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Pizza Delivery for Ron Paul

There are tons of ideas for promoting Ron Paul, as you are well aware. If not, see this link:


Here's an idea for the person who respects privacy so much that you really don't want to knock on doors to promote Ron Paul. Here's how you can get someone to come to YOUR door and listen to you for a minute gladly:

Pizza Delivery drivers work for tips. Pizza is good; people love pizza! Why not order a pizza this afternoon to be delivered? Have a decent tip handy for the driver, and he/she will be happy to give you some attention. Then talk about Ron Paul. Here are 3 issues that will prove to be very popular with your delivery driver:

1) Tax Free Tips Act.

Ron Paul introduced legislation to make tips tax free. Ron Paul wants the working American to keep the fruits of his or her labor.

2) Legalize marijuana.

Ron Paul wants the individual states to control the legality of medical marijuana use, without coercion and interference from the federal government. Furthermore, Ron Paul wants to legalize cannibis crops for farmers in the US. Hemp is a phenomenal structural material.

3) End the war in Iraq.

The best way to way to summarize the pizza delivery demographic is this: the working hippy. Pizza delivery drivers hate George Bush, and they know he is a big fat lier. Ending the occupation of Iraq is an extremely popular idea with actual Americans, and Bush bashing is still a fun topic of discussion.

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Anyone for pizza?

Being too lazy yesterday to go out for lunch, I called to have a stromboli delivered. As the delivery guy was approaching my porch I yelled out, “Have you joined the revolution yet?” A bit startled he turned around to check out the neighborhood. We had a good 20 minute conversation about Ron Paul and he left with the usual tip plus 3 Aaron Russo DVDs.

But darn, I didn’t know about the Tax Free Tip Act! So, I guess I’ll have to order a pizza and make sure that the delivery person gets the usual tip, 3 Russo DVDs, and a copy of the Tip Act!

Oh, the things I do for Ron Paul!

Did someone say pizza

I know where you can all get pizza........

And what is up with the legalizing issue with delivery drivers. I bet only 1/2 of mine have ever smoked ;-0

Pizza Party

Let's have a nationwide Ron Paul pizza party event -- invite friends and neighboors, have them chip in $5 for pizza and beer, watch Ron Paul videos. Maybe make this a meetup event, a fundraiser or something.
Then tell the delivery man as he comes up to the door.

Campaigning is FUN!

I like it

it could be coordinated with the campaign, and he could do a live video for all of us to watch! lets push this!

Order a Delivery Pizza Day!

Let's set a day when everyone can order pizza delivered and give the delivery guy a huge tip with RP's Tax Free Tips Act 2007 info. If he says he's getting duplicate RP info, tell him to pass it along to his buddies who work for tips. Order from your favorite pizza parlor. When should we do it--the next full moon? "When the moon's in the sky like a big pizza pie, that's amore!"

Of course, you could do this every time you order pizza, or go out to dinner, or get a coffee, or go out for a drink, or take a taxi, a use the services of sky cap or bell hop, or use valet parking.

See my idea about business-card-sized cards with info about the legislation and the campaign in this thread. Keep them in your pocket or purse and hand them to everyone and anyone who works for tips.

Here is a slim jim

Here is a Tax Free tip slim jim you can printout and leave with your Tip



That's pretty cool.
But I still like the smaller format of the business cards. They don't take up a lot of room in your purse or pocket. You can put them in the little plastic pocket where the credit card goes in the check presenter after you pay your bill. They are easier to hand over with the tip for taxi drivers and bell hops. I get the perfed business card blanks at office supply and print them out at home. I include the url for the legislation press release and the campaign web address. You could get professional business cards with the info printed up for a song, but I like the informal grassroots look to the ones you print yourself.

Wouldn't that be cool?!

Seriously. What if we started a national event for all meetup groups to throw a pizza party on a given day and to promote Ron Paul to the delivery driver, who may pass out Ron Paul literature back at the store focused on Tax Free Tips Act?

Or to keep the necessary flexibility in scheduling, call it pizza party week.

In any case, active meetup groups should really consider this.

Many pizza delivery services offer a discount price for large orders. At my store, you can get a $6 large pizza with one topping if you order for a party with 5-6 or more pizzas...you just have to ask the manager on duty, and the answer is often yes.

With the money you save, tip the driver well! He will listen to your Ron Paul speech, I bet you. I have a customer who tips $5 and then asks me to walk his dog for 3 minutes...I don't mind at all.

So I'm a delivery driver...

So I'm a delivery driver... what does that mean for me? I guess me approaching people at the door saying "You total is 18.02 vote Ron Paul" might be breaking some law somewhere down the line...

I'd be more worried about irking your employer

When I delivered pizzas, I was an independant contractor (was easier on the pizza place on paperwork, and they didn't have to provide insurance on me or my vehichle). If your situation is similar, you can talk about whatever you want with the people to whom you deliver (unless your contract says otherwise). That said, if you annoy their customers, your customer (the pizza place) may decide that they can get better service from someone more apolitical.

DISCLAIMER: D-Rock is not a lawyer, and nothing in this post should be taken as legal advice.

I agree

I'm not recommending that drivers promote Ron Paul to their customers. Just the opposite. I'm recommending that customers recommend Ron Paul to their delivery driver...or waiter, waitress, taxi driver, bell hop, hair stylist, barber, etc.

tip #2

hahahah I love that, "issues that will prove to be very popular with your delivery driver"
24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

Made me laugh

Made me laugh too.

I do think a grassroot, underground, viral Tax Free Tips Act 2007 Awareness marketing plan is not a bad idea, though.

good for any tip exchange

Everyone who works for tips will be interested in the Tax Free Tips Act.

Tell your barber, hairstylist, waiter, waitress, newspaper delivery person, lawnmower, cab driver, door man, bartender, etc.

It's Huge

I think the Tax Free Tips Angle is a big idea. I don't know why it's not getting more traction.




Tax Free Tips Act 2007

Every time I go out to eat, I leave a card with my tip (usually 20%) that has Ron Paul's campaign information and the web address of the Congressman's Tax Free Tips Act 2007 legislation press release. It's a simple message:

Tax Free Tips Act 2007
Only ONE 2008 presidential candidate wants to eliminate federal taxes on tips
Congressman Ron Paul
To read the legislation press release, go to:
Restore the Republic

FYI--I used to wait tables when I was college and after I graduated. When I started in 1976, I was paid $1.65 an hour plus tips. Soon, the hourly went to $1.75 and eventually got to $2.00 an hour and stayed there for a while. That's what I was making per hour when I quit in 1985. A year ago I asked a waitress what she got paid hourly, thinking it had probably gone up to $3.50. Nope, it was $2.13. A thirteen cent increase in 20 years. Granted tips have increased as prices have gone up but, so has everything else--thank you Federal Reserve.

I didn't have to file income tax forms back in 1976 because my wage was under the reporting requirement. Then they said you had to report and pay taxes on your credit card tips. So people started paying the bill with a card, but leaving cash for the tip. Then you got taxed on 8% of your total ring and it was deducted from your $2.00 an hour check. Then it went to 10% of your total ring. For a full week of work, you'd end up with a check for $25 bucks. Everyone who works as a waiter knows the money is in the tips, not the wage, but hey, that $25 could go in your savings, or toward your rent, or your electric bill. I don't know what's reported now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was closer to 15%. Oh yeah, sometime in the 1980s, they cut the deduction for business entertainment from 100% to 50%. That put a dent in the lunch business.

Tax Free Tips is a powerful motivator for anyone who is or has been a waiter. Or busboy. Or bartender. Or pizza delivery dude. According to restaurant.org, 47% of American adults have worked in a restaurant at some point in their lives.

Good points

but only 47%? Jeez, if that is true, somewhere around 30% of American adults NEVER got a job! This could be true, with the welfare mentality running rampant in our nation, YUCK!



Naa, there are just a lot of spoiled rich kids out there who have never worked a hard day in their life. Went to college, went straight to a desk job.

There are also plenty of minimum wage jobs that aren't restaurants.

Pizza on a Sunday afternoon

Hmmm. Pizza sounds good.

Have you tried Domino's new Chedder Melt Pizza?

It's unusual, and I recommend it. We put down a thin and crispy crust with pizza sauce, shredded provolone, and whatever topping you like...pepperoni, fresh tomatoes, whatever...and then add a layer of shredded cheddar cheese. We put another tin and crispy crust on top of that. This top layer is covered with a butter sauce and more cheese. After it bakes in the oven, we sprinkle it with parsley.

When the pizza guy gets to your door, say some kind things about Ron Paul and provide a slim jim or some other information. The driver may be impressed and talk to the guys back at the store.

The best way to pass Ron Paul's message is word of mouth.

Hey, speaking of mouths...wouldn't a hot cheesey pizza be really good right about now?

Speaking of Domino's.. tip

Speaking of Domino's.. tip your drivers... how else can we donate to Ron Paul when we can't afford to buy dinner

make 5 notes

I recommend making about 5 notes with the above information on it so that the driver can pass it along to other drivers at the store.

Imagine this: "Hey guys, I just got a good tip from someone who wanted to talk about a candidate for president named Ron Paul. This guy wants to let us keep all of our tips...we wouldn't have to report any of our income from tips to the IRS. He also wants to get out of Iraq, and he wants to legalize marijuana. Here, read this..."

Make the note about the size of a dollar bill so that it fits into the driver's tip box back at the store. We deposit our tips after every run into a locked cash box with a slot slightly wider than a bill.