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Eleanor Clift predicts Ron Paul will be THE conservative in this election

On this morning's McLaughlin Group, Eleanor Clift quickly stated at the show's end that with the current fracturing of the Republican Party, something to the effect that Ron Paul would emerge as the candidate true conservatives would rally around. In the space of an hour this morning, I watched a Ron Paul montage/piece on CNN, his interview on CBS, and then heard this on PBS's The McLaughlin Group, not to mention he has an article in the NY Times today. This weekend will represent a turning point in national exposure I believe. You can feel the momentum surging!

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campaign literature on cars

I have had this question for years with campaigns I have worked with: doesn't placing lit under car windshield wipers annoy more people than it appeals to?

I think it is counterproductive in practice and also amounts to a discourteous trespass on other people's personal property. Much better to find the chance to give literature to people in person. Also, in most jurisdictions, it is legally permissible to place campaign lit in people's doors or gates. But never o.k. to put it in USPS mailboxes!



The above comment was supposed to be a reply to destraht's (sp) comment entitled "placing slim jims on cars." But being a technoklutz, I pushed the wrong key or something and it got separated from the reply column.


She said 3rd party

McLaughlin Group Weekly Predictions

"Giuliani is the nominee; Serious 3rd party, pro-life party probably headed by Ron Paul "
Elenor Clift 11 NOV 07

link to the washington week

link to the washington week in review video if you're interested. http://www.pbs.org/weta/washingtonweek/video/index.html

I am free only because I choose to deal with the consequences of my actions. I do not fear death, I fear life without liberty.

Dollars are very nice...

and helps a candidate reach his goals, but the bottom line is, the media will at best consider him a curiosity until he actually starts pulling in VOTES, whether it is by winning primaries/cacauses, or finishing in the top 3. Which is I think as low as he should want to finish.

Yet another Ron Paul mention during weekend political shows

In addition to the mentions and appearances noted by Toqueville... Gloria Borger, CNN political analyst, appeared on Washington Week in Review (PBS). She stunned the two hosts (they literally were visibly taken aback) when Gloria noted a "little known fact" that Dr. Paul refuses to enroll in the lucrative pension program established for our lawmakers. Gloria appeared eager to talk more about Dr. Paul, but one of the hosts quickly changed subjects and candidate focus. All in all, this was a beautiful day.


I thought he was supposed to be on Meet the Press? Instead they had Obama. What gives?

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Don't worry I am an idiot too.

I did the same thing. Sat thee like an idiot thinking Ron must have gotten bumped for Obama thinking and maybe Ron will be on next.. Then Duuuuuhhh I looked at the web page again and saw that it was cBS Face the Nation not Meet the stooooopid Press. So..... I just checked youtube and user name "Scaning the Waves" who always gets the latest RP news 1st, had it up in like 10 min. Then I remembered another reason I want to throw my TV out the window.

Face the Nation

Easy to confuse them. I watched. Mike Huckabee was first. Had a really lousy tie and, with the comb-over, looked a bit forsaken.

Ron Paul was next and was very good as usual. Bob (forget his last name -Shiffler?) was kind and asked straightforward questions, the common-man kind of questions. "So how would people use gold and silver?" kind of stuff. At the end, Ron was jovial and in a happy mood. A far, far cry from the first session with Hannity after the SC debate. The tide is turning. Good news for us all.

Lew Rockwell Blog has

Lew Rockwell Blog has complained, that RP hasn't been on Meet The Press yet, but I think it is good , because he can appear later at more important date. Before or in the middle of the primaries season.

George Stefajerkopolis

The way GS treated RP on his last appearence on MTP was pretty bad. I think GS owes RP a big apology. The way that some of these "journalists" have treated RP in the past makes it hard for me to give them any respect anymore. Stefanopolis and Hannity, just to name the top two.

Hannity showed more respect and appreciation to Duane "dog" Chapman (a convicted murderer and 18 count felony robber) than he did Ron Paul. Hannity is dispicable.

Dr. Paul appeared on Face

Dr. Paul appeared on Face the Nation on CBS this AM. Our man performed admirably.

Today Ought to Prove

That November the 5th was a great idea. Hitting that $4 million mark in one day caused almost everyone in the media to notice Ron.

If we can make December 16th even bigger, I think it will be fresh on the minds of caucus goers and primary voters. They won't have the "he doesn't have any real chance" argument any longer.

**my prediction***
At the end of the quarter, Paul and Huckabee won't be in the same category any longer.

The 3 GOP frontrunners will be Rudy, Romney, and Dr. Paul. If we raise $10 million on December 16th, Ron will be considered #2.

Money is one thing. Polls are another.

Having money is one thing. Effectively using it to inform people of Ron Paul's message is another. But I'm finally seeing signs of it. FINALLY.

I was encouraged this weekend now that three independent polls show Ron Paul polling at 7% in New Hampshire. Marist, St. Anslem, and the U of NH/Boston Globe poll.

And Ron has really just started getting his message out there.

I am convinced Ron needs to poll at least 10% in New Hampshire before real momentum kicks in.

I mean John McCain dropped from 17% to 13% in NH in the Marist poll and Thompson dropped to 5%.

Ron Paul is beating Senator Fred Thompson. That really should be getting more press.

As much as I like to see $10

As much as I like to see $10 milion day, I would be happy to see $16 mil. raised up to Dec.16.
I want to make a point that supposedly frontrunner, Adolfo Ghouliani, raised less than $12 mil. last quarter (most of them all). And from what I have seen it was less than a previous quarter. There is a good chance , that, if we raise over $12 mil. for RP we can beat results of every Reps running. That would mean RP IS a frontrunner.

Re. Paul as frontrunner

I'd like to believe the MSM would treat Paul as a frontrunner if he raises over $12 mil, as you say. But, my fear is the MSM will continue trying to dismiss him with their rigged polls, such that no matter how much he raises they can persist in dismissing his chances and thereby ignore and ridicule him. The most effective way to counter MSM attempts to control the public mind is for his supporters to ACTIVELY engage in friendly one on one encounters, door knocking being a most effective way to let other people realize Ron really does have substantial support, and clarify his stands to those who have been misled by MSM lies and distortion. His support can grow dramatically this way. In live conversations people must then actually consider voting for him, rather than just hearing his name on radio/ TV commercials or seeing yard signs - which they can ignore and not have to confront the prospect of giving him their vote. Once they are willing to consider voting for him, many will. Get out there and start door knocking.



Take it to the Street

Nov 5th was incredible--it did what it was supposed to do--in spades! And Dec 15/16 will be incredible. BUT what RP needs NOW is more Name Recognition and Traditional Support from Joe and Jane Average American. I know it isn't everybody's favorite past time but--it has to be done. He needs massive support from non-internet people---especially senior citizens--they vote AND have Land Lines! We need to talk to people at work, church, clubs, family events---like Thanksgiving maybe, even strangers!!! Face to Face is so much more memorable and convincing than just banners/signs. Then when they hear stuff on the news---it reminds them of who they want! But we have to Get Up, Walk away from the Monitor and Talk to People! This is what will change our reality.

I've been placing slim jims on cars

Just some ideas
* Go to retirement communities
* Go to colleges
* Carry several hundred slim jims around in your car and place them under the wind shield wiper of nearby cars every where that you go.

So Right

ephilipp, you nailed it! I'm out the door to talk to people now!



Just dropped ~300 "Life and

Just dropped ~300 "Life and Liberty" slim jims at 4 churches.


Great idea. That slim jim alone will win over most Christians. It is up to us to duplicate what you have done in your city. I will.

Good for You

Good for you. Now let's pray for God's blessing on them that they will bear much fruit!

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

high five!

high five!

CNN NOW! 12:50 est

Blitzer is gonna recap all the morning shows, and lead with a clip of RP on face the nation.

Keep our noses to the grindstone!

It may appear we're starting to turn some heads but there much work to be done! And many battles still to come...

Ron Paul is my HERO!!!

"Fire Team for Freedom"
visit www.mikeandjake.com

He sure is getting some respect isn't he?

Fear not fellow Paulites. Huckabee, Romney, Rudy, Thompson and McCain can battle for neocon votes, the more the party is devided, the easier it will be to conquer.

When the good Dr. Raises 12-15 million this quarter, its all over. We will have more air time, more radio time, and more MSM time. The silent majority is going to come out this year, and set our great nation back on track.


20 million plus

I believe there is a good chance of going over 20 million for the quarter. We should have over 12 million by the 16th, and if we have a record breaker of 6.5 million and a Christmas of another million or so, we can get to the 20 million mark. If anyone doesn't know the name Ron Paul by then, they've been on a desert island for quite a while.

By the way, this does not include the grass roots efforts which was suggested to be worth over 10 million. I believe it is more like 50 million!

Bob W., Naples, FL

Silent Majority?????

You call us SILENT?????

Make no mistake about it! The sound and fury of the Ron Paul REVOLution taking our country back is the loudest noise this planet will ever hear!!!


BTW sir, I hope you are getting your son, Dr. Rand Paul ready for prime time. We may very well be doing this again for him in 2015!

Panama expats for Ron Paul

Panama expats support Ron Paul

Rumor has it...

Rand Paul's wife won't let him run... However, I know of a certain Liberty loving eldest Grandson that will be 34 then. Matt Pyeatt. He doesn't have the "Paul" name, but I can assure you the apple did not fall far from the tree!

Get Adjusted: From the Womb to the Tomb!

First things first...

President Ron Paul 2008-2016!

Get Adjusted: From the Womb to the Tomb!