lies and background gibberish from
contaiminating your thought processes, then open your eyes and
the truth of their actions becomes abundantly clear.

For example; Although there is a myriad of potential starting points to
choose from on the path to enlightenment, why not cut to the chase
and allow your eyes to read the the manifesto outlining the blueprint
for world domination for yourself?

Here's a link to the manual for world conquest:


I've read it cover to cover several times (however, not the sections still
classified). After reading volume 3, you will have a better understanding
of what went down on 911; which was a full weapons, communications
and systems test sanctioned by the Oligarchy and carried out by NATO
as a primer before their final end run to total world domination.

You've perhaps heard the saying "History repeats itself because men
forget" or "Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it"?
Don't believe it. It's an insult to our sensibilities as intelligent,
rational and thoughtful human beings.

It is more correct to say "History repeats itself because we're lied to
from the cradle and are denied the opportunity to benefit the wisdom inherently gained from the perspective of true history."


Boy—this’ll turn into a fight.

--Cliff, Sioux City, Iowa
February’s song: “Carly’s Song” by David Sanborn
The throw-away tools of imperial war

On Facebook:
Personal ProfilePolitical GroupPolitical Page

Paths that lead to truth

For anyone interested in expanding their knowledge base, here are some
lines of inquiry to pursue. Although they may appear unrelated and
abstract, the end of each path is ground zero.

Who invented the first electrically exploded gun? At what major event
in US history was the first electromagnetic gun ( electrically exploded gun)
demonstrated? Who filed the first patent for such a weapon? What is the
person who filed the first patent for an electrically fired gun most notable
for? What experiments did he conduct that rocked the elite establishments

Who invented the polyphase motor? (tricky question)

Who is considered the father of fluid dynamics?

Who is inventor of Alternating Current?

What is an electric dynamo?

What force is the prime driver responsible for earths weather?
What is a plasma?
What is plasma physics?
What is the electric universe?

First Hint: http://www.plasmacosmology.net/
Second hint: http://thunderbolts.info
Third hint: http://www.holoscience.com/


Are you going to play the "riddle me this" game?

Or are you going to actually spit out WTF you think happened?

The 2nd amendment.
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

Common Ground

If the facts of the global oligarchy's 911 plan were revealed to you in your
present state of understanding you would not believe it.

Some common ground must first exist; hence, the simple lines of inquiry
previously mentioned.

It's a sad fact that if an 8th grader from 1895 had seen what happened
that day he could instantly recognize the forces acting on the structures
and adduce a theoretical hypothesis satisfying both cause and effect.

It's unfortunate that most people apparently don't possess the gift
of common sense or simple inquisitiveness enough to engage in
even a cursory examination of the facts.

For example; there's a 13 second video clip (not network video) of the
the first tower that shows the intialization of the top section falling
at an angle, it's inexplicable halt, then its descent straight down
through the path of most resistance. We see levitation effects of
steel and aluminum, especially on the right side next to the other
tower where heavy material is being cavitated skywards; we see
the formation of organized plasma structures within magnetized fields;
we see a plasma torus form over the tipped section of the tower and
instantly a charged sheath toroidal vortex forms below the torus
ring and like a mighty tornado turns the steel behmoth to dust in just
a few rotations; meanwhile the main force of the electrostatic discharge
coupled with longitudinal RF transverse oscillatory waves from the
AT&T building quickly dissociate the molecular bonds of the center
section of the tower; all the while on the right side we see building
material caught in a magnetohydrodynamic instability just floating
around while other pieces of material ascend upward in the rotating
magnetic field; To cap it all off, one of the biggest smokin guns of
the day appears right before your eyes! A short 20 ft section of
aluminum cladding gets snapped flung toward the rotating magnetic
vortex (currently shredding the tipped section) and when it makes
contact with the electromagnetic field it instantly starts dissociating
leaving a nice telltale cloud of white smoke to mark its journey
across part of the magnetic force field before it bounces off.

And there's more! All that it in just 13 seconds.

See for yourself, watch it frame by frame or simply pay attention to
detail while watching it.

As the saying goes, the devils in the details. For every action there is
an equal and opposite reaction. Consequently, every piece of
material, no matter how insignificant, has a story to tell and a logical
explanation as to the causative effect of its current state of motion.

heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SSS0DDqfm0


Personally living in Alaska for over 22 years,

and as an ex-military patriot I do know what the Haarp project is capable of doing..

I'm one of the "No Planners"

and I'll say it very load and clear that I am not nor ever been a shill or do I try to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement. I have been warning people since we found out from William Cooper in the early nineties that the Twin Towers were going to be destroyed. Cooper saw this information while he was with Naval Intelligence in Hawai'i in the early seventies. Learn more about this important man who was killed Nov. 5, 2001 for talking the truth.

no offense

and i know what you're saying. I know there are always moles within the movement that come out with insane theories in attempts to discredit/obfuscate the truth.

...but, killtown has some really good evidence.

and, it wouldn't surprise me if they were holograms.

This was the first conspiracy theory I read

While Americans were busy trying to buy US flags to fly after 911, there was a poster on Slate who was publishing reams of info about Black Ops and HAARP, holograms, drone and robotic programming, OBL Bush, Clinton connections with and to corporate and intel groups. It was very difficult to read and I'm sure the majority of readers didn't bother. The poster was banned before the Truthers, family and friends of victims of 911 began demanding investigations and YouTube was showing people cheering and shots never seen before. Meanwhile the USS New York has been commissioned. She's constructed from the steal recovered from the WTC, and MSM didn't bother to do a story about that event... so to me, someone who appreciates conspiracy theory as entertainment, it may be true it may not, but the real TRUTH about conspiracy theory, we will NEVER know the whole truth. 911 truth is asking for something I believe most Americans want, transparent government that is grounded in the US Constitution, with principles, integrity and patriotism that truely uplifts we the people. We want NO doubts about our government (corporations doing buisiness in our names and with our money). And I also think that here in America, where people claim they support the first admendment, that 911, chemtrails, NWO, all the tons of conspiracy theory inundated on the computer, or maybe infested.. this is nothing new. This is a new media, the computer, pulling the same doomsday conspiracy crap TV did with the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits... same stuff, better graphic today, but better acting back then, and music.

Finally, the idea that a truther is a troll because Ron Paul is not a Truther is a collectivist act to undermine the individual, or push people into groups: collectivists. Each man for himself. Question authority, question Ron Paul, question what is truth, learn something, and stop fearing others opinions that don't personally affect YOU. So what if someone is a truther? Do they support the principles of Ron Paul? Geeze, if they even know who Ron Paul is I give them points. I don't agree with Ron Paul 100%. I respect him 100%.

My engineer friend feels that it could have happened as seen . .

. . because of the type of building design in that period, and comparatively flimsy. As an attention getter, it worked.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

Physical properties of Aluminum vs Iron

Knowledge is the well spring from which liberty and freedom flow.

Thomas Jefferson nailed it when he said: "If a nation expects to be ignorant
and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.


Physical Properties of Aluminum vs Iron

Alum --- 26.98154
Iron --- 55.84700

Alum --- 2.702g/cc @ 300K
Iron --- 7.874g/cc @ 300K

Alum --- 166.5lbs.
Iron --- 450.6lbs.


BULK: [describes volumetric elasticity,
or the tendency of an object's volume
to deform when under pressure.]
Alum --- 76/GPa
Iron --- 170/GPa

[refers to inflexibility/resistance to change.]
Alum --- 26/GPa
Iron --- 82/GPa

[describes tensile elasticity, or the tendency
of an object to deform along an axis when opposing
forces are applied along that axis.]
Alum --- 70/GPa
Iron --- 211/GPa

[measures the change that accompanies the
total separation of all atoms in a chemical
Alum --- 322.2 kJ/mole @ 25°C
Iron --- 414.2 kJ/mole @ 25°C

[amount of thermal energy which must be absorbed
or evolved for 1 mole of a substance to change
states from a solid to a liquid or vice versa.]
Alum --- 10.67 kJ/mole
Iron --- 14.90 kJ/mole

[the energy required to transform a
given quantity of material into gas.]
Alum --- 293.7 kJ/mole
Iron --- 351.0 kJ/mole


[characterizes the indentation hardness of materials
through the scale of penetration of an indenter.]
Alum --- 245 MN m-2
Iron --- 490 MN m-2

[describes the scratch resistance of various minerals
through the ability of a harder material to scratch
a softer material.]
Alum --- 2.75
Iron --- 4.00

[method to measure the hardness of materials.]
Alum --- 167 MN m-2
Iron --- 608 MN m-2

Alum --- 933.4K 660.25°C 1220.45°F
Iron --- 1808.0K 1535.00°C 2795.00°F

Great data... Thank you!

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."

"Human beings with love and compassion are some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe... Those without are a plague on us all."

Just watch this.....


In Christ,

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17

Check us out @

Best Ever Website Design:

All New, All Christian and Freedom Video Site:

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


Devil's advocate here...

I certainly dont discount the good possibility that the scenario suggested in the vid is likely. But the cryptic voice at the end of the call heard saying "You did great" is not that much of a "clincher". Realistically, if a group of people were in a potentially life-threatening situation where it was possible to call loved ones and say your goodbyes, youd need alot of nerve to make that call. You may say " I cant do this." and someone sharing your fate may say "be strong" and then you make the call. Then they hug you and say; "You did great". Did we ever decide if cell phones could place calls from planes in '01? Is that an urban legend that they couldnt? What seems strange to me is that she said "Im on a plane, Im calling from a plane". Odd thing to say to a loved one. Every time Ive ever been on a plane MY loved ones all know it. Your social circle is always aware of your travel plans. If my family ever received a call like that theyd say "Well yeah- I KNOW youre on a plane- I drove you to the airport!" I have problems with content of the call. ( "tell my children I love them" ? What mother wouldnt refer to them by name for a last goodbye?) Its all so sad.

ecorob's picture

i have to respectfully disagree with you here...

i think it did sound like "you did great" and i think it is believable that some "federal" idiot would "think" the phone had been disconnected and say that phrase too soon...

i think, all this being true, cee cee was a brave and true patriot doing anything she could under ther most difficult of times to let us know what was happening...

put yourself in that situation...after the smoke had cleared and you realized these were "amerikans" that were doing this to you, threatening your babies, how would you react?

no matter how you slice it...photocropped planes, missles, or just a terribly inept defense system, 3000 innocent Americans died a horrific and cruel death on 9/11 and our government "officials" have their blood on their hands...

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

ecorob's picture

listen to the director's cut...

of this phone conversation from cee cee...it is even more compelling...

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I agree that this phonecall reeks of foul play

Im just saying that unless its a fact that cell phones couldnt get that kind of clear reception from a plane in 2001, an attorney defending the official report could easily pick that tape apart with the help of a psychologist. People who know that the original commission report is pure fiction can hear the foul play easily in that context but to those who are undecided or need to cling to the 19 Arabs story - the vocal intonations and content can be interpreted either way. If there is a new investigation the "clinching" evidence will be physical ( or lack of physical in some cases) and a whole lot of testimony from demolition experts. This tape is a heartwrenching snapshot of the evil that was happening that day and is important- but by itself lacks somewhat in terms of proving that the passengers were taken from the plane at some point- unless it can be proven that the call physically could not have been made. I dont beleive CeeCee was on a plane- but I need to remember that Im listening with the ears of someone who is convinced the whole story is a lie. The people hearing the evidence at any new investigation will go in under the assumption that she WAS on the plane. The content alone would not be enough to convince them otherwise. Thats all Im saying.

That's very disturbing...

That's very disturbing...

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."

"Human beings with love and compassion are some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe... Those without are a plague on us all."

9-11 was a false flag operation. 9-11 Truth is a distraction

You'll never learn the truth, but you'll never fix the underlying cause if you stay wrapped-up in seeking the true story of 9-11. Even if you were to get a new investigation, it would only yield a story written by the same powers that caused it. Honor the dead by getting past 9-11 and waking people up to truths that matter in everyone's life. Yes, 9-11 caused many things to happen, but it does not logically follow that unraveling 9-11 will unravel it's fruits.
President Rockefeller and Vice-President Peterson stay well-insulated, don't they?

ecorob's picture

i disagree with you A. Morpheus, and here is why...

this is a relatively "new" time in the history of our nation...never before have we, as not just Americans but as human beings, had this kind of total access, this kind of window of mass information (the internet) into the past, present, and future that we have today...

your reference of how things happened in the past, when the msm "controlled" the information, is very true...but that was the old model!

this is the "new" model...

thousands of people awake daily to the lies of the past...yes, i agree, we'll never prosecute anybody other than oswald for killing kennedy, we'll never prosecute anybody other than ray for killing king, that is true...it is also true that we may never prosecute the nwo (rockefeller/kissinger/bush1 and all) for the attacks of 9/11...

but, history, if we are so endowed to create history, will prove and show that the perception of the masses is their reality...and their perception will be, through the portal of history and with the advantage of mass intercommunication, that we, the people were deceived by our leaders, that we have been deceived by our leaders and our msm for centuries by the elite bankers and that this truth, in time, will lead to a national "awakening" spurred on by true and vigilant patriots like Dr. Ron Paul and all of us in the "revolution"

the new model has been created, the old model is destroyed, the ONLY way "they" can slow us now is to take away our means of communication...notice, i did not say stop us...they will NEVER stop us again as pandora's box has been opened and there is no closing it back..."they" can only attempt to slow us by restricting the internet which will be our signal to stand up and destroy them and, just maybe, ourselves as well...

once again, it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees...wake up the echoes of this past, great country, wake up the spirit of nathan hale and patrick henry...i stand on the shoulders of giants and i reject your old model of the way things were...

this is now...this is today...and my mind is free!

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.